The mysterious world

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It's time to taste horror and magic

Adventure / Horror
Paras Sharma
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Chap-1 The entry

Richard was running as fast as he could. Two policemen were running behind him. The policemen thought that Richard had stolen the golden ring of the commissioner of police. Richard was running towards his house and in a hurry, he bumped into a cart and was szent hurtling towards the wall. Richard closed his eyes before impact but he didn't feel anything. On opening his eyes, he found that he was looking at a castle which was in front of him. The surroundings were different. A guard was walking ahead of him. Richard approached the guard to ask him the name of this place and bhow he reached here. Richard asked the guard where he was. The guard told Richard that he is in the kingdom of horrorland . Night came and Richard went to find shelter. He found only one house empty and on its front door was written that whoever will enter will not be able to go out of this house again. Richard took it as a joke and opened the front door. As soon as Richard crossed the main gate, it closed itself due to a blowing wind. He knocked on the threshold door, but no one answered. He opened the door and went inside. He went to a room which looked as a kitchen and picked up a plate kept on the slab as he was hungry and suddenly he saw a shadow falling on the plate.

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