The Shack

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A boy named Milo finds a mysterious house that leads him to an adventure he can’t back out of.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was a dull day, Milo was daydreaming as his teacher rambled about vocabulary. Milo was an interesting kid, he liked a whole lot of stuff other kids would find weird, or just flat out boring. He liked exploring abandoned houses, his town had a lot of abandoned houses, it was called, "The Haunted Town". A very far fetched name, because nothing ever peculiar or interesting happened there.

As Milo was staring off, he saw an outline of a house as a streak of lightning flashed. He was very interested in it and wondered about it all day. After school he wandered over there, it was in shambles, it was worn down, the door was off it's top hinge, there was moss everywhere, and most peculiarly, there was a big hole in the side of it. As Milo entered, it smelled of rotten food. Then, he saw a loose floorboard and thought nothing of it. He explored more of the house and saw ribbons, awards, the person that lived here seemed to be a veteran, a soldier.
There was a huge painting that had a hole in it, there was a small room behind it. Milo entered the very small room and was met by several opened cabinets, shattered glass cases, and one cabinet that was directly in the center of the back wall. It had been opened and it was left ajar, Milo opened it and saw a box, but not any box, a lock box that had a broken lock. He opened it, he saw a note, it read:
"Whoever is reading this help me. Bad men are chasing me and I don't know why, they want something from me that I don't even have. If you are still reading this, I am currently hiding in a bunker that is hidden by a floor board and a trap door."
Somebody was in trouble and Milo wanted to know why and if he could help this person. Milo stepped near the floor board and heard a noise, a thump, he crouched and put his ear near the floor. He heard muffled voices, he couldn't really hear but it sounded like they were looking for something. He heard more thumps, they were coming up the stairs! He frantically ran towards the back room and leaped in, he found a tiny compartment that Milo could fit in and waited.
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