The swamp

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This story is about a 13 year old boy’s birthday in the wild! But he meets many different problems and creatures to help him in his journey!

Adventure / Horror
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Chapter 1

The Swamp

A shrill cry echoed in the thick, white mist, I began to feel even more scared “What’s wrong with me?!” I asked myself frustratedly “I should’ve paid more attention! Now I’m stuck here...”

10 November 2020 (18 hours earlier) “ahhhh-hhaaaaaa" I yawned, I quickly got out of bed and ran down the creaky, wooden stairs, “Mum! What’s for breakfast?’ I called, “I’m really hungry!” but there was no response, “Dad?, Annie?, anybody?” I called again, I began to feel scared as a chill rushed down my weak, thin spine..I sprinted across the corridor, checked every single room, looked in every closet! but they were nowhere to be found! ... Suddenly I heard something… it was coming from behind the couch..I hesitantly tip-toed my way to it, my brain kept telling me to go back, it could be something very dangerous! I was about a meter away when suddenly three figures jumped up! “Happy 13th birthday Isaac!” The figures screamed happily, It was my family!

“And for your birthday we are going camping!” Mum exclaimed, I screamed in joy, We hadn’t gone camping since I was seven! We all hastily got prepared and in no time we were on the road in our silver, bulky Ford Territory! The drive was long and really boring but when we arrived, my frown turned upside down. The view was absolutely stunning! We were on a massive, rocky mountain and we could see the entirety of the lush, green forest! The sky was rich and completely blue! We gazed at the beautiful landscape for a while “Oh no! The sun’s setting! Hurry up, let's get to work!” Mum declared. I aided my dad by helping him put up the tent, while Annie assisted mum with the campfire, it was very challenging but we barely finished just before dark. The next few hours went pretty quick, we roasted marshmallows, we told bone chilling stories and went to sleep.

But the peacefulness briskly faded away...I heard something…It was coming from outside the tent, curiously, I slowly opened the vestibule and stepped out into the cold...there it was again, except more sounded like a howl! I quickly put on my slippers and cautiously followed the mysterious became clearer by every step...but then suddenly a vibrant, blue fox jumped out of nowhere! It was running faster than the wind! “Hey, WAIT UP!” I screamed “I’M NOT GOING TO HURT YOU!” but the lightning quick creature kept running and soon, it was long gone...I caught my breath and realised that I had no idea where I was! I began to feel terrified, I felt lonely, I felt helpless but I knew that I had to find my way...I started walking in an unknown direction...minutes passed, but i still hadn’t found my way back...A shrill cry echoed in the thick, white mist, I began to feel even more scared “What’s wrong with me?!” I asked myself frustratedly “I should’ve paid more attention! Now I’m stuck here...”

I followed the bizarre cry to a small wooden barn...There were two beautiful stallions, one was light brown and the other was a chestnut colour. I was extremely cold and tired...I slowly approached the horses but I fell and fainted...I woke up in my tent and realised that it was just a dream! The next two days were amazing, we had so many adventures! But sadly we had to leave...we were in our car and we had just left, I was looking back when suddenly I saw the same two horses! I was amazed, so it wasn’t all a dream! The glamorous animals slowly faded into thin air. “I remember now!” I said excitedly, “Remember what?” my mum asked, “nothing” I replied. That night they were the ones that took me home.

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