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So far I’ve told about my boring life.Now, it’s time to tell you about the fun at least that what I thought it was.Once, a year we hold a festival for the town. We call it mini games because it’s a bunch of mini size games that you don’t understand later if you don’t, that’s with me. I've never won nor has Luke. But this year we plan to change that. The first thing we did was promise that if either one of us one that we wouldn’t be mad no matter what. You might be wondering why I boded the word we shook because everybody knows when me and Luke Shake we mean it. Okay, skip past few minutes to the good part.First time we played what’s a bow and arrow game literally it was called bow and arrow.The rules are simple but there’s always one person that you always or is not a good Story my Story is Different because nobody cheats. Is this story the same person wins until the streak ends and everybody gasped. Still not making sense let me break it down even more say that the same person drives a go-kart and they always been with this go-kart and then one day somebody has a better go kart or it looks better.The person with the better

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