Alone We Walk

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In the world of Kokkino, there are many amazing stories to be seen. In the kindom of Doe-Atte, one of the five great kingdoms, five people have a story to go through, a combat college to survive. The world is filled with monsters called Aetherians and people have Classes and abilities! Watch as these five people tread through their own journey face challenges alone or together. This is the story of Alone, We Walk.

Adventure / Action
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The bright, iridescent light shone through a window on a Tuesday morning. A group of students, no older than 17 had occupied the seats within the classroom. The first chime of the bell signified the end of their final written examination, they had been tasked to identify three completely different weaknesses to at the very least 12 different Aetherians and the most efficient method to deal with them.

Quite obviously, the written examination counted for no more than a mere third of their final grade. After all, what good would the knowledge be if one couldn’t perform in the field? The group of students had almost all immediately rushed out to the auditorium the moment they handed in their exams, save for two who lagged behind.

Ekon, as well as Mavro, was one of the two whom lagged behind. The reason being? He was simply too lazy to currently move quickly. In fact, he’d probably have missed the written examination entirely had his brother in all but blood, Mavro, not pulled him along anyway. They both had stepped out and began their trek towards the auditorium, and walked side by side, behind the now significantly larger group of students.

After a few minutes of walking, the group and their plus two make it to the auditorium’s entrance. The double doors of the auditorium slid open upon noting the large presence of students in front of it. Magic was cool like that. The group of students began pooling into the auditorium, each of them looking at the center podium anxiously. Their combat instructor stood, unmoving, and with one motion of his hand he silenced the room. The tension was so thick you could cut through it with a knife.

The tired man, looking older than ever, had commanded such presence with ease. He looked over the students once more before beginning his speech.

“It has been decided that, for this year, your final will be in the form of a quest, and as such, you are all required to choose a partner before heading over to the questing board in the main hall and choosing one of the many E-Ranked quests provided. My advice to you as staff of this school is to choose someone who complements your abilities, so that you may find these quests easier,”

His eyes softened as once more took a long look at his students, his students. The ones he had watched grow,

“And the sole request I have for all of you, the only one thing I need you all to do is, survive. Don’t get in over your heads and lose your life early. Even legends have to begin somewhere. But you’ll never become legends if you lose your life here. Thank you for listening.”

He then turns and begins walking off the podium.

“I wish you all the best of luck.”

And then he left.



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