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Tresa is an orphan with a troubled past, she is very unique but she doesn't know it. She was a rogue accepted by the alpha with her only family leah left. Her best friend. She later finds out that she is mated to the alpha king but she refuses to accept him because she is in love with her packs warrior. It will not go well with the king. Things do not end there because her 'uniqueness' brings war

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1


"MOMMY",I screamed hugging her as the rogue and my father fought another rogue came from behind and pushed down my mom.

"Leave her alone", I shouted ,"go tresa, you and leah go", mom said and I ran to the house.

Leah had packed our bags and we ran through the back door. We ran until we reached a cave. I suggested to rest there.

we where both twelve years old and I hope we survive this because leah is the only family I have left.

"What is gonna happen to us do you think we will make it", leah asked. "I know we will so far we are together", I said and we laid down.

I really hope we stay together, I will do my best to save us

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