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The battle was fought to find out which one of them was the strongest the ultimate fighter and not only that the winner would get to marry Mellisa the beautiful daughter of the emperor King Reign

Adventure / Romance
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1 The Mystery Man

The forest was getting dark and deadly with ever hour a lone traveler walked through the jungle not afraid of whatever was going on around him neither did the sound of beasts shake him for he neither feared nor was he frightened of anything, his father had taught him well it was now time for him to move on

At the forest edge the sight of a big city was welcoming tonight he won't be sleeping outdoors if he can manage to get there in time judging the distance it would be the dead of the night hours later at outskirts of town on a lonely road, a girl was chased by some men a group of thugs and cornered with no place to go she begged the men to please let her go they didn't seeing as they were planning to have fun

"We're here to make you happy you should be greatfull for that"

"Don't worry we'll leave you in one piece after we are finished with yeah"

"Please don't do this" she begged them.

"It would be my pleasure I like it when they scream"with one swift move their leader got to her first his men helped in tearing off her clothes. "You are going to like this"

She kept screaming for help it was loud enough to wake the dead the city remained quiet " another victim" was what an old man would say.

"Scream louder"said a mocking voice one of the men or the leader he was about to enter into her sacred place

"Stop!" a commanding voice startled them 'freezing' their bodies their blood ran cold and chills ran down their spine something about it it was like a voice of thunder and had the same effect like when a lion roared only the one behind was a man they could tell from the shadow they couldn't see his face when he came to the light because of the hood it cast a deep shadow in his contenance one would think that his face was darkness.

Leave the woman alone!" he said to them in a less fierce voice this time he sounded more like a man their 'frozen bodies' returned back to life and their was less fear in them.

"Who are you stranger?"they asked seeing as they had regained some of their courage and composure seeing that it was just a man."You thought you could scare us come we'll let you join the fun"

"Im about to end your miserable lives. Scum like you don't deserve to live"

"Oh! you are going to kill us we are many and there's just one it's you, it's you who should be begging us not to kill you leave this 'whore' to us and let you leave we might even let you have this slut once we're finished with her."

With one move he killed their leader for saying that the men rushed in with their swords and knives and other crude weapons they were going to do him in but found out they were no match for him whose face was like darkness and could speak like thunder they found themselves like sheep trying to attack a wolf, by this time one of them had got a hint while the others attacked he escaped but with the girl as his hostage hitting her many times to keep her from screaming and making the stranger know of his whereabouts "That man is a monster"he said to himself.

"You are the real monster "she said and kneed him on the crotch while tring to flee she didn't get far not with a blow on the head that almost sent her unconscious she tried not to think that he would get his way he was getting to that as she lay there weak almost dying he spread her legs and was going to unzip his fly though it was injured a little he was going to show her

"Before that monster comes I'm going to finish with you"he said to her adding more unspeakable words of what he would do to her as a way of getting even for 'his men's' death, he didn't get far with any of his threats a clap of thunder made him shudder and then suddenly there was a man at the door of 'his hideout,' with quick instinct he did remember his gun and was able to shoot in time.

"Get that!"he said to the twilight darkness.

"Now your saviour is no more" he said to the girl and was about to rape her when a hand grabbed him from behind crushed him against a wall the thug got up trying to regain his balance he could now see the stranger and regreted ever meeting him still he could use his fists they did not get anywhere the stranger grabbed his gonads which he had long since exposed in his effort to rape the girl this with one swift move was ripped away from the torso now it was his time to scream as blood gushed out but the stranger was not finished yet he ripped out his arms so he would not be able to ease the pain next it was his head that went to put him out of his missery the girl fainted she didn't know which one was worse those men who tried to rape her or the stranger who ripped bodies like they were paper.

"Are you alright?"the first she saw was the stranger's hand like he was trying to reach her and they were human hands he was l she saw part of his face chin mouth nose definitely human and handsome too he must be one of those martial arts his style was a different one one she hadn't seen perhaps heard.

