Seven cave seven world

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This story is of seven caves, which is full of amazing mystery and this story will be revealed by these seven secrets.

Adventure / Mystery
Akash Jha
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Chapter 1

It was morning, some college students were sitting canting and talking about where we should go for an adventure. Everyone gives their suggestions, in that one asks them to tour the jungle, and everyone agrees to it and all decide as soon as they take a jungle tour. Will go for They all go to the Jungle of Kipling for a jungle tour. After a day's journey, they reach there and all start their tents. It was night time, all their tents were sleeping, it is very cold Anjali wakes up and then sits near the fire and the fire was heating, then she sees a light as if thousands of stars have come to the ground Anjali After getting up there, that light slowly disappears. She does not see anything, she feels that she is confused, she tries to go back, but that path is lost. Everyone is looking for him here, everyone goes to find him, the night has passed, it is morning, Anjali is wandering near a waterfall, goes there to drink water, her feet get furious, she gives her hand a hand The stone falls and shakes the water of the water stops, everyone reaches to him after hearing his voice, then everyone sees that cave, that cave light is coming in. Anjali remembers that she has seen this light. They see something shining away; it is a book; one of them starts to look here and there; only then it touches something as soon as it touches something, then that book opens and then everyone goes in it all different They reach the world where everything comes and grows, only then a map falls from the sky, in which there is a way to go to a cave, after that a voice comes that you will get a piece of diamond by reaching here. If you get hold of all of them and read this mantra, you will go ahead and solve the seven mysteries of the Seven Caves, and let the diamonds reach us. Then when all the pieces are found, then a path will open which will reach your world. But you will have to face many dangers. All then move forward, they have to cross the thick forest and wooden old bridge to reach there, only then they will be able to reach there and then all get out from there. When he was crossing the forest, he was attacking Chimpanzee at once when he was crossing the forest, he all ran, running, all of them reached near the bridge, they ran on the bridge, they also started running on him when the load was too heavy. Due to the bridge between the sand breaks, some chimpanzi fall under the bridge and some chimpanzee while hanging on the bridge, in the last one chimpanzee would hang on that bridge. All of them also hang on the bridge, then all of them go upstairs quickly and chimpanzee also walks behind them, all of them reach the top of an anjali in the last, the chimpanzee is about to hold his leg that Aman grabs his hand. Chimpanzi pulls him up. He was also about to reach the top, Aman cuts that bridge with a knife. Chimpanzee falls into the abyss below, after which all go towards the cave. After some time, they all reach that cave, it is like a glass from inside the cave, they remember a sparkling diamond piece, they remember that the person with that sky voice also told them that you get diamond pieces. To do. After thinking all this, Aman goes to pick up that diamond, then the earth explodes and many pieces are spoken, only then the sound comes that if you want these diamond pieces, then you have to answer some of my questions if you answered correctly If given, you can take this piece of diamond, if given wrong then you will all be killed. Aman says okay

1) That man> has done heavier than the earth? Answer) Aman> thinks for a while then says, mother's womb in which mother keeps baby 9 months!

2) Who is that man who is your enemy to me?

Answer) Aman> anger is the enemy of all!

3) That man is faster than air?

Answer) Aman> mind is faster than air!

Then the voice comes, you have given the right answer to my every question. Then the land is added back there. Then he comes flying diamond comes to Aman, then everyone holds him and chants.

We have to solve the seven mysteries of the Seven Caves. A. Diamonds give us access. Then everyone reaches the next world.

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