A New Life

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About a teenage girl who runs away from home to escape her mother she starts a new life but what she doesn't expect is to run into a gang leader along the way. Kiara stone:a 17 year old girl and in High school. she lives with her mom who hates her guts and thinks everything she does is wrong, and she never met her dad. Her mom said he took off because i was born and that he was a selfish bastard that only cared about himself. However she never believed her. she always felt that he was a good person and that he wouldn't have left if her mom wasn't such a bitch Her mother is a business woman who seems to care more about work than anything else Aiden Craigen: is the leader of one of the largest gangs in New York. he is an 18 year old and a sister who is 17. their parents died when he was 13 in a shooting and left the gang to him. these 2 kids have completely different back stories, but when the they meet will they find out that she has secrets of her own that she doesn't even know about. read to find out more. : )

Adventure / Romance
Sassy Wolfer
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[kiara’s POV]

I woke up to the sun shining through my curtains and my alarm going off like it was the end of the world.

You might be wondering who I am. Well, my name is Kiara, Kiara stone. I am 17 and in High school. I live with my mom who hates my guts and thinks everything i do is wrong, and my dad well i never met him. My mom said that he took off because I was born and that he was a selfish bastard that only cared about himself. For some reason though I never believed her. I always felt that deep down he was a good person and that he wouldn’t have left if my mom wasn’t such a bitch. She is always at work too. She is a business woman who seems to care more about work than anything else. Anyway I have 2 best friends that I consider family. Sabrina and Jason know about my home life and still stick with me. Everyone at school doesn’t like me. They think I am a shy girl who they can walk all over. In reality though I’m not. I’m sarcastic and do a few things I shouldn’t, by a few I mean a lot. But a perk to being a shy nobody is that nobody notices you so you can pretty much get away with anything cause they just ignore you.

“Kiara hurry up!”

My mom shouted in a rushed angered tone. I quickly went over to my closet and put on a big pink shirt that hanged to my waist a pair of black tunnies and brush my light blond hair slightly not really caring how i looked and went downstairs to greet my magnificent mother

*note my sarcasm*

When I got to the bottom of the staircase I saw my mom there waiting frustrated. When she notice me she said the same thing as always

“My god Kiara can’t you ever put on something nice for once or at least brush your hair?” she said in a disgusted tone. yep there’s my mom for ya she was always one of those preppy school cheerleader girls in High school. That was the kind of daughter she wanted me to be as well. Too bad she got stuck with me. A girl who doesn’t care about her looks and is a mischievous nobody.

“Sorry mom I gotta go i don’t have time to have this conversation with you again” as I said that I walked out without looking back. I walked to school and after about a good 30 min walk I had finally arrived.


I heard someone shout and I turned to look when I saw my 2 best friends running up to me.

“Woah calm down guys what’s with you and all the running?”

“Haven’t you heard we got a new English teacher!” Jason said, sounding way too happy.

“Seriously?” I asked and they both nodded franctactly.

“Thank god that woman was a true witch.” I said and we all started laughing.

Then the bell rang and we headed inside the school laughing and talking about many things. As the day went by nothing really happened so let’s go to right before the last period.

I was walking down the hall when out of nowhere I felt my head being smashed against the lockers. I was stunned to say the least but as soon as I saw who it was I was quickly filled with rage. It was the queen bee and her minions, Kaily is her name.

" What the hell Kaily?!” I shouted standing up.

“Oh oops didn’t see you there” they all started laughing.

“Yeah sure you didn’t”

I said sarcastically stepping in front of her face so we were eye to eye.

“Maybe you should get your eyes checked before you end up kissing something you shouldn’t you slut. Oh wait I forgot you already do” by now the whole school was watching.

“What did you just call me?” Kaily shouted

" A slut cause the whole school already knows that’s exactly who you are” I shouted back.

" oh you’ll regret that” she yelled and went in for a slap but I moved and ended up punching her in the jaw which made her fall back and teachers came rushing over to us to prevent me from pouncing on her. The teachers took me away and brought me to the principal’s office.

“Mrs.stone, why would you punch one of the other students.”

“Because Kaily pushed me against the lockers and was about to slap me. It was merely Self defense.” the principle looked at me as if he was trying to decide whether or not to believe my story.

“Well miss stone since you have never acted out before I will give you a pass but you still have to have consequences for punching another student. You will have after school detention until 5 and the next time it will be suspended.”

“Yes sir” I knew if I fought back it would be worse. I just hoped my mom understood why I was home late.

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