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It’s about a girl who used to live in east London and now lives in New York and she has a new best friend and a crush on this mysterious boy.!

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time was a girl called Layla, Layla lived with her mother . Layla used to live in East London but was now living in New York City , Layla had to leave everything behind and go live in New York .After living in New Uork for weeks she had to get a new High School,she applied in many schools that are near her house.Layla got accepted in one of the most awesome High Schools in New York and had to go to school the following day.

5:30 am- as the door slightly opens.wake up honey or you will be late for your first day of school”,says mom and leaves the room.Layla wakes up showers,got dressed , took her pack pack and headed downstairs.I made you your favorite morning meal “,said Layla’s mom,you didn’t have to do that mom”, said Layla, she eats her food and places the dishes in the sink.Are you don’t eating your breakfast honey?”,asked her mother yes mom.Take the keys and my bag in my room “,said her mom, her you go mom as Layla gives her mom the car keys and her bag ,and they head outside,Layla closes the door,as her mom opens the car. Are you not nervous honey?”,asked Layla’s mother

Layla:I really am cause l might be bullied and l don’t have any friends

Mother:don’t worry home everything will be okay

Layla:I hope so fingers crossed

(They both laugh and chat on their way to Good Hope High)

Here we are at you new school Layla “,said her mother,I’m scared “, said Layla l hope everything will be okay.Layla hugged and kissed her mother and went out of the car.Layla smells the fresh air and sighs heavily,her mother hoots he car and leaves.As she walks on her way to the school entrance a girl called Mika bumps into her and her books fall they both pack up Mika’s books.

Layla:I’m so sorry

Mika:It’s okay I was the one who bumped into you

Layla:I’m Layla and lm new to this place and school.

Mika: I’m Mika and lm also new

Layla:wow we already have something in common.

(They both laugh and enter the school)

I already live the school from its look”,said Layla,yeah”, said Mika.

(The bell rings )

What class are you in?”,asked Mika, lm in 11c and you”,said Layla lm in that class to but l don’t know where it is “,said Mika.A boy bumps into Layla, lm sorry “,he says l was just going to go to my class 11c well lm in that class to but we both don’t know where it is”,said Layla ,well l can show you guys where it is if you want to”,said the boy.What is your name”,asked Layla? I am Jayden and you,”he asked? I’m Layla and this is my just met friend Mika,says,”Layla’s, oh ohk well let’s get going “,said Jayden.

(They rush to their class as fast as they could and got there immediately)

They got to class and started working until the bell rang for lunch.

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