Squirrel Jim's. Where every girl gets a nut.

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When co-workers get together from a local package distributor and open up a male review bar. From construction to opening night, anything that could happen, happens. When the leader of M.A.S.S. takes it upon herself to derail grand opening. She pushes everybody's button that Stripping is a sin.

Adventure / Drama
James White 717
Age Rating:

The Start

This story comes from me and my coworkers. One day while we we're on break, and we heard a girl make a comment about how there's nothing to do in this town, no good bars. She even mentioned that she would love to go see a male review. So my coworker Sabra looked at me and said "That's not a bad idea." So while back at work , I came up with the idea that why don't we open up a bar. We'll call it Squirrel Jim's, where every girl gets a nut. She laughed so hard and said " That's a good idea." From that point on we planned on who would run it to who would Bartend, from the menu to how the club would look like. Everyday somebody came up with a new idea. After a few months of planning, we knew eventually that we would never be able to open a male review bar. So the idea got pushed off to the side. Then one day I thought, " What would happen if I wrote a book of the adventures of running a male review?" So these are the adventures of us running a male review strip club.


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