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Hey guys,this is a beginning of superhero team Instants they will fight with enemies and keep you all in love this is the first story of Inferner it explains how the first Instant hero gets his super powers.

Adventure / Action
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The Inferner

It's a normal day like other days....
Neelu,he is a good student in school and this led him to a many sad and good things.
He's biggest enemy is Natula,who always fails in his exam and gets scolded by his teachers.
One Day,there was a maths annual test in the school and Neelu came first in the exam and Natula failed so his all teachers scolded him very much in the result day in front of all guardians and teacher always take the name Neelu by telling to be like him.
So,Natula thought that all the things happening to him is only for Neelu so he decided to make him his enemy for the life.....
Then,after some days he bullied and bested Neelu so hard and Neelu got his hand fractured for the beating his parents complained teacher and the school gave TC to Natula.
After 20yrs,Neelu and Natula both grew up and Neelu worked as a software engineer and he was famous for building big softwares in 1hr.
But,Natula didn't find a job now he wanted to destroy India.He made a device by which he can control all the human's mind and also electronics which can make him fly and run fast....
Then,he went to Delhi and took all the humans in mind control and then he came to attack his school at Mumbai,luckily nobody was there as it was Sunday.
After the destruction the news reporters came and started filming this and Natula came in front of the camera and told bring me Neelu now and he flew.
Meanwhile,Neelu was seeing tv and recognised Natula because he didn't wear any mask then he was so scared and left his house and started going to a safe shelter.
He crashed into a place where there is no one and this was the twist of the story he found some aliens so he hide there and after some time aliens gone then Neelu came there and saw there is a badge in the ground and there is written a I letter he picked it up and he attached it to his chest because he thought it's a normal badge.
When,Neelu attached that badge hes dress was changing to a red dress with a cape he found it too scary so he trying to run away now but when running he saw he has great speed in running and also tryed jumping and he flew in the air.
Now,Neelu thought I have super powers I can save India from Natula then he gave himself the name Inferner.
Now,Natula again came to destroy Mumbai so Neelu (Inferner) went there so fast and beated all his army by running power Natula was destroying a donut shop and after he look back he saw all his army were lying in the ground but anyone didn't died as Neelu knew that they we mind controlled.Then Natula saw Inferner and Inferner told I am Inferner and Natula remembered the face of Neelu and recognised that Inferner is Neelu now Natula said "Be prepared for an ultimate fight"
Then,Natula flew away and Neelu keep standing there.
To be continued.....
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