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as trust works her way back home thought various tasks, Luke admitted his feelings or her . Still stuck in the friend zone everything changes when ...

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Lords, gods ,wife's, and husbands are all at war for life. My world is being destroyed and this is my story. May 25th 1817, that was the day I was born.“ Trust”! “Trust”! My mom called,as I rushed out the door to the field. Me and my best friend Luke come out here every day to practice. I’m 17 right now and I’m a warrior. I’ve tried to fit in with the girls but they are all cry babies. Let me tell you how it started. Luke and I were about five and we saw a field and went there. When we got over there we saw people fighting so we thought it was fun to learn moves and we did . I know what you’re thinking, another cringe story but this one isn’t just waiting. About fifteen, we tried out. He made it and Luke made it because I’m a girl. I was about to leave. When Luke said,” I’ll not join if trust cannot join. And that’s final”. As we left as warriors, I knew my parents wouldn’t agree , and they didn’t but I didn’t listen. I was doing what I wanted for the first time ever.

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