The Adventurous Chronicles of Goldilocks

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Dusty clothes and musty smells, the Chateau Claire de lune has many secrets in its old walls, but Athena never thought she'd live long enough to find them out. Dark and Mysterious sounds cheesy, but that's what Athena thinks when she describes Sir Alexandre. She goes on what we can call a whirlwind adventure as she tries to make sense of the sudden undescribable feelings she has for this stranger. ~ HI, this is a work in progress, please try it out!

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Chapter 1

Okay to better understand this book I'm going to try and explain.

Instead of the usual Alpha and that type of stuff this is kind of old fashioned, there's a king, and Dukes or Lord's are in charge of the "packs" or in this case villages.

The mates are kind of the same as most books but they cannot reject eachother, humans are either oblivious of werewolf existence or they are servants and live in fear.

This is my own idea, and all of the characters come out of my own imagination. So please bear with me.

Thank you!

Athena's pov

A soft whisper tingles my neck, making me pump my legs faster. My lungs burn as I gulp air into my them, my hair suffocating me as it whips chaotically in the wind.

All I hear is the distant howl of a beast and the wind rustling in the leaves of the oak trees surrounding me.

My thoughts are frantic, horror consumes my being as the feeling of being trapped settles in my mind.

I bolt up, sweat covering my forehead, gasping for air. My lips tremble as my head spins, the dream felt so real.

I clutch my chest as the abrupt sound of a knock sounds on my oak bedroom door.

I take a quick glance at my digital clock next to my bed, sucking in a breath.

Shit! 8:03 am, I'm late, again!

"Coming!" I yelled before bolting out of my bed and heading to my bathroom, frantically brushing through my golden locks before putting on my usual uniform.

One look in the mirror and I'm out the door and down the steps to the kitchen where most of the servant are probably prepping breakfast.

I quickly bow my head to the head mistress, whilst tying the apron around my waist. She gives me her usual glare, which always seems to make my spine tense in unsaid distain.

"late again Athena?" she asks almost in a irritated way. Since the dreams got more intense I've been sleeping bad, and can't seem to get up.

I just hope she let's this one slide. Lord Ekon's punishments were ones to be feared, well as I heard.

"I apologize Mistress Cecile, it will not happen again," I bowed keeping my eyes on the floor in submission.

She scoffed and then pointed at the oven, signaling me to get the wood and keep it lit and going.

I bowed once again before scurrying towards my designated area.

Usually the tension isn't this fearful yet ecstatic at the same time. Wiping the beads of sweat from my forehead I try to listen in on the faint conversation between two servant girls mixing something in a bowl, Ally and May I think.

"yes, I heard, he's supposed to arrive tonight, and is staying for a few weeks." Ally giggles, beating another egg into the bowl.

"yeah, they say he's dangerously handsome, and single!" May exclaimed in excitement.

Who the hell were they talking about? Did I miss an assembly again or something?

I decided to just ignore it and wait and see what all of this is about.


After my tiring shift I needed a nice and steamy shower. My head still buzzed from this morning and the smoke didn't help much, I flattened out the front of my dirty skirt before heading up the stairs.

Halfway up a hand grabbed my, I gasped at the sudden contact whipping my head to see who it was. It was late and the moon was brightly shining in through the window, illumination the oak staircase almost blue.

It was also illumination in beautiful blue orbs, that are looking straight at me. His dark hair slightly falling in his face.

I gulped taking my hand from the handsome strangers grasp and holding my hands together in front of my dress, suddenly feeling shy as my cheeks flushed hot.

I only hear him give a slight laugh.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I was just wondering where Lord Ekon's office is? I believe he said it's this way but I feel awfully lost in this large Chateau." he smiled, I know this sounds cheesy but he looked perfect. His high cheekbones and strong jaw made him irresistible.

"oh, yes, this is the servants courters, I'll show you the way." I said, before heading back down in the direction of his office, I've only been there once, when I had to clean it.

I could feel mystery man's stare into my back as he followed my fast footsteps.

I felt nervous suddenly as butterflies filled my stomach, the door couldn't come in view any faster.

I stopped suddenly, and felt a hard wall collide with my back making me fall forward.

I yelped, bracing for impact. In a swift moment an arm wraps around my waist pulling me back.

So that I'm now facing the dark haired stranger.

This is not happening! Shit.

Sparks lace up my arm and into my spine making me shiver. I gasp. Looking into his blue eyes. He only gives me an amused smirk before letting me go.

"It felt like you were running," he laughed,I only looked at him stunned. Didn't he just feel-, nevermind, it was probably just me having a stupid girl moment or something.

"Yes well these are my after hours and I really need to pee," I clasp my hand onto my mouth as soon as those words left my mouth, way to go Athena. Mistress Cecile is totally gonna have my ass about this if she knew that I didn't keep my poise around guests.

He just looked at me stunned before clutching his stomach and giving a geeky laugh. "Fine, I'll let you get to that goldilocks, thank you for helping me," he winked, I took that as my que, bowing before I bolted as far away from this situation I found myself in.

Goldilocks? Cheeky bastard.


My first try, I hope you liked the first chapter thingy it's short, so I dunno if I can call it that, if there is any errors let me know💕

Love Cammy

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