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MINI-Games pt 2

better go part Offers the person with the bad go-kart his go-cart .so they switch but soon after the person that had the better go kart the first person realizes that go-kart doesn’t work but the race already started.If the person wasn’t trying to switch up what they were doing to win then they would have won he got played why because a person had a better go kart still not understanding. It’s okay cuss I don’t even understand basically just think about you and your brothers sisters whoever you’re competitive with your friends family anybody very same person wins and they lose it’s a surprise.Where was i ? Oh yeah! basically the way this person always wins then they lose everybody Gaps in Surprise because they weren’t expecting this person to win which is me everybody’s so surprised they didn’t even blink. It was amazing and embarrassing at the same time . The surprising thing was I think Luke was actually mad at me for winning. I don’t know why ? Earlier we made a promise, that if either one of us one that we wouldn’t be mad no matter what.

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