The Losers

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Maxi and here friend Sadie are both the only girls in a boy group. With Maxi's brother being a popular 18 year old boy at high school who is a girl magnet he's suspicious as he is protective over Maxi in a mean way as he hates her because he doesn't like Maxi hanging around with boys but Maxi is also suspicious as her brother Mike has been acting weird after a missing report on a boy....

Adventure / Drama
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Part One- Losers-

"No you lose because I attacked the wizard!" shouted James, everyone moaned as once again James defeated us at our game, "Guys I need to go now because I have a curfew and its ten my parents will go crazy!" I said as my parents always get mad at me for anything. "Really Maxi we were about to go another round you know!" shouted Billy, "Sorry to break it to you losers but yeah." I said while getting my skateboard, "Actually I should be calling all of you people losers as I won so Maxi you loser see you tomorrow then." James smiled, "Hey should I come with you because I need to leave too." Sadie whispered, Sadie and me are literally the only girls in a group of boys, we are the kind of group that no one at our school notices except from the bullies who are actual idiots, anyway me and Sadie went out of Billy's basement to get out the house before his parents offered us more food. Sadie rode her bike while I skated on my skateboard, "Should we go and have a girls day tomorrow as you know we need a break from the boys!" Sadie laughed, " I honestly agree twelve fifteen tomorrow?" I giggled, "Yes! I'll see you tomorrow!" shouted Sadie as we went our separate ways, we waved and she disappeared into the darkness.

