Ignus and the lost princess

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1,000 years ago there was an uprising in the kingdom of Ignus. Believed to be unfit to rule and with lack in faith to their goddess, the advisor's son challenged the prince on his coronation day. And won. Driving out the royal family, those said to be blood-related to Lady Kayda the mother dragon. A new family took the throne. But that was 1,000 years ago, The princess has gone missing and the throne is up for grabs. Meanwhile whispers increase in the palace about a shift in power. One can only hope that the heir to the throne is found before the kingdom falls.

Adventure / Fantasy
Lizza Isobel
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Chapter 1

~ 1,000 years ago ~

Einyad, 3 days after the incident

He slipped through the door careful not to let anyone see him or the people in the room. The attention wasn’t on him when he entered, something that had been eerie to him since that day. Moving towards the two figures in the room he saw the former Queen standing there. A hand on the man’s face a gentle look on her face as she placed a hand on his chest. Clearing his throat he snapped the two out of the moment they were having. “Father.” Two sets of eyes looked to him, the woman nodded to him in respect as his father took her hand and whispered something to her. She inclined her head looking displeased but turned and left the room.

“This isn’t right.” He looked down at his hands and could still feel the blood on his hands. The feeling of the sword piercing the flesh of the man he thought of as a brother. He had spent hours scrubbing away at his skin the sight of the blood uneased him. A heavy hand laid on his shoulder. “We had to, son. He wouldn’t back down, refused to compromise. We did what we had to.” “And now?” A sigh as his father squeezed his shoulder.

“Now, we present you as king.”


The crown on his head felt like a rock ready to drown him in the nearest ocean. Stepping out onto the balcony the humid air wrapped around him almost choking him. It was better than what was happening inside. The party was thrumming with life in celebration of his coronation. His stomach twisted inside, they all believed what his father and mother said. Every lie fell off their lips like it was easy to tarnish the name of their once good friends. He should’ve said no when his father came to him begging for him to do this he shouldn’t have given in. “How are you feeling?” His mate stepped next to him. “Terrible.” The first douse of honesty he had given all night. She pursed her lips and looked to him with a glimmer of pity in her eyes. “We had to do it, you know we did. They were going to ruin the kingdom.”

“It does not change the fact that I killed my brother.” Her hand took his and squeezed it. “I’m here for you Einyad, remember that. But you must also realize the danger we were in, if they had gotten on the throne we were doomed. Even Lady Kayda was on our side, that must mean something.” Her voice was pleading at him. “Please my darling you’ve been not yourself lately. I know it takes time but I am worried for you, we are worried for you.”

He glanced to her had he been neglecting her? Shame wormed its way to his heart as he placed a hand on her stomach and a kiss to her head. “I’m sorry La’Mera, I have not meant to place worry on you or our heir.” She scoffed although there was a playful glint in her eyes. “That much is obvious when you banned me from entering the room when you fought.” An arm pressed her against his chest as he placed another kiss on her cheek. “Maybe next time.” He murmured into her ear.

“Let us hope there is not a next time for a long while.”



La’Mera = Loved one

This story takes place in the world of Medeis

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