"Thank you"she said and extended her hand"

"We must leave this place are you feeling alright"he asked she wasn't feeling fine and was glad to leave the place he did carry her to a more safer place.

"Don't worry no harm will ever come to you again as long as I'm alive"he said to her how mysterious he was where did he come from? she asked but the stranger was more interested in where she was from or at least where she leaved

"I can't go home at this stage" she said to him."They need to know what happened" he told her "That way they won't send you out at night like that".

She didn't want to go home not after all that had transpired still he insisted that going home was the best idear.

"You shouldn't have spoken to her like that"

"So now it's my fault that the girl ran away"

"I didn't say that my dear"

"Your imperial highness we have found her" the king and his wife were informed.


"She is not in a good condition I'm afraid..."

"Tell us what has happened?"

"We believe she was raped"


"No she wasn't" a stranger interfered the same lone traveler who had helped save the girl 'how stealth was this man?' the guard did question himself.

"And who is this man?" The king asked.

"He's the one who found her and brought her here"

"What is your story son and remove that hood you are in the presence of an emperor"

"A king is what I heard but that's not important neither is my face whats important is I saved this girl and brought her home safely" he said this and left he didn't even remove his hood neither did anyone know his name.

"Such arrogancy" the king was not pleased.

"Perhaps the girl might know something about him" his wife advised. "Quick give her some clothes I want her to be examined by a doctor by a doctor" she said the moment she saw what state she was in.

"Are you alright" she asked her "What happened?" The girl told them of all that had transpired and how she was saved by the stranger and why he had acted the way he did.

"It's because he wants to take part in the tournament to win your daughter's hand.He does not want anyone to mourn for him in case he dies that's why he did not want you to see his face"

"So that's why he was so arrogant he does not want us to be grateful" the king realized.

"All I can say is his face is handsome I believe your daughter will fall in love with him once she sees him"

"My daughter will not fall in love with some hudlum I'll see to that" the king insisted.

"She will when she sees him but she musn't see him before the tournament otherwise she will be in agony of him loosing"

"Is that what this man told you he must be confident of his good looks the princess has seen many they died perished yet she did not flinch what make him think she will fall for him and that he will win the tournament?"

"I don't know perhaps it's the hope that everyone has before each tournament?"

'How noble of him' the queen thought of him all night long she kept thinking thinking about the mystery man who will 'steal' their daughter away who was he anyway how did he look like she couldn't take it the next day she had to find an 'investigator'." Make it descrete" she told her personal guard her daughter Lisa decided to befriend the servant when she found out what had happened to her she too was the curious type

Morning at a small dojo in town a masked man in ninja garb was demanding access to the grounds the guards of course refused seeing that he wasn't polite they also didn't believe his story that he was from the grandmaster

"Then perhaps I should give you my letters of introduction" he said but they would not listen, with one swift move he knocked them all down and made a clear jump to the other side the guards felt as if they had been hit by a tornadoe.

Inside the dojo others were waiting students who had been training were now eager to show their skills to the intruder and we're just waiting for the word go without their leader it was the rule of the mass "Let's kick him" one said and they all jumped in.

The dojo master was indoors when he heard the noise such disturbance he didn't like "Can't those fools ever train by themselves?" He complained.

"Kit! Go and see what all this noise is about." "Yes grand pa" a girl answered she didn't look the type who could settle conflicts like that yet perhaps it was the clear sharp eyes which gave an impression of fierceness which made the dojo master trust her in that apart from being his granddaughter.

Kitiara stepped out to an unexpected scene it seemed a man in ninja costume had taken out the entire class and the man was still there waiting like he was waiting for them to get up so he could beat them again.

"Stop this!" she said

"And who may I ask" the ninja man asked then was startled a bit like he had seen a ghost but quickly regained his composure."I'm not that scary"she said they all said her eyes were fierce but she was beautiful how she would have liked them to be gentle like the princess then perhaps men would be fighting over her not being afraid to approach her like facing a tiger, tigress she was that beautiful.

