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DC Descendants

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The Sons and Daughters of the DC heroes go to a superhero school run by Clark Kent a.K.a superman called Super Justice Boarding School . The Sons and Daughters of the villians go to a school in Arkhum Asylum run by Lex Luthor called Arkhum High School. but what happens when 6 daughters and 6 sons from each of one of the villains get invited to go to Superhero school thanks to Clark and Lois's daughter Lilly Kent? will She fall for one of the 6 bad boy villains? will the supervillain kids decide to break their parents out of the asylum using Lilly or one of the staff of the boarding school? find out in DC Descendants

Adventure / Action
Hayli Hill
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Chapter 1: The Announcement

Jax wakes up with a groan as he hears his dad yelling for him to get up. He sees the hyenas walk in his doorway as his dad opens it. "Jax, you need to get up".

Jax said "But dad, it is Saturday. And 6 in the morning. I wanted to sleep in. "


Harley walks in and rubs her man's back. The Joker calms down and sighs " just get up son. And go to the mess hall for breakfast. Lex has an announcement to make. "

Jax sighs " Fine. " He rolls his eyes and gets up. He hated getting up early even if it is for something important. He makes his way to his closet and puts his clothes on. He the brushes his short blond hair and puts his contacts in his blue eyes. He goes to the mess hall and sees his siblings and friends. Luke Luthor sees him and waves.

"Hey man. did you hear about the big announcement?"

Jax sighs " Yeah. My dad got me up just for this. Man I hate getting up early. Atleast i am hungry though. "

Luke nods " Me to. About the hunger thing. I actually like getting up. You know it allows me to read before we have to go to school." He reaches for the oatmeal and puts it in his bowl on his tray. Then reaches for some fruit.

Jax rolls his eyes ". Yea. I know. But I like to stay up to write songs and play my guitar. " He takes a tray from the rack and puts a plate on it along with some silverware and napkins. He puts a big stack of pancakes on his plate along with some sausage, eggs, and bacon. Also loving to lift weights and exercise so he can fight back if his dad beats him up. Which is why he put so much meat and food on his plate. He pours some honey and puts some strawberries and bananas on his plate.

" I like to write stories. But again. I get up early to write them". Luke said as he has a gaurd hold his tray so he can put some orange juice in his cup along with a cup of Apple juice. He smiles as the gaurd puts his tray by his girlfriend, Jax's sister Halsey who he secretly didn't like very much but it is better than trying to sneak out and get captured by the gaurds. He waits til Jax gets done making his latte and then puts his two drinks down and sits by Halsey. He kisses her blond head and starts eatting. Jax sits by Logan and then drinks his latte. Luke looks at him. " You really need to stop staying up. "

Halsey nods her head " Yeah brother. Stop it. You know our dad will beat you up if you keep doing that. " She eats her Frosted Flakes cereal that she topped with Pineapples and drinks her cranberry juice.

Jax sighs and looks over at his little sister. " So what. I am not afraid of him anymore. Besides. I have muscle and the guards will just move him back into his original cell. You know the one he was in before Batman had paid some construction workers to add proper housing so we can be with our parents? ".

Halsey sighs " Yeah I know. But if you beat our dad up.... you will get sent to that cell to. ". She finishes her breakfast and lays her head on Logan's shoulder. Also being done with his breakfast as he scarfed his down and gulped down his juice. He puts his arm around her and they kiss. Jax rolls his eyes. Wishing he didn't leave his earphones in his room in his parents' apartment in the asylum. He hated hearing his best friend and his little sister kiss and moan especially when they make love to each other. He couldn't wait until Mr. Luthor gives the announcement. Then he could get up and go to his room, able to put his music on and drown his sister and best friend out in case they end up "Having fun ". in her room. Which was right next to his. It was bad enough hearing his parents do it. His dad was rough on him but atleast his mom was a softie. He heard a groan coming from the other side of Halsey. Dylan, Black Manta's son also hated hearing the couple make out and moan.

Dylan looks over at Jax. " Hey man. Want to move your tray over hear and sit with me?"

Jax smiles " Sure. Anything is better than sitting by these two. " He takes his tray and coffee mug and moves next to Dylan. Making Carter Thawne , daughter of Eobard and Carrie Cutter move over and next Nicolas Jenus the son of Gizmo. " You have headphones right? "

Lex sees his son and the Joker's daughter kissing and Jax being miserable. Before Dylan could respond, He goes over to Jax and gives him green headphones and a new ipod. Jax looks at him. " Thanks Mr. Luthor. " The bald man chuckles.

" No problem scamp. ". He walks back to the adult table and puts his own headphones in. Jax's parents also making out.

Jax puts his new headphones in and into his new ipod and after quickly downloading some rock songs. Just turns it up to where he can't hear the kissing but could hear Dylan talk to him. Dylan eats some breakfast crab cakes and draws. He chews and gulps. " So what new music are you working on Jax? hmm?.

