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Danika Embry died in an "incident". Will, she continues to live her life or submit to grieve? Sry I'm a bit in rush, I will update this soon

Adventure / Romance
Khloe Renovva
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Rain poured in through my windows, soaking my floor and bed alike, but I was too lazy to get up let alone close them. Lightning struck and thunder boomed. Giving up, I dragged myself my from my bed and stalked to the windows. I scowled at them before moving to shut them. A figure on a rooftop caught my attention. The figure’s cape blew, looking hell in content to just sit there in the rain. I moved to shut my next window when I looked back over and saw that the figure was --

I flew.


A set of hands pinned me while another rough hand went directly to my throat and squeezed, drawing the air out of lungs. I thrashed, fighting all I could in the compromised position I have been placed in. I tried to disassemble their grips on me but they were just too strong. The hand that pinned me loosened by a bit and I roughly kicked. That pair of hands released me. I distantly heard swearing. The person’s- man, I think- hand throat loosened, attention diverted to his partner. Taking that to my advantage, I kicked the man’s shins, making him curse a very, very foul curse. Despite the situation, my mouth twitched a little but my amusement was short-lived when I felt before I heard an ear-deafening boom.

I screamed as agonizing pain seared through me. Oh gods--

My phone laid a few feet away from me. I crawled on the floor, trying with the vain attempt to get out of here. The same rough hand grabbed my throat and hauled me up.

I couldn’t breathe. My senses lagged and failed me within seconds. I tried- seriously tried- to get just a breath into my lungs but to no avail.

Can’t. Airways blocked- breath- air- help!

Black spots filled my vision.

Something cold pressed against my head and I knew I was done for.

At least I fought with everything I could. I thought. At least then I can be back with my family. Through the darkness that threatened to claim me and the dimness of the room, I saw the man's- likely, from his large figure- finger curling around the trigger.



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