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Madilyn Evans is a middle school girl. She is a very non-social person and she doesn't even try to make friends, let alone talk to anyone. The reason is, she has a big secret. She can control water. When the new foreign exchange student, named Jayden, talks to her, she doesn't know what to do. She feels scared and shoots water at him. He is surprised, and takes her. She doesn't know where, but it sure isn't home. The boy tells her that there is a place where people are like her. They can control different elements. But others are after Madilyn and want her water. On top of others wanting her, Waters have been dying left and right from a mysterious source. She will also find terrible secrets about this new world no one new. She will want to run but can't. She is forced into something she doesn't want. Will she run away from everything? Will she try to find and stop the source killing the Waters? Will she stop the people after her? Will she succeed in all of these or not? Read Elements to find out!!!

Adventure / Fantasy
Age Rating:


The movement of chairs scrapping against the floor makes me jump. I rub my eyes only to realize I'm in my math class. My eyes widen for a second and look around. People are leaving the class and some are giving me weird stares. My cheeks heat up and I quickly grab my books that are scattered on my desk.

"Ms. Evans?" A voice says from the front of the room. I look up to see my math teacher, Ms. Grace, giving me a death glare. I bow my head slightly and walk up to her.

"Yes?" I squeak.

"I'm going to have to give you detention for sleeping in my class." She says writing on a piece of paper. I don't say anything as she hands me the slip of paper and she turns back to her work. I make a dash for the door but don't make it far out when I bump into someone.

"Sorry." I mumble under my breath and try to move out of the way.

"Hey! Watch where you are going!" A high pitched voice says. I turn my attention to the shining, yellow headed, popular girl of our school.

Hazel Copper. She has bright yellow hair and eyes the colour of ice. She was the epitome of your typical stereotype girl. She wears the most obnoxious clothes and today she is wearing a pink short sleeved crop top and a baby blue skirt. She looks like cotton candy. I would never want to be her. Ever.

"Sorry." I mumble again and try to move away from her and her minions.

"Hey, don't go Madilyn." She says to me.

"Yeah. Don't go." Bell Grenn says from behind Hazel. Her dark brown eyes have an evil smirk hidden in them. She has wild curly hair slicked back into a tight bun and her coffee coloured skin is wrapped in tight washed blue jeans and a bright red shoulder strapless top.

"Sorry but I have to. I have to get to my next class." I say to them with my head still down.

"Fine. Suit yourself and get your brains washed with useless knowledge." Kellen Corst says from behind Hazel. She has light brown hair dyed blue at the tips. Her amber eyes are the nicest out of the three, but her clothes aren't any better. She has on black shorts with a mustard yellow tank top. I roll my eyes at the trio. I push past them and at the last minute I catch them rolling their eyes in sink at me. I quickly and quietly make my way to my second class.


I was able to stay awake during history which was super boring. All we did was listen to the teacher read monotonously. I almost fell asleep twice. I now make my way down the hall to my third class of the day.

Finally! Next is lunch! I silently cheer in my head. I make it to my class a few minutes early. I take a seat in the back and take out my book. I hear a commotion going on outside and soon enter Hazel, Bell and Kellen. They look over at me and give a fake smile. I mentally bash my head on the table as I give them a small smile back. They walk over to me and sit down in desks around me.

"So. How was washing your brain?" Kellen asks while trying to stifle a laugh.

"Good. Very informative." I say giving a fake smile and using as much of enthusiasm in my voice. Bell and Hazel roll their eyes as Kellen turns away from us to talk to some other girls across from her.

"You should get some friends." Hazel informs me and Bell laughs.

"Thanks." I say and turning to the board. Mr. Berg walks in and we start the lesson. My eyelids feel heavy and soon I am awoken by the bell ringing. I jump by the bell and a little bit of water goes flying out of my hands onto the floor. I look away from it and hide my hands. I hear Hazel laughing as she walks out of the door with her minions. I roll my eyes and start to leave myself when Mr. Berg calls me.

"Yes?" I ask nervously.

"Are you ok?" He asks. "Because you slept through my class and I heard from your math teacher that you slept through her class and she gave you detention. And then your history teacher caught you dozing a few times." He explains my morning.

"Yes I'm fine. I just didn't get enough sleep." I lie partially. I didn't sleep at all last night. A cold chill kept going up my back and I felt a presence inside or outside my room. Instead of going to sleep, I practiced controlling my water.

"Ok. I didn't want to give you extra detention." He says. "Oh, and also Mr. Grubbs has requested I tell you to go see him after lunch." My eyes widen at this and he must've seen it.

"You aren't in trouble Ms. Evans. He only wants to see you after lunch. Your chemistry teacher knows you'll be a little late for her class." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Thank you." I say.

"Your welcome Madilyn." He smiles kindly and I walk out of his class to lunch still wondering what Mr. Grubbs wants with me. I wasn't watching where I was going and something trips me. I fall on the floor with a hard thud.

Ouch. I think to myself as I pick myself up ignoring the laughs coming from people behind me as I make my way to the cafeteria.

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