The Keepers Of The Coin

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WARNING! Story is not finished ——————————————————————— In the small town lived two boys. Their live was normal until they found the magical coin which had gives super powers to it's owner, one side could make him bigger and other smaller. Dark powers wanted to own that coin to own the world. The boys had to fight with Dark powers.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Magical Coin

One sunny day in a small town two friends named Alan and Paul, went to the central street of their town. Alan and Paul were classmates, and fifth graders, they sat in the school at the same desk. Alan was in blue jeans, black sneakers, white sweatshirt with green stripes, Paul was in blue trousers, red, orange and yellow plaid shirt. Alan was athletic and movable boy, and Paul was attentive and thoughtful. Dark hair of Alan was always messed up, and fair hair of Paul was always combed and neatly stacked. The boys complemented each other very well. Central street was located in the center of the town and was a local attraction, it was a pedestrian street, on both sides of it were bright colors painted two-three-story houses, on first stores of those house were shops, restoraunts and cozy caffes. In the center of the street a high oak tree, with wide trunk, was growing. As legend is saying, the oak’s age is more then hundred fifty years, and oak was there before the town was built. Also, two alleys with younger trees grew on both sides of the street, in front of the houses. Suddenly boys saw five small spots in the sky. Spots
were getting bigger, so fast, so soon boys, could see them clearly. Creatures looked, like hyenas, but had gigantic wings, and were big by comparison with Spotted Hyenas, which boys saw in the zoo. Creatures also had horns of bull, and giant claws on their fingers, and toes. Unlike hyenas that creatures walked on two legs, not on four. That were Flainas. All people, except Alan and Paul ran away. Flainas were searching for coin. That coin had an ability, one side of it could make bigger, and other smaller. Boys hided behind a wide tree and watched at the Flainas. Suddenly Paul saw, that under his foot, something shines. That was the coin, which Flainas searched for. Paul took it and fastly put it in his pocket, but Main Flaina saw it, and started heading, to boys with other Flainas. When Flainas were already very near to boys Main Flaina shouted, and fell dead. Other Flainas shouted, and flew away. Out of a neighbor tree went out a man in a cloack with a hood on his head. In hands of man was a bow. His name was Henerd. He looked somewhere about forty years old, he was of medium height, stocky with a bronze face from a tan, a real monster hunter who killed the leader of Flainas from the first shot. Boys went to their rescuer, so they can thank him.
Henerd said - “Guys we need to talk as you are in a very serious story. Let's meet today evening in M/C and I will take one of my buddies with me. And he will tell you something about that coin.”
- “Ok! Until the evening! We will come with our friend named Bomber.” - answered boys.

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