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Every human has a gift but only 1 out of 25 children can unlock their gifts and those people are called gifted but Lexi is a very special gift witha destiny how will Lexi deal with all these obstacles and find true happiness

Adventure / Romance
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My whole life I’ve been on the run cause of something I never wished for something I had no control over it something I was born with I was chased because I’m gifted,gifted we are people that are able to unlock our special gift every human has a gift but its rare for person to be able to unlock it those who can are called gifted most gifted only have one gift but I had more my name is Lexi and I have the power of Nullification,Telepathy,Empathy,Telekinesis and Clairvoyance. I was an outcast I never really had friends nor parents I lived with my aunt,in school I was a freak no one talked to me but I didn’t blame them seriously you’re thinking something then this little girl walks up and asks you why you’re thinking that weird right.I never had anyone but Laura my best friend she was gifted too she had the power of Pyrokinesis we met in kindergarten she was always bullied while I was completely avoided people always talked behind my back,they usually only insulted and taunted Laura but one the shoved her,she was losing control of her gift fear and anger were getting the better of her and it activated her powers sparks started coming out of hands she didn’t know what to do soon she her powers would explode turning this into a full blown fire,I didn’t know what to do if I approached her and she got scared it would only make matters worse but if I did nothing that would to catastrophe too so I decided to talk to her telepathically.

"Laura,Laura listen to me calm down." She looked around confused.

"Who are you and how are in my head?" She looked around waiting for an answer.

"It′s me Lexi and Im a gifted like you,look Laura you need to calm down youre losing control of your gift walk over to me slowly Im at the bench near the trees trust me I can help take a deep breath and start moving."I replied

She nodded took a deep breath and walked over to me then I took of my gloves and used my gift of nullification stopping her powers it can only last for 20 mins but it was enough time for her to calm down when she was completely she turned to look at me.

"Why did you help me and why are you talking to me don’t you think I’m a weird?"She asked

I shook my head at her and smiled. "I'm not scared of you neither do I think you're weird infact I thought you would run away after calming down must people people just avoid me and I helped you because I wanted to,you're nice unlike the other kids you don't gossip behind my back or avoid me I like you."I smiled at her genuinely then I put my gloves back on.

"Lexi I think you're nice too,would you like to be my friend,no one wants to be my friend they only bully but you won't right?she asked awaiting my answer.

I was happy someone wanted to be my friend.

"I would never bully and I'd love to be your friend."smiling my biggest smile I hugged and she huggged me since then we have been best friends but cause of some stupid all of that got taken away from me my best friend my aunt Lou and my happiness all I was sixteen when it happened my life fell apart because I stopped someone from losing control of their gift someone bad guys from some stupid organization came after cause of my gift of nullification they came to house to take me but when aunt Lou tried to stop them they killed her but before she had told us to run I was with Laura when it happened we jumped out the window and ran but they chased after us when they got close Laura tried to stop them but the shot her too while she was dying she snapped her fingers and I disappeared in flame then she died.I been running for 5yrs since then I've been on the run from town get a job survive then run again that was my life sometimes they got really close to catching me and this was one of does times I was running using my power of clairvoyance to try and get out but they chased after then I met a dead end I thought that was it I was panicking I didn't want my powers to be used for evil I trapped and they were closing in desperation I shouted, "Somebody help anyone help me!!!" The guys were already there.

"There's no one help now stop complaining and come woth us or we'll force you."he said smirking as he took a step closer.

"No leave me alone I don't want to help you I don't want to use my gift for evil!" I scream walking backyards till my back was against the wall then hands came from wall and grabbed me then a man came out of the walls he had the power to merge with objects around him.

"You ain't going nowhere,hey guys tie her up already she is squirming around and shouting lets go before I get a head ache." I thrust my elbow into his neck he dropped me and held his throat coughing I took it as an opportunity to run but when I tried a bottle blew up from beside I ran the other way then a can blew up it was the guy that chased me into the alley gift was too make things blow up.

"You're not going anywhere,Max get the rope." He said smirking

"Help please someone,anyone help me." I yelled on last time,the guys around me laughed at my pleas for help.

"Your wish my command." I looked up to see a blonde haired guy with blue eyes smiling at me.

"Who are you guys." I asked taking a step closer to them I knew they wouldn't hurt me but I didn't know who they were.

"We're the saviours and we're here to help."he smiled then turned to look at a big tall guy with chesnut hair and green eyes. "Hawk would mind."Hawk just rolled his eyes.

"Do you job Jake."Jake nodded then Hawk disappeared when he appeared again he was infront of the guy that came out wall he punched him sending flying back towards the wall so his gifted is super strength,this guy with black hair and hazel eyes shot ice from his hands and shot and made an ice wall before the wall merge guy hit it he then turned to Hawk.

"Are forgetting he can merge with objects around,he would have gotten away."He rolled his eyes.

"But you stopped him didn't you stop bei g so worry some Arlon."while they were arguing the didn't notice the guy that could blow up stuff was sneaking up behind them with a gun then he fired a bullet they turned towards the bullet but it was floating in mid air I used telekinesis and stopped it then I picked him up and slammed him against the wall.

"Who did just did that,guys be alert it might be another attack."Jake said ready to beat up someone.

I giggled then they all turned to look at him. "Actually I did that I can use telekinesis." Hawk rolled then sighed.

"If you could do that why didn't you that before."he said in an irritated voice then Arlon put his hand on Hawk's shoulder.

"She must have been scared using your gift when you're scared it can make someone lose control of their gift."giving my a tender look.

I smiled and said,"Yes thank you but how did know I needed help I'm not complaining but how."Jake looked surprised.

"You requested for protection at the organization didn't you?" Walking over to me I shook my head.

"I didn't request any help."Hawk smacked his head then turned to glare at Jake.

"You idiot so that means our real client is somewhere in deep shit,dang Jake you're really died." Said Hawk glaring at Jake.

"Calm down Hawk we can go save her everyone makes mistakes but I don't regret save you miss um."waiting for me to say my name.I sighed.

"Lexi my name is Lexi."A smiling extended his hand and I shook it and smiled back.

"Well miss Lexi I'm Jake the grumpy one over there is Hawk and the calm worry some one is Arlon and we are saviours from S.I.M you've quite the gift here's my card you should think about becoming a savior you'd be great at it think about it."handing a business card to me. "Now if you excuse us we have too go help our client then they disappeared I went home and recapped what happened Jake the cheerful blonde,blue eyes and his gift is teleportation. Arlon the dark haired guy with hazel eyes calm and collected and his gift is Ice then finally Hawk the strong arrogant one,chestnut hair and green eyes and his gift is super strength the seem like a great team the S.I.G also protects gifted I've been running my whole life maybe a change won't be that bad,I decided to go to S.I.G tomorrow.

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