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This is a collection of Short stories. I hope y'all give my writing a chance <3. Thank you!

Adventure / Romance
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Authors Introduction

Hello, my name is Meradith but you can call me Mera. Before you start reading my shorts I would like to tell a bit about myself and what to expect from me.

A bit about myself - I am 14. My birthday is August 14th and I am in marching band. I play trumpet, just in case y'all were wondering. I love fishing, reading, writing, marching, drawing, and watching Disney +. I have one older sister and no pets. I want to be a Psychologist and write books on the side. I strive to help people and make them feel heard.

What to expect from me- I am not the best at writing but I strive to get better every day. I write to get emotions out and I write to escape the world. Forgive me for there will be errors and I will try my best to fix them but if I do not catch some please feel free to comment them so I can fix them. Please do not be hateful about it. Some stories will be really cliche. I might have some triggering themes but please be assured I will put a trigger warning before. If the themes are too much for some to handle you can skip ahead. If I have a horror/triggering story I will put a sweet/fun story afterwards. I write all my stuff on my laptop so if the book cover is weird on your device I am so sorry. I cannot fix it because I do not have the app on my phone. <3

I hope you give me a chance as a writer and not skip just because of my age. I do try really hard to write good stories and I hope some of these will entertain you. Thank you :)

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