"You are beautiful like my sister" he spoke, just the words she wanted to hear beautiful but not to be compared to his sister so that's why he was startled.

"Does your sister look like me?" She asked out of curiosity she had to know more.

"Men love her but are afraid to ask her out plus she's a real killer you on the other hand I hope you haven't learned those martial arts killing moves then perhaps the men here would woe you like the princess"

"Is that how men prefer us weak and defenseless?"

"A woman needs a man to protect her not training to fight men's battles"

"I'll show you that this woman doesn't need a man her battle's" she said and began with a fighting stance the men who were beaten earlier were beginning to wake up excited to see this new fight the girl was better than the rest of them put together that they did not need to learn by experience they knew as they had seen her fight other battles taking out a gang of street thugs who had weapons while she had non how would she fare against the intruder who had taken them out in less than a minute.

She did fare well with a few moves she had taken out his mask without him knowing.

"Oh you are good" he said when he realized what she was holding."You are handsome" she would have said but realised that he in turn had managed to. she hit him many times careful not to hit his face then when he got the upper hand she realised he had just been toying with her. "Hit me" she said seeing that he didn't hit her hard enough like they were playing a movie. "How can I hit a woman as beautiful as you are" he said while holding her in one of his 'joint locks' it looked like he was going to kiss her.

"Enough of this circus" the dojo master said.

"Greetings to you velnerable master"he said.

"Who says I'm vulnerable" the Master said "and who are you? Where do you come from?"

"I'm Radian I come from the grandmaster"

"The grandmaster he told me you would come"

"And why the reception?"

"I just wanted to see how good you are" the Master said "I see you are that good only you have a weakness for women"

"Grand pa" she objected to that.

"Quiet you see why you can't find any husband you and that sister of yours. Come let us have tea " he invited Radian inside the house.

Midday at a restaurant in town the man the queen hired to look for the mystery man sat in a corner it was a well known restraunt Perharps he might hear something perharps he might not so far what he knew was little, not enough to find the man that he was a martial art and a killer this confirmed the girl's story of how he tore aparut the bodies of those men so far he had managed to quench the investigation into the deaths of this men using the powers that be, the powers invested in him by the queen.

At the same restaurant were other customers vnothing unusual not that he expected any except gossip someone might know something a familiar girl got into the restaurant familiar he had seen her before at first he didn't know where then he remembered the dojo of course why didn't he think of this before he should have gone to the dojo someone there might know this man he made a point to look into it and then he heard a familiar voice a voice he had heard before but couldn't place it a voice that if the guy was angry you wouldn't want to be near him and it was gentle at the same time he looked around he didn't see anything familiar but then the girl she had a companion Kitiara she remembered she never had a boyfriend at least she didn't the last time he checked, always intimidating with her beauty like she would reject you even before seeing you that guy must be macho and then that guy something about that guy that wasn't right he was too good looking even a guy would admit that he wouldn't bring his girlfriend anywhere near him.

"So this is the place you wanted to show me" the guy spoke and the investigator realised it was him and why was his voice so familiar a memory recap sent him back to the previous day he had found the man.

"Hey Kit is that your new boyfriend?" Sme girls teased the new couple.

"She's finally getting laid"

"Just ignore them" Kit said to Radian they kept taunting and taunting finally Kit couldn't take it anymore but Radian stopped her from going to them no need to cause a scene in this 'quiet and peaceful place' she left claiming she was just going to use the bathroom one of her girlfriends came to the table then another one then they all came at least those who's boyfriend's were not around this was going to be interesting the investigating man thought.

"So who's the handsome guy?" Radian was asked.

"You should forget about that girl she's not worth your time"

"Who are you exactly?"Radian asked.

"We'd like to be your friends" they said to him.

"And why exactly may I ask for all you know I might be a bad person"

"You don't look the type" they said and bla bla they went he decided to call the palace and see what the queen would say.

