Black Horizon: Battle For Dominance

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Caught up in the middle of the war. How can you prove yourself to survive?

Adventure / Scifi
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The Chosen who named Dante

Before time began, there was nothing. Until the cosmos exploded to life, this explosion caused the first four races to rise, each with their respective God weapon. Heaven who represents the Sword, Hell who represents the Gauntlet, The Cosmic who represents the Rifle, and The Black Sun who represents the chained scythe. The four races wants different kinds of order in the galaxy. The Heavens or also known as the Righteous wants Justice in their own terms, Hell, also known as The Tormentors wants eternal suffering to all living things, The Cosmic or The Wise lights wants balance in all terms, And The Black Sun or the Dark Singularity wants everything to go back and banish everything into nothing once more.

Overtime the four races provoked war on each other to know which one of them is the superior one. This war will cause suffering and death to all living things. Before the war begun, the races travelled the entire galaxy to get the best warriors their army could get before the war starts. By this time, planet earth is not yet prepared for this kind of war. Yet a boy will be chosen to protect the planet from the incoming war, And his name Is Dante.


Waking up light headed after the alarm clock went off, Rubbed his eyes and cracking his back before getting up from his bed, he then took a hot shower to break loose from his tardy mind and get energized before cooking his breakfast and prepare for his busy day. He then gets dressed for his school and ready his food. As his toasted bread is on its way getting cooked, a mild earth quack has been felt, his mind got stuck between thinking and standing still, and then the toaster popped his toasted bread up waking him up from being frozen.

He then checked his bag if everything is in order before leaving, after concluding that it is settled he took a moment at his apartment and told himself "One day, I will get out of this garbage like place" before leaving and locking his door. Taking his every step a chance to get out of his current state of living.

At his work nothing is special, he takes papers and encodes it, then he reports to his boss about the status of his work. An everyday Joe that tries to become successful and escape his horrible life. After 8 hours of rinse and repeat kind of work, He then goes to home tired and hungry with his mindset trying to be positive so that he can rise from this kind of challenge.

He unlocked his apartment door and gets in, he took his shoes off, locks his door and goes straight to his bed with the thought of how is he going to make it out from his current status every night before passing out due to tiredness. Little does he know that later he will be a chosen for a battle he never knew exists,

A battle for a chosen earthling named Dante to win.

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