Jax smiles and shrugs. " I wrote a New song called Teen Drama. It is a rock song of course but it is also a song about my dad and how I wish I could get away from him. "

Dylan laughs before taking another bite of his breakfast. " I can't wait to hear it. but don't you want a girlfriend to inspire you to write more romantic rock songs?"

Jax shrugs and keeps eatting. He didn't really think about dating girls or anyone for that matter. The girls in his class. All of them including Poison Ivy's daughter and Carter were cute but Carter was a little psycho like her mom and he wasn't like Luke. He knew he was only dating his little sister for pleasure. But he also just wasn't attracted to anyone. " eh.. No. I guess I am just waiting for the right person. "

Dylan nods and takes another bite of crab cake. " Understandable. Hey want me to give you a new tattoo after breakfast?". Jax had a few tattooes from Dylan. One of his Zodiac which is a leo on his left peck, as he was born August the 8th and one is a rockstar skull on his lower back. There was another one which was of the treble cleft. It wouldn't hurt to get a new tattoo. Actually it would but Jax didn't mind.

Jax shrugs " Ok. ". He finishes his breakfast as Lex goes up to the front of the room. Dylan nods and takes the last bite of cake. Lex clears his throat and tells everyone to be quiet and stop what they are doing. Everyone looks up and sees that he has a paper in his hands. Lex clears his throat again. " Kids of Arkhum Aslyum and adults of Arkhum Asylum. I have an announcement to make. ". The kids murmur wondering what that is.

" Lilly. The daughter of perfect Clark Kent and Lois Lane has chosen twelve of you to go to school in Super Justice Boarding School. She and her parents think it will change you all as alot of you have been taught to be bad." The entire room laughs and Lex laughs along with them. " i know. i know. They even added a new class just for Twelve of you. Now.... i will read the names of the LUCKY kids that get to go. " Jax, Dylan, Channing, my darling boy Luke, Nicolas Jenus, Tartarus Sinestro, Kylee daughter of Blackfire, Penelope Isley, Selena, daughter of Slade, Layla Demille, Pele Miller, and Carter Thawne. Congratulations, you have been chosen. Just try and find a way to set us all free while you are there. " He walks off and the whole room cheers. Halsey looks at Luke in sadness. " Please don't date any girls while you are there. I am your only girlfriend. "

Luke smiles " Of course I won't. " He lies. He sees his father walk up to him. " be sure to pack your stuff up now son. All of you who got picked should pack. "

Jax, Dylan, Luke, and the other kids who got picked all go to their rooms and pack up. Jax packs his music stuff including his guitar which he puts in his case. He then packs some clothes. He hears some guards and his mom yelling and hears what sounds like someone fell down. He watches his mom come in with her bat and smiles at her. She smiles back. " Here. Take my bat... it will knock enemies out. ".

Jax sighs and smiles again. "ok". he takes the bat and puts it in his bag. Meanwhile Luke sees his dad give him a green ring and a red ring.

" this is a green kryptonian ring and this is red kryptonian ring. Give the red ring to Jax. And only give the green ring to Superman. " Said Lex.

Luke takes the rings and nods. He puts the green ring in a lead case and the red ring in a normal ring case. " okay dad. What about my girlfriend?".

His old man chuckles. " I know you don't love her. Besides. You did lie to her. I heard your conversation. ".

Luke smiles " Okay dad. Bye. ". He goes out to the mess hall with two gaurds. His dad waves.

Carter smiles as she packs a carving knife and some stuff to carve. Maybe she will mark some boys with the knife as her carving board was boring to her. Two gaurds. Hoping she will only use the knife to do art stand by her door and walk with her to the mess hall. Her mom gives her a backpack which has a bow and lots of arrows.

Dylan hugs his dad and packs up the last of his tattoo designs , his tattoo pen and ink. Along with more clothes and another pair of shoes. Channing packs his fake fur animal print clothes, some fashion design equipment, and fancy shoes along with a potion to turn him into a cheetah man . Courtesy of Luthor. Nicolas packs his gadgets and chemistry set.Tartarus packs his father's ring and his candle making set Kylee packs her sexy clothes and jewelry making stuff. Penelope packs some seeds, gardening stuff, herbs, and poison. Selena packs her yoga mat and cookbook. Pele packs some water bottles and her ipod. They all make their way to the gaurds who take them to Batman's limo and they all get in. They look at the food and drinks and it is all the fancy food. The boys all grab some caviar and spaghetti and stuff their faces, while the girls delicately eat a crab sandwich and some truffles. Penelope just eats a garden salad. They all drink some italian soda and virgin drinks on the way to the boarding school. Jax looks at Luke. " Are you really going to be faithful to my little 16 year old sister? " he takes another bite of his bowl of spaghetti.

Luke shakes his head. " I don't love her anyway. ". He looks at Dylan, Jax, Penelope, Carter, and Pele. And turns around to look at the other six in the very back. They are all turned around in their seats and looking at him weirdly. Even the five that are seated with him. " What? villains don't fall in love unless they are Jax's parents. true love is weak. I just needed someone to fulfill my needs. "

Jax looks at Luke. " You are still my friend Luke.

Dylan nods " So am I".

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