Kitiara came from the bathroom where she had been crying she kept telling herself that Radian was just a man like any other man she didn't have any feelings for him but when she came back and found him flirting with other girls it all erupted.

"Hey girls I think it's time to leave" one of the girls gave warning when she saw her "the 'queen' has returned"

The 'queen' did return but she was in no mood to stay here anymore she gestured to Radian that it was time to leave.

"I saw you flirting with those girls" she said accusingly. "I wasn't flirting with those girls besides they are your friends you shouldn't be jealous"

"Me! Jealous of you that will be the day"

"In that case you don't mind if I should start flirting with other girls"

"Not other girls and you know my grand pa wouldn't like it"

"So as long as it's a date with you he wouldn't mind"

"This is not a date I'm showing you around town"

"Showing me around town I'd like us to do this everyday"

"That will only happen in your dreams"

"My dreams well maybe I'll be dead after the tournament"

"The tournament you are going to that stupid tournament"

"There's a prize at the top every guy wants to marry the princess"

"Every guy and what about other girls? Poor girls they don't have anyone to marry them"

"That's why I'm putting an end to this no other guy will be sworning over the princess cause she would be taken"

"And you will be the one to take her?"

"Who else no one here can match my moves"

"Don't be so sure about that plus I'm sure the king would do everything to keep all would be pursuers from winning. What does she have anyway that the rest of us don't?"

"She's a princess for starters"

"I bet if she wasn't non of you guys would be sworning"

"She's beautiful I heard she's the most beautiful girl around"

"And me I'm I not beautiful? Didn't you say so yourself?"

"You are beautiful I don't know why you haven't got any boyfriend"

"Stop teasing me I haven't time for any boyfriend's"

"If you say so"he said but then she kissed him."What was that for?" He asked.

"Let's pretend"she whispered "Let's keep kissing."

"So it's true Kitiara has a boyfriend"he heard some girls saying 'so that's what she wants them to think' he realized and kept up the good act.

"But you've got Ethan you shouldn't be jealous of her"

"I can get any man I want I bet he'll soon be falling for me once he sees that I'm the most popular girl around"

"Just ignore them" he said to her.

"You don't know Kayla"

"I would say Kayla doesn't know me" he said and looked around to see who this Kayla is like a true 'girlfriend' who gets jealous whenever her boyfriend looks at other girls she slapped him in the face and left him crying.

"Oh they have Brocken up" the girls said Radian didn't waste time he went after her on his way some guys stopped him who looked heavy build they were anoyed and angry he must have done something to them clearly one of them was the boss the one who looked angrier. "Maybe I should smash your face in" the boss guy said he had his fists ready and had them enhanced with brass knuckles.

"Hey! no violence" he said trying to look like the innocent victim he was not that he remembered ever crossing paths with them.

"One of the girls you've putting your eyes on I'd my girlfriend I don't want you looking at her"

"Is that so why don't you tell her to stop looking at me" he wanted to say but that would only lead to a fight and a fight was one thing he wanted to avoid so like a true 'coward' he darted his eyes around looking for a place to run suddenly Kitiara stepped forward."That's enough!" She said.

"I see now you have to rely on your girlfriend to protect you" the guy said but they all moved back knowing who Kitiara was.

"I see you are too much of a chicken to face me"

"She is not protecting me from you she is protecting you from me" he said to them but they would not believe."Is that so"

"It's time I gave you a demonstration" Radian said and was ready to fight instead he broke a statue with his bare hands just using his bare knuckles "Did you see that?" The men did ask themselves not believing it. "He must have used some brass knuckles" one of them said and then they started arguing those who believed and those who didn't, Radian uprooted a flood light pole root and all from its concrete base they all fled leaving Radian and Kitiara alone "Now we know why Kit chooses those kind of guys she's way out of our league"

"Hands where I can see them" a policeman came to arrest him and Radian decided not to resist he had caused enough trouble already Kitiara insisted that she too was guilty but the cop would hear non of it until she kicked him on the nut

"Now you've done it " he said and put them all in chains. "Now what? Did you really want to get arrested?" Radian scolded her.

