The Lost

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3 girls 3 lives 1 big friendship As these 3 girls take on high school together they learn a lot and not just about linear equations. This is their story. Their journey together. 1st book in the OUR STORY series

Adventure / Other
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Chapter 1- Aubry

Aubry's POV

All I heard was screaming. I covered my ears trying to block out the screams. I couldn't take it anymore. I need to get out of this place. No matter what.

{End of Flashback}

I woke up to the most annoyingest sound EVER!! My alarm clock. I turned off my alarm.

"I guess I got to get up now" I thought to myself

I rolled and fell on my bedroom floor. I turned o the side and opened my closet. I pulled a shirt and pants off a hanger and rolled back towards my bed. I finally decided that it was time to get off the floor. I got up and grabbed my towel. I went and took like a 30 minuet shower and got dressed. I never really cared about my clothes. As long as I wasn't wearing pajamas it's progress to me. I just left my hair down knowing Rebecca was gonna fix it anyways.

Rebecca was one of my closest friends. She was more into clothes an girly stuff than any of us. I could already hear her yelling at me about my choice of clothing. Theres 3 of us. Me, Rebecca and Ally. Ally was more on the nerdy side then us. She's the sweetest person you can meet. Me well I'm just me plain old me.

I hurry nd went to the kitchen and got a fruit roll up and some snacks for school. I shoved them in my backpack. Right when I was putting on my shoes I heard a honk and hurry and grabbed my phone and charger and ran outside. I live upstairs so when i was running me being the clumsy person I am fell. I got up and ran towards the car. It was only a 10 minute drive to my school.

I hurry and got out of the car and said bye to my grandma and ran through the cafeteria and outside to the tables. When i finally got to our tables and sat down Rebecca looked at me and said

"You look like shit"

"Thanks I decided that i was gonna start dressing up" I said

"Are you ever not sarcastic?" Rebecca said

"Now what kind of world would we live in without my sarcastic remarks" Rebecca glared at me

"God forbid" She said

She got up and started to fix my hair. I smiled up at her and said "I love you!!"

"Love you to loser" She said smiling back at me

Me and Rebecca had a wierd relationship, but it was a funny one.

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