The forbidden city

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Between truth and lie

Someone tried to approach our adventurer slowly. The tension can be cut with a sharp knife as the human came closer and closer. They had a mask on their face and had a squirrel custome. It was weird but Amalia didn't do anything she pretended to be dead but:

???: "You know I sense a difference between death and life you know?"

Am(Amalia): "What do you want from me? I am a stranger and you are probably one of the tribe's member. And seriously? Squirrels?"

???: "You can find something else by yourself if you don't like it. Miss fashionista" he said it with his hands on his hips and bouncing from side to side

Amelia: "Excuse me? Mister squirrel but at least I have a name. I am Amelia, I don't really have a family name since I ran from an orphanage"

Ethan: "I am Ethan, nice to meet you miss edgy. And yeah, I am one of the tribe's members, but they're one more detail"

Amelia: "And that is? We are in the middle of nowhere"

Ethan: "That's what you think. Come on! I will show you something cool"

With no other choice left, Amelia followed Ethan with no fear. There was a very beautiful forest with a magical fog that surrounded the two humans. The trees were covered with purple leaf and an abandoned bridge made with rope and a few logs it was primitive but beautiful. The sound of water was just between them and the trees, a few birds started singing and made this a little paradise. After a while they made it to the destination

Ethan:"Amelia let me present you the forbidden city!"he raised his hand and pointed to the city

Amelia:"Wow! A forbidden civilisation hidden here! How amazing"

She cannot believe her eyes. A forbidden city in the middle of nowhere . In the distance a few humans appeared shyly in the way. There was a few houses and more tribal tents with weird signs on them,it was some kind of straight lines with turquoise fade between the lines. A chapel was near by probably there was people in the building listening to their captain or president . Little churches can be seen but they don't have crosses,someone they believe in a god

Ethan:"Earth to Amelia? Are you there?" He waved his hand in front of Amelia's eyes like she where in a trance

Amelia :"Oh,I am very sorry ! I just admired the city. It's so beautiful! There is a cascade or something

Ethan:"Yeah there is! But,first things first! I got to present you to our captain. The one who is in charge here"

Amelia:"Oh,yes. I am used to this ! I just hope nothing will be wrong"

Ethan thought for a bit and sayed into his mind:He will be hard to convince since he is....My father

~To be continued ~

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