"I must keep my boyfriend company not knowing where they are taking you would be a nightmare" she said then realized that they were going the wrong way "Hey that's not the way to the police station"

"Relax I Know this guy"Radian calmed her down.

"Is that why you agreed to get arrested?"

"That and I wanted to get away from the crowd what an easy way to get out of there"

"The palace do you know anyone who lives there?" She asked seeing that they were heading towards the gate.

"Let's just say I've met the king"

"From the looks of it it doesn't seem that he was happy about the meeting"

"Well I put him in his place refused to call him emperor I don't think he took it kindly that I had plans to marry his daughter."

The King heard the good news "They found him" he said before his wife and daughter who was there. 'That scoundrel" he said in his heart not wanting to upset anyone especially the girl Lisa's maid now her personal maid 'how did it come to that?'

"You brought them in chains?" The king asked the queen was more concerned about why he didn't keep it a secret while he explained why he brought them as prisoners.

"He caused a lot of ruckus in town" he explained.

"I was just teaching some boys a lesson" he said the way he said it made the princess smile someone who could stand against her father. "The girl goes to the dungeon the young man comes with me for a private interview" she made a point.

" He will never be yours" Kitiara said with a tone of jealous one that said she was really in love with him and not just pretending

"He's already mine"Lisa replied knowing she was the most beautiful of the two who would choose her a girl who knew how to fight better than most men or a pretty flower men didn't like their women violent in more cases than one those who had chosen to die for her in the arena had at one time fallen in love with Kitiara such was their rivalry 'the've fallen in love with Kitiara as the most beautiful woman the've met until they meet Lisa that is me they prefer the gentle looking rather than the fierce

"You've heard what she said throw the girl in the dungeon " the king said fearing that a fight would erupt between the two girls.

"Don't worry I will come and rescue you"Radian said to her thinking it was all a joke with one snap he broke his own chains

"The son of Radian shall not be brought in chains like he were some prisoner" he declared the girl he had saved came and hugged him " My saviour" she cried for the first time Lisa was jealous, jealous to see a man with someone else

"I should have used stronger chains" the 'policeman' regreted.

"Well you didn't" the king reminded him "perhaps we were too hasty free the girl then escort her outside the palace grounds, no take her home make sure she arrives safely" the king gave the order.

" I would have preferred the dungeon for her" Lisa said any woman who is a threat to her having her way with this man deserved punishment.

"No my daughter" the king said"We don't want to anger our guest"

"Oh I'm deeply honored still I would prefer to go home with my 'girlfriend' "

"It's alright" Kitiara said to him "This was your destination anyway no hard feelings"

"I'm glad you understand just take it lightly they didn't really mean take you to the dungeon"

Kitiara went home and cried she didn't tell her grand pa what for it was a pretend love anyway and Radian had come here for the princess not for her time went on she didn't know how long until it got dark Kit refused to put the lights on and grand pa couldn't be bothered to ask her what was wrong she slept through the night crying herself to sleep in the morning he found him sleeping in one of the bedrooms like he had been there all along.

"Wake up you lazy bum" she went and woke him up seeing that it was late and he didn't look like getting up.

"I feel as if I've been hit by a truck" he said to her.

"At last you are alive, I thought something bad had happened to you"

"I got hit by a truck if that's all you want to know" he said pulling the blanket back to cover himself she pulled it away 'You have to tell me everything that happened"

"What's all that racket?" grandpa asked.

"Don't worry grandpa we're just playing"


"Your granddaughter is just excited she wants us to go out"

"Go out! Is that what this was all about?"

Morning at the palace Lisa didn't feel so good "Is it about the guy who was here last night?" her mother asked.

"Why would I be interested in him?"

"I'm your mother you can't hide anything from me"

"I don't know what happened I got drunk" Radian was explaining to Kitiara.