I really didn't want to go home as my brother thinks he's all that as he's popular at school, he gets all the girls and he's a lifeguard at the local swimming pool where all the ladies go just to see that pile of garbage, he can be so mean and stubborn to me and doesn't treat me like a sister almost like a stranger but he is very protective, in a mean way, he hates it when I hang out with boys, I haven't told him about my group so I just say that I've been to Sadie's or he'd kill me.
I unlocked the front door to the house to see my parents in the living room watching television, "Maxi! It's ten thirty where the hell have you been!" yelled my mum, "I was at Sadie's I left a note on the fridge!" I yelled back, "Well you should've rang us saying you were going to Sadie's house!" shouted my dad, I looked down as I really wanted to argue back, "Room, now!" yelled my mum, I ran up the stairs and ran past my brother's bedroom and saw him looking at me, "Why on earth are you looking at me brat." said my brother Mike, "Because of your pathetic face." I answered back, he walked up to me and said, "Listen to me you dingus don't call me pathetic when I know for a fact that you haven't been seeing Sadie only." At this point I had no escape as I was practically against the wall and him near my face that I could smell his minty breath, "W-What do you mean, I was at Sadie's ask her yourself!" I shouted, "You sure about that Maxi, well listen here I ain't no dingus so I will find out who the heck you've been seeing understand?", Mike said quietly but he seemed angry, I kept quiet "I said do you understand?" he repeated, I nodded knowing that I had to watch out, he let me go so I ran to my room and laid on my bed and read a magazine, Mike for sure wouldn't find out and I had to tell the others to somehow avoid me when Mike dropped and picked me up for school, well I needed Sadie so he wouldn't be suspicious.
It was the next day and I left a note on the fridge saying, going to mall with Sadie I'll be back before curfew- Maxi I wrote it big so my parents or Mike could actually see it. I saw Sadie and we both hugged, "Hey did your parents have a go at you?" asked Sadie, "Yep they full on yelled at me and Mike called me a dingus, it shows hoe he loves me as a sister doesn't he?" I said sarcastically, Sadie giggled. We both ate ice-cream and did a lot of clothes shopping, we went to the magazine shop and spent hours looking for magazines, we then went to Billy's house so we could talk with the 'gang'. Me and Sadie knocked on the door and Billy's mum opened it, "Hi Mrs Wilson is Billy here?" I asked, "Hiya darlings yes Billy, James oh and Steve well Steve didn't make it yesterday as him and his family are out of town but yes now the whole group is down at the basement!" said Mrs Wilson, "Thank you!" said me and Sadie, we both rushed down to the basement and saw the boys sitting n the couch, "No I'm telling you I can do the loudest burp ever *BURPPP!", "Ew gross James!" I said laughing, "Ha you guys missed it we were all doing the loudest farts and burps any human being HAS EVER DONE!" laughed Steve, me and Sadie looked at each other and rolled our eyes, we've gotten so used to the boys but sometimes they were so gross!
A few hours went and we stopped talking as we heard a news reporter say something about someone stating that their child went missing, "Hang on, turn up the volume Steve." said Billy whilst stuffing his face with popcorn, A woman called Tracey Smith has stated that her child went missing yesterday night after being at a house party, the Chief Police has told that everyone, no matter if you are an adult or child shouldn't be out past eight o'clock thank you for listening to evening news now to Will for the weath- I switched off the television, "You guys its nearly six me and Sadie are going to head out at six thirty as I got told off by my parents last night and the town's curfew is at eight so you guys better be out of Billy's by seven thirty!" I said with a straight face as I was being serious, everyone nodded and carried on what they were doing, "Isn't Will one of your brother's friends?" asked James, "Yeah he is they're on the same basketball team at school." I said wondering if Mike was actually sad as his friend has gone missing, then I realised that was why Mike was all sad when I walked past his room last night, "Maxi, I asked if we should leave because its six thirty?" said Sadie confused, "Oh yeah you're right aha I was daydreaming silly me! Anyway bye guys!" everyone waved and me and Sadie went out, "Oh my god it feels so weird going out of Billy's house when the sun is still out, I mean we normally come out when its pitch black!" said Sadie, I laughed, "I know right!", "Bye Maxi!" shouted Sadie, "Bye Sadie already missing you!" I shouted back, Sadie giggled.
I walked into the house and saw Mike standing looking out the window, "Dude what the hell why are you at the window were you watching me or something!" I shouted, "Bye Sadie missing you already!" Mike mimicked my voice, I rolled my eyes at his attempt at being me, "Good one." I said sarcastically while getting a drink out the fridge, "Do shut up, a girl is coming over so I want you to stay in your room as I don't want her knowing I have a sister, how annoying would that be." Mike said looking grumpy as always, I gagged as every time mum and dad were out, Mike would always take that as an opportunity to bring a girl round so they can know each other, "What the heck, if you want to puke go outside or round at 'Sadie's' because you two are besties or should I say go to the houses you've been at to see your friends doofus oh and close your door because you're always nosey." sneered Mike, I shook my head and brought the bags of magazines and clothes to my bedroom, I heard the door open and Mike saying "Heyy Mylene nice seeing you please make this place feel like your home!" he said, I thought to myself what a bad attempt of flirting, then I heard a scream and a crash, I froze; Yes I did close my door and Mike knows the house has thick walls but he doesn't know that my door is very thin, I really wanted to go downstairs and see so I texted Mike saying I forgot my magazine its on the kitchen counter just to see if the girl was still you know, alive. I heard him say "Bye Mylene see you!" but I wasn't going to fall for it as at the front door the light flickers on loud when it senses a person, but I didn't hear the light flicker loud..
"Oi doofus you can come get your trash!" yelled Mike, I went downstairs slowly and saw Mike in the living room he had something on his face that seemed like blood, "Mike w-what's that on your face?" I asked, "N-Nothing is just lipstick because Sally, I mean Mylene was putting on lipstick and she put it on my face!" said Mike and shrugged his shoulders, "Okayy then ew.." I said and scanned the living room for the body of Mylene "What you looking for brat?" asked Mike whilst smearing off the 'lipstick' "My magazine isn't here or on the kitchen counter, oh silly me it's in my room!" I said laughing, I heard Mike mutter the word stupid and went up the stairs.
I knew for sure that wasn't lipstick but blood and that whenever Mike panicks he stutters his words and gets them mixed up so I thought what if- what if he was the person responsible for what happened to Will..
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