The forbidden city

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Into a very dark place where the shadows are roaming freely and ghosts dance along with the wind a city rises as the sun itself. Our adventurer Amelia is on a mission to find the secret of this city. But, the question is... She will survive all the challenges? Find out yourself

Adventure / Fantasy
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About to beggin

Since I was a kid I always wondered how the Earth looks like or how many places are hidden. Well, my mission is to find those mysterious places, not that I am an agent or something. I just do it for my own fun, well I am Amelia, an expert adventurer, that's what I think at least. It feels like that's why I was born. To discover new places, to be like the women in the movie. I never learned her name but helped me at realizing what is my path. So, here I am

(Third person pov)

Amelia was in a very large forest practically like the never-ending universe. So, after a few hours she decided to take a break and have a rest. The sound of water is like music to our tired adventurer, as the wind is dancing through the leaves a strange sound disturbed the atmosphere. After that, there was just silence, a deadly silence. The leaves from a nearby small tree where more and more moved. Amelia realized that the leaves don't move from the wind. But the move because maybe someone is there. She made a few steps determined to know who is trying to attack her, but unfortunately, there were was just some very big squirrels, she backed away confused. They can't be squirrels, hmm, she thought about the situation a bit and go back to sitting and after a little bit of time it was like someone approached her

~To be continued~

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