Fixing the computer in my dreams to make the machi

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I pretty had a dream about computers and how anything bad could have the computer getting mad so the computer gets mad at me when i break the phone or even the inside of the plug the phone could have the computer getting viruses so Stephanie at wegmans not letting get the snacks i like can have the computers getting a virus so the new TV program in my head or dream about Henry computer repair and repairing the computers and replacing the computers and checking the computer for viruses amelinda's computer glitched and Crashed it had to be restarted to work fine again well in my dreams the computer was fine still because it was not as bad but the phone having a low battery can have the computer getting viruses so in my dreams i was making music videos and submitting them to BET And MTV so i Could submit my music videos to HenryTV and submit music videos to HenryTV Channels i was heard the download pop up and mommy asked me what am if doing she asked me to try closing the window and i asked amelinda to Help me Fix The mental computer to keep us safe So she got the tools i got a screw driver and gave it to her and she Takes the computer apart Checking the motherboard to make sure that it does not blow up or anything she knows the phone breaking could have the computer mad so the computer got upset meaning it was having problems so she buyed a new computer and gave the other to me

Adventure / Mystery
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Fixing a broken mental computer

I had a dream where amelinda and me were having a computer problem and the bad things that can have the computer mad pretty much the phone phone breaking can have the computer getting mad so the computer gets mad at me for biting and breaking the phone so pretty much my phone breaking has to computer getting mad Stephanie not letting me get my favorite snacks has the computer upset and infected a viruses Stephanie telling we buy whatever on the cooking group shopping list could have the computer getting viruses but do you know that in my dreams anything could send out the computer monsters to attack the human computers for being bad maybe we need to fix the computer amelinda grab the tools to fix the computer she takes the computer apart and checks to make sure the the motherboard does not blow up or chatch on Fire so what i did is was on the internet and a download pop window came up on the screen so my mommy asked me to please close the window on the mental computer so i checked for virueses by running anti-virus updates or doing a security scan so we went to the store and got a new computer and replaced the damaged computer pretty much the New TV program or dream was about fixing a damaged mental computer that got a really bad virus but the computer was fine still it still worked it was still okay

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