"You got drunk in the palace"

"They were offering wine, I said I don't drink wine they insisted I didn't want to upset the host"

"Looks like you were upsetting them from the start perhaps that's why they decided to teach you a lesson"

"I guess I won't be getting another invite" he said "Don't be so sure about that"she said just as a messenger came in. "Someone wants to see you I think he's from the palace"

"Tell him..."

"Just go to him the princess is waiting"

"The princess what has she got to do with any of these"

"I could tell she's fallen in love and what the princess wants she gets"

"Enough of such nonsense the king wants me out of town I could tell he didn't like me that much he must have spiked my drink"

"By offering you wine I don't think so"

"That's enough of your jealous lies let's see what the king's messenger has to say" he went and found the car waiting "Get in" he was told

"My daughter wants to see you" it was the queen herself waiting in the passenger side.

"Your daughter well er... I'm sorry about yesterday I..."

"It must have been the wine you kept on insisting that you didn't drink we forced it on you we are the one sorry"

"Well I'm tell her I'll be coming"

"Now"she said holding his hand to keep him from leaving"My daughter is very ill"

"Didn't you call in the doctors?" He asked seeing that he wasn't one or did they know the secret what words did he speak while he was drunk."Drive?" The queen told her driver before she turned to him "My daughter is in love" 'What the princess wants the princess gets' the words kept ringing in his head.

"I'll do anything for her" he said we're they true or was he just saying.

"You can get out of bed now" the princess was told.

"I can't I'm not feeling well" she said and was looking sick.

"Radian wanted to see you but since you are not well I can tell him to lea..."

"I'm fine now.." she said getting out.

"You seem to have that effect on people" Radian was told "Now I can leave" he said.

"No you can't as long as my daughter is happy to have you around" the queen said.

"I have a life you know besides I might just die in that stupid tournament then what will become of your daughter"

"You won't fight in that tournament if I have my way besides you have no life, from what you told us you just follow what your father says" the queen said to him.

"Did I say that that else did I say you have to forget everything the words of a drunk man"

"That's enough mum you'll make him feel embarrassed" the princess said.

"What game do we play now princess we can start with hide and seek"he said after the queen left

"I just want you to keep me company you can tell me jokes or about yourself"

"I'm a boring guy if that's what you want to know I don't tell jokes"

"But you're still handsome"

"Is that why you like me?"

"That's why I love you"

"My face might get destroyed by some jealous..."

"I don't have a boyfriend I never had any" at least I never loved them she said to herself in truth she never mourned for their death.

"Hmmm from what I hear they all died for you"

"My father's idear, he wants me to marry the strongest"

"And what about you? did you really love any of them? I know you had boyfriends to play with you promised them love but you knew they would die in that tournament"

"And what about you?" She asked "What do you plan to do after winning the tournament do you really love me or is it just a mission your father sent you to do?" They kept talking and shouting she told him to leave then changed her mind when he was gone.

"I'm in love with him" she said to her mother and cried in her arms. "I'm in love with you but you are a spoilt child" Radian said to her he hadn't really left the palace the queen wasn't happy about it and felt hurt the king overheard this and appeared before them."Young Man"he said "I know you are a man who speaks his words without fear I have allowed you to treat us as equals for far too long but this time you've gone too far" the king said and was about to hit him.

"No dad no!" the princess said and took the blow instead by stepping between Radian and her father's fist.

"Now look what you've done" he accused Radian.

"You've hit our daughter his wife accused him.

"Mother I'm alright" the princess said

"But you have a mark on your head"her mother said and told Radian to leave "You are the cause of all this"

"What if I tell you I can do this" Radian said and touched the part of Lisa's forehead that had been wounded immediately the place was healed and there was not even a scar.

"Well it was a pleasure to meet your majesty and your highness and the princess" he said while they were still surprised at what they saw and Lisa too how the pain had suddenly left.

