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Valrie ,and her friends Isabella and Amelia are more of a family...they stick with each other no matter what..they are just normal kids...or are they..?..there's more to them then we think....

Adventure / Mystery
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I felt cozy.... and warm because of the sun beaming directly at me from the window..making me feel as if I am cuddled in a nest, I felt a little touch...I opened my eyes slowly to find out the mysterious touch.. to realize, that I accidentally fell asleep in the middle of our maths class..which was taught by our miss Amanda and it was isabella that caused the mysterious touch to wake me up...She spoke up “Valrie..wake up!″ , I held her hand and stood up as if I was gonna faint “what happened..did I fell asleep?..." I was piled up with a million questions in my head.., Isabella giggled “Seems like u slept the whole science class missy", Thank goodness u was lucky enough to be not caught in madam’s eyes” yes, I'm pretty sure why I passed out, Madam Amanda maths equations made me sleep as if it was a lullaby... "Well, its Science period now, Don't sleep this class too..!" I giggled "Welp, Ok miss!!" After few mins ma' dam grace entered, she's one of my favorite teacher because I really like the way she teaches I think its "creative" We all stood up to wish her " Good morning ma'am" "Good morning kids, Today I have a special announcement" The announcement..was about a Science invention program, to be honest I am so happy to hear this news and I am pretty sure, Amelia is as excited as me.. it's just because from the age 8 to until now.. me and amelia have a desire to be a scientist so this program is something that appeals us..I looked back to see amelia's reaction..she was sketching on a paper sticking out her tongue..eagerly, seems like she already started to plan, she's super fast and creative u can say...science period was over and I ran towards Amelia excitedly "Seems like we have something that we should participate..!" Amelia eagerly spoke up "mhm!! I AM SO EXCITED" suddenly we heard a noise that almost gave us a heart attack , we turned back to know who it was..it was the cheerleading team, they talk way too loud sometimes...like WAY TOO LOUD!! that we could hear what they were talking- "I watched a movie yesterday it was about agents and stuff..it was so cool! "I don't really know Kace so u think agents actually meet up with adventurous and stuff..? Me and Amelia looked at each other and winked...Yea we have something that relates right there........

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