Ur About 2 Witness Strength Of Street Knowledge

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Stories about time space the continuance of time today, don't know who you are and where you were going and only person left with no understanding at all being watched by faces looking at you in the mirror... actually being the mirror... living life the unexpected way. Facts I'm from fucking los angeles I've been a gangsta a drug dealer a musician a dancer a skateboarder a addict . I've live but Still I rise know one expects the truth but my theory is hell if I cant lie to god at thanks be to ALLAH IMnot going to waist time lieing to you petty as human ... or whatever Form of being l allow you to be ... never mew shit about life .. not know fuck a night like me up . If you go to los angeles ME BIRD IS ALWAYS GONE BE THE WORD .One I had a thought ... realistic it's the only thoughts that you can find time for yourself and processing them from the Universe.... nigga I you think hard enough you can remember the life changing SOUNDS OF MY VOICE 《 KEVIN 》 I VOICE VERIFICATION OF THE POWERFUL VOICE OF BEING ABLE TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON EARTH....... I'VE SEEN NOTHING BUT EVERYTHING OF NOTHING.... SEARCHING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.... I FUCKING TURN LOS ANGELES UPSIDE DOWN....IM A REAL CALI DUDE SO WHEN I REALIZED THE I COULD..... BELIEVE THESE WORDS .....! STOP TIME ^MOVE THE EARTH ^PUSHING THE WIND ^SAYING MY NAME SO THAT EVERYONE ON EARTH HEARD ONLY1ONEARTH ¥

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