The day when everything went wrong

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This is just a story I'm writting for my dear Bff Annsana all about the experience of that one particular day otherwise known as February 9th 2020 at school. That day was crazy I know and there are still few things that nobody expect few knows. So here we go!!!!

Adventure / Thriller
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Dear bestie, it was clearly a Sunday I guess so .We began our morning by having our music classes. We are always lucky that we are together during music class and always do laugh like hell all the time.

The day started happily and ofcourse by Anandhu and Denny calling us those weird nicknames right at that class itself. Finally it was over and I guess few more periods were done . So before Social period Liya , Alin , Denny and Me decided to exchange places with each other. As well as Devi did too .

Your luck you were in the same place. So we four were able to sit together. And remember that period was actually good until for the last 15 minutes........

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