The Extraordinary Circus

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The greatest circus ever in the 20th century, managed by Sebastian Smith, faced a lot of difficulties: Smith became with cancer, and they need a surgery to rescue him. In the same time, the crew will lose its beloved train because Sebastian didn't pay it all. And all of that will happen in a one month. Will the circus, including Seb's niece Catherine Smith - called Cat - succeed in rescuing their manager and the train by offering 2 million dollars in a one month?

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

Many years before the first world war, in London, there was an English man, in his thirties, called Sebastian Smith, a man had a huge dream close to the impossible according to his financial and social status; owning the most famous circus in Europe and the whole world.

He used to work in a machines factory, although the dangerous situation during the war (bombs were exploding anytime and anywhere). And he had a big artistic intelligence; with his experience in machines and tools, he had made and created many beautiful things at his home, and he had never shared his little toys and objects with the world.

All what he was creating, had a relationship with his imaginary circus; like a music box with a doll of a trapeze artist. He had an imaginary world to where he was running from his cruel hazardous world: reality.

In another side, Sebastian had an older married brother, he was called Jack. The latter had a wife and two children: the oldest was 10 years and was called Chris, and the youngest was a 5 aged girl and was called Catherine. The parents were pampering Chris while they were torturing Catherine without a reason. So, because also his wife and only child died few years ago, Seb’s relationship with Catherine had turned from a man and his niece to a father and his daughter; he was kind and friendly to her and so she found the paternal tenderness in her uncle and she loved him, that she started begging her parents to leave their home and to live in her uncle’s old apartment. Until Sebastian finally convinced them that Catherine wouldn’t be happy if she spent the rest of her life with them and their and her brother’s violence and hate, who was mocking of her every time she got tortured by her parents. She moved to his place of residence with the permission of her parents at the age of 7.

After he found finally someone he loved and trusted, he announced all his dreams to Catherine, whom he created her first nickname in her life “Cat”, and showed her his collection of toys and objects he’d made. Thus, despite his poverty, he made his “daughter’s” life much better than before. Also, she made his life happier because he shared his dreams with her.

Every time the government was ordering people to get a hide inside the tunnels during bombs’ exploding, Seb was taking with him his and Cat’s belongings, and his toys. And so when his niece or other people were scared and tired, he was singing to them or playing with kids by his toys or telling a story, trying to calm them.

Besides, he was a perfect dancer; he taught Cat how to dance since she had moved to his house and she got charmed by his dreams.

Every night, on the roof of the apartment, when it was safe and there were no bombs, they were dancing while Sebastian was always singing:

“Come on, my darling

Let’s get in the world full of


Full of songs and


Our wonderland, full of mystery

It calls the… circus…

Where there are dancers with unicycles

Elephants are trumpeting

Kids are chortling

Women are clapping

Men are whistling

Oh! ... My darling!

Come on and get in my imagination

Join my wonderland full of

Positive feelings

Come and share my dream

And be part of my team

My imaginary team!

The circus!!”

After 13 years of working hard and collecting money, and after the end of the war, Sebastian could at final establish his first crew of circus which contained few members. And with their help in performing shows in London, the business grew up and so they could add more circus artists and buy a huge train. Since then, they had turned, accompanied with Cat, Europe with their specific and unique shows. And the circus became so famous and so perfect and different that politics and music icons had watched the shows which became financed by businessmen and even by the king George VI to encourage Sebastian and the crew.

Many tricks in the circus were invented of course by the intelligent manager Sebastian Smith, thanks to his smartness, creativity and experience.

Thanks to his unique shows, one of critics called this circus “The Extraordinary Circus” and since then, this name had become Sebastian’s circus name…


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