Amelia's story

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A little girl who is forced to move to a new place and she has to leave her friends behind

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a girl named amelia she lived on a tall mountain with her older sister maddi. Maddi loved to bake for Amelia and her mom. Maddi baked cookies for Amelia to take to school. One day amelia had a headache and she needed to stay home from school. Maddi had to babysit her. Maddi had to go to the store so she could pick up some more supplies for her cookies.on the way to the store amelia and her spot tree d some bears. Maddi said to Amelia " quick hide behind this bush" Amelia quickly ran to the Bush and did as maddi said. After the bears were gone Maddi and Amelia walked to the store, got what they needed and went home. Soon after their mom came home and they had dinner. Later amelia and maddi went to bed.

The next day Amelia took a piece of cake that maddi made her. When amelia came home she seen that her bags were packed but not maddie's. Amelia went up stairs and asked her mom and maddi what was happening. Why were her bags packed? The bags were packed so she could go up north with her mom. "Why are we going up north? We live down here and this is where all my friends live." Amelia said to her mom we are going to move there because maddi is going to live by herself here. Where she can have her bake shop. But mom this is where all my friends live I do not want to move. Can my friends visit when there moms and dads say yes. Of course Amelia.

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