The forbidden city

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Here we are

Ameliastood in front o the captain ,the president,the ruler of this city. A tall man came outside fixing his cold glare on Amelia and examination her soul. She felt like a ant before his eyes,in the back Ethan is getting nervous and doing weird hand signals . The girl noticed then and the tall man face palmed himself.

Amelia:"I am Amelia I came here in peace. My purpose is to investigate this city for my own use"

The captain:"Ok,you are free to go to investigate what you want. But,with only one condition:You will be accompanied by Ethan and stay in this city at least one week before going back into the forest" he handed his hand to finish the deal

Amelia :"Ok then,I accept your deal" she took his hand and shake it with her full strength

The captain:"Hmmm,for a stranger you are really interesting... I will keep a eye on you" he does a lit signal of fire in the front of the building and a few people appeared with four things:A purple leafe, a feather from a mysterious bird,some kind of egg and a necklace. Amelia chosed the necklace not knowing what that means. Ethan did the ok sign and walked to her

Ethan:"Hey ! Are you ready to explore a bit?"

Amelia:"Of course! I was born ready. Hmmm .. What about that cascade? It looks so beautiful "

Ethan:"Actually...Eh nevermind. Let's go! It's not too far but there will be a lot of creatures in the way"

Amelia:"Don't you tell me you are actually scared you little chicken!"

Ethan:"Ok! You asked for it! I am taking you to the dangerous way"

Amelia:"Try me!" She teased him

Ethan kept his promise and took Amelia on the dangerous road not thinking on the consequences. Right at the middle of the road there was a big...

~To be continued ~

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