Light and Darkness

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Chapter 9


We walk through the hallways of Avalons Palace. A peaceful place. But where the Darkside's palace was cold and dark Avalon's is warm and bright. Not the headache kind of bright but the type where you actually enjoy it, let it shine on your skin because you've never felt such a thing before.

We walk past towering oak doors with gold encrusted in them until we reach that very special one that leads to the Throne Room. Ariel is almost jumping from excitement, loving the feel of this new place. Lord I hope she doesn't slip up. Guards walk by our every side, multiple guards to be specific. A little unnecessary seeing that I can kill all of them, but maybe in that time frame someone would've already sounded the alarm. The oak doors open and Ariel resumes her emotionless stance. Good girl.

We step in to see the King and Queen of Avalon laying on their thrones, their eyes colder than any winter in the Darkside. I smirk, the kind of smirk that would make my mother shiver with delight. The kind that means trouble. I stalk towards the throne and put both hands in my jacket pockets. The royals arent paying attention to me though, their eyes are fixed on Ariel. She does nothing but lift her chin up a tad bit more, that cold stance not once wavering. I feel like a proud mother.

I incline my head in a mocking bow, "I believe you know why we are here?", I ask as a way of greeting. They don't turn their attention to me though, their eyes are glued to my sister. Ariel looks them both in the eye and says "I believe my sister asked you a question or are you hard of hearing?" I wanted to cry tears of joy when the sentence left her mouth. The royals were straight up shocked at her lack of manners. "It would seem that mockery runs in the family"Queen Indra said. "Mockery wouldn't be the only thing we delight in if you don't send those food packages and supplies to the Darkside", I threatened.

"Its Winter", King Roland answered, "the food packages would be a bit delayed because of the harsh weather but in the mean time feel free to vacate a home while you wait". Oh Darkness how I hate threatening these kind people. I softly sigh. "Just make sure the packages reach the Darksides shores as soon as possible, people die with every second we waste" I say before stalking back to the large oak doors. "You're not going to introduce us to your friend...or..sister?", Queen Indra asks. I look over my shoulder at the Queen and slightly jerk my head at Ariel silently telling her to talk. " Princess Ariel", she started, her voice cold and confident, "second in line for the Throne of Hades, daughter of King and Queen Scarlet and Stalker, sisterr of Princess Emily Caraway and..." A pause, "an official hybrid like my sister over here". A moment passes before we hear clapping. It gets more slower before completely stopping and I just knew that the person walked behind Ariel. I could feel it in my very bones. "So this is the secret that the Darkside has been keeping", Prince James smirks.


The wind brushes past the underside of my scarred wings. A chill runs up my spine. Just the memory of what happened to them makes me sick.

A few years ago...

"What was your business at the edge of our Ward, pheasant", Emily asked.
She's just acting, shes just acting, shes just acting. Her fathers here, she doesn't mean it, she doesn't Mean it, I