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Betty is a chicken and has always been curious of other creatures, especially humans. She has always wanted to experience what it would feel like to be something other than a chicken until she fell asleep.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The voices of nature

The Voices of Nature

“Mommy, Mommy”…….yes my little chick, replied the mother Hen. She had brown colored feathers and she was the fattest of all the Chickens in Ben Johnson’s yard.

I want to go out and play with puppy Sam and Carol chick, said little Betty. She had a wild imagination and was very adventurous, she enjoyed playing with different types of creatures in the nearby forest, especially those her mom told her to avoid.

Mother Hen turned to Betty as she stood on the outside of her coop “Oh my baby Betty, no, you cannot play with the pups and you should stay away from all dogs, because they will eat you” said Mother hen in a gentle and tender tone. “Betty Baby, you are a snack to them” Mother Hen loved her chickens and always wondered why Betty of all her chicks was such a handful.

Betty knew her mom was always worried, and she tried her best to listen and obey, however she always felt as if she was meant to be adventurous, meant to be someone or something else, was I supposed to be a chicken with feathers, and susceptible to being eaten at any minute? She always thought , or maybe I am meant to see the world differently and to experience the world she knew in a different way.

“ Oh mommy”, Betty said. “You worry too much, I will try to be safe mom”. “Betty this is the last time am telling you to stay away from other creatures, We as chickens stick together, go inside and have a nap and think about what I just said, I only want to keep you safe”.

Betty felt sad at that moment, and walked over to her mother’s nest and fell asleep.

Betty’s Dream

Betty had just fell asleep and started to dream – She was amazed to have hands, feet, when she touched her head, she felt hair that felt thick and strong, and when she opened her mouth to her surprise, she spoke human.

Betty wondered if this was real or if she was dreaming. If this is a dream, she thought to herself, I hope I don’t wake up.

She saw the world differently as she always thought she would, her mom was human and her sister carol was too. Betty started to take notice of where she was and what was happening and she was enjoying the experience. The room smelt like baked bananas with vanilla and she wondered what is that amazing smell. She walked around the room she was in.

There was a wooden bed sitting in the far left of the room, with dark colored sheets and Betty knew the color was called blue. The windows had matching curtains, the sunlight was so bright that it shone through the curtains and illuminated the room. Betty was wearing purple shorts with pink blouse that fitted her so neatly - she no longer felt as though she was dreaming but rather this became her real world. At the door lay her footwear for her small feet and 10 toes, the slippers were beautiful with little sparkling diamonds and it felt soft and comfortable. Betty placed the slippers on her feet and went through the narrow wooden door to see the outside.

Betty’s New world

As Betty Stepped outside, she saw a big white dog with lots of hair and a tall fluffy tail and Betty suddenly felt afraid. The dog started approaching her in a rapid speed, wriggling his tail. He jumped up on betty licking her hands . Betty was so frightened by the sudden movements of the dog- when her mother said “ what’s wrong betty, why are you so terrified by our dog, this is so absurd”!

“But mommy you always said I should not play with dogs nor pups because they are dangerous and this one looks dangerous with those big teeth” Betty’s mother laughed out loud and said “don’t be silly child, that is our dog Angel, you have taken care of her since she was a pup”.

Betty couldn’t understand what was happening her, first she felt happy and now she feels terrified.. She ran to the far end of the yard that was surrounded by large trees, bushes and strange little creatures and sat on a old oak tree, feeling confused and sad, she placed her head in her hands and started to cry.

Then a concerned voice said, “Why are you crying betty, especially on a beautiful day like this”. Betty held up her head and wondered who was that. She looked around and saw no one , the voice then said “ why are you so sad baby girl”. Betty sprang to her feet and looked around frantically, but still she saw no one. “Who is that?” Betty said with a shaking voice that cracked with each word.

The voice replied, “ I am jasper, the oldest oak tree in theses parts. I have seen good things like little humans like you grown into bigger human known by the human world as adults. And I have seen bad things like pollution, fire and sad little girls like you from time to time . So tell me what ever is wrong with you” Betty, still feeling afraid to reply she said. “ a tree, talking to me? Am I dreaming? And Jasper replied “ This whole world is a dream”

Betty looked in amazement, she slowly extended her right hands as it stood closer to Jasper, she stretched her shaking thin shaped fingers out to touch the tree. “ go ahead, touch me , I wont bite, said Jasper, Then suddenly Betty woke up.

To be continued.....

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