"Ha ha " the king laughed "I knew I was going to like this boy"

"Dad he's the man I love"the princess reminded him

"I didn't notice"

"I'm just here for the tournament"Radian said

"So you are one of those fools"

"I came here to see for myself why everyone wants to fight for your daughter and now I see why everyone is falling in love with her"

"Radian!" the princess was happy to have him hugged him like they were long time friends her parents had to know they love each otherho had known each other

"I should be scolding you" the queen said "but now I see that my daughter's happy I don't want her to get hurt"

"You'll still have to prove yourself in battle"the king reminded him.

"The battle is for your approval I'm here to win her heart"

"You've already won" Lisa reminded him"My heart is all yours and yours alone"

" Not so you don't want my daughter to be crying over your dead cold corpse"

"Father" Lisa was hurt

"Darling you shouldn't have said that infront of her" the queen said to her husband.

"I just have to be fair to everyone" the king said.

"What about Max does he go through the same thing?" The queen confronted her husband. "I know about it your planning for our daughter to marry Max"

"I don't want to marry Max I want to marry this man"the princess said burrying her head on his shoulder.

"Don't worry I won't die I can take everything your father throws at me" Radian assured her.

"It doesn't have to be like this"she begged her parents her mother looked at her dad pleading with him " For our daughter"

"What does the young man say" the king asked.

"I have already signed up for the tournament besides my father would kill me if he finds out I backed down from a fight"

"You see his father would kill him and we don't want that" the king said defending his position

"And who is your father?" The queen asked.

"Radian Storm"

"No wonder you are called Radian" the King said after some silence.

"I had to earn that name Radian said"

"What do you mean you had to earn isn't that a name you are given by your parents?"

"My sister perhaps my father would never give me a name until I could prove myself"

"Sounds like a tough man"

"He is, My father would send me on a dangerous errand and tell me if I survived I was his son"

"That's cruel"

"I never thought it like that I just wanted to get his approval till now he's not as much as..." he didn't finish Radian looked away perhaps to cry they didn't know.

"Sorry" the queen said and wanted to pat him on the shoulder.

"I'm a man I shouldn't be so emotional"

"It's alright to tell the truth I think your father is a cruel man" the queen said.

"Victoria you shouldn't have said that" the king said.

" He's worse than that but he's my father he said if it weren't for me I would have been dead as an infant my real parents he said we're weak and helpless and didn't deserve a boy like me sometimes I think he killed them"

The queen left overcome with emotion "It's nothing" she said when her husband asked her what it was but she had a hunch.

"Don't worry. My mother's always like that" the princess assured him.

"I'm sorry I didn't think my story was so tragic"

Radian visited them the few days before the tournament each time the queen would inquire more about him and each time the princess would feel like she can't live without him now that she had found him she kept persuading him to back out of the tournament that she would love him no matter what but Radian was still much loyal to his 'father' and wanted to prove himself that pat on the shoulder was all he ever longer for.

"Radian he's not your real father, if he was your real father he would have loved you no matter what" she tried to convince him.

"Don't you think that perhaps he was the one who killed your parents you should go and confront him instead"

"I don't know that for sure perhaps my parents might be alive he might use that against me. Lisa I must do this I have..."

"You don't have to prove anything to anyone" she cried and he was brocken "You are right I don't think I need to prove anything to anyone"

"I'll talk to my father he will have to cancel the tournament"

"No no!" The King refused "I think you're making him soft now he's afraid to fight"

"But father!"

"It's alright I won't loose the tournament" Radian assured her

"Don't make promises you can't keep, have you seen the other fighters you are up against?"

"No! but I..."

"Word is that someone is out there to kill you"

"A good reason for you to cancel the tournament"Lisa made her case strong.

"I made a lot of enemies along the way"Radian informed them "but how do you know that someone wants to kill me?"

"They are asking for a Battle Royale my guess is it would be easier to kill you that way"

"But why him?" the princess asked.

"Because he is the man you love have you ever loved anyone else what will the rest be fighting for"

"But who could be behind this?" the princess asked.

