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Emmy is on her own and looking to start a new life when life take an unexpected turn for the worst

Adventure / Humor
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Where to now

My life hasn't been the same since I lit the match that sent my life to hell. Ruining not only my life but everybody who's ever cared enought to realize I'm alive.

So now I'm walking all alone down some road in the middle of nowhere with nothing but 40 bucks,a pocket knife and some clothes I grabbed before I left. I know

It's stupid to be walking alone in the middle of nowhere but there's not much anyone can do about my stupidity but at least it's just me now no one can other than me to hurt. Not like how Zach or Krissy got hurt. I just hope it stays that way.

I've been walking for hours now I don't know how far I've gotten but I'm tired, my feet hurt and I've got nowhere to be any time soon so when I see an abandoned little building I stop to rest and think about what I'm gonna do next.

I wake up in the morning and feel something on my hand. I look over and see a big ass fucking spider on my fucking hand with it's creepy little legs and freaky little six eye all brown and weird. After realizing I have a spider on my hand and freezing up for a few seconds I scream and fling my hand around like a complete dumbass because it lands on my shirt and looks like it wants to crawl up my face and eat it. I know I'm being a total dumbass but that's what happens when you have a fucking spider on you. So I do what any dumbass would do and try to fling it off with my hands but it seems my hand coming and jumps on my face and stars crawling up into my hair. I start to scream then I wake up for real to find it was just a bunch of ladybugs all over me. I knock them all off grab my stuff and start walking again in search for food because I felt like I was starving to death.

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