"Radian you can't back out of the tournament and since you are already involved with my daughter I can't be the master of ceremonies it will be a conflict of interest"

"And who will be in charge?" Lisa asked.

"I can't tell you now. Radian you have two days left I haven't seen you practicing"

The night before the big day Lisa had it all, she was planning to escape with Radian the man she loved and Radian had agreed, no need for him to compete in that stupid fight to prove anything, he was the man she loved and he loved her too no one was going to take that away from them.

Lisa waited for the right time to sneak out, she had changed to something less royal a dress she had ' borrowed' from one of the servants they would sneak out she was prepared for a life outside the palace.

"I almost didn't make it" Radian said.

"I'm sorry" she apologized "I was the one supposed to sneak out and meet you at the..."

"Lisa you wouldn't have gone far this place is heavily guarded"

"And how did you sneak in?" She asked

"I'll show you" there was a secret passage.

"So you've been searching this place besides coming to see me""

"I'm that good just follow me."

"I'll follow you wherever you go Radian.

Outside they went and were almost gone, it was then that the alarms went off, everything closed the guards were alert the lights shinned on and they were found.

"But how?" She asked and saw the only person who could have sold them out.

"I trusted you" she said to her mother

"Lisa you are our daughter our only child I can't let you leave I'm sorry" she apologized.

"You decided to listen to dad I hate you both" she said to them.

"You are my daughter but this is a stranger you are planning to run away with, how do we know that he was planning to kidnap you"the king explained. "Take him away!" he gave the order. "Tonight you'll be sleeping in a cold cell" he said to Radian. Lisa pleaded with her parents but it was all on deaf ears.

"I want him in chains" the king said"and take my daughter to her room she needs rest"

"Darling" the queen said to her husband almost pleaded for him to show mercy to the stranger for their daughter's sake she couldn't bring herself to look at them both it felt like she had betrayed them and hadn't done the right thing. "I'm sorry"she later say to her daughter "There's nothing I can do"

"What will happen to him now?" The princess asked."Not caring about anything else"

"I have a plan, I can't tell you the details" she said not knowing if it will work.

"What is the plan mum?" The princess lightened up a bit.

"Do you still have the locket?"

"The one you gave me when I was little, you said it would protect me whenever I was afraid"

"You used to have 'nightmares' in those days what were you afraid of"

"Nothing I guess I was just afraid of being left alone I grew out of it"

"You grew out of it because of the locket"

"That's silly mum even Radian thinks..."


"I told him everything about me and that's because I love him"

"I know how you feel about him and that's why I would like you to help him"


"By giving him the locket, as long as he's wearing it no harm will come to him"

"You mean he won't be hurt by those people?" she asked her mother.

"Well not exactly but at least he won't die that locket would protect him as it has always protected you"

" I trust you mother " she said and hugged her "I love you."

" I love you too sweetheart I will do anything for my baby"

"An execution is what you deserve" Radian was told by his jailers the men went on torturing him it was a way of getting back at him for looking good and tring to steal their princess heart and all. Morning came he didn't look good, someone came to see him was wearing black a black robe or was it a dress had head covered with the cloak he did see the face he looked up no it was a woman princess no "It can't be you" She came with a tray of food for him breakfast. She ordered for him to be unchained tended to his wounds then served him breakfast.

"Perharps I should have let you two elope" she said and cried seeing the state that he was in it "Don't worry about me you should go back to your family"

"My daughter loves you it makes you a family" she said to him and gave him a chain a locket he came to realise at first he thought it was a medallion "My daughter wants me to give this to you" she said to him. "You'll give it to her when the fight ends"

"That means"

"You will have to be alive when the fight ends we are counting on it my daughter's counting on it otherwise she will die and I will die too I can't live in a world without my Lisa"

"And your husband?"

"He can live in a world without me I suppose I don't know if he loves me that much but this is not about him. Radian I know you are a man of honor you fight for what you believe and mostly it's about what your father tells you to do but this is about love, two women would die because of you I love you like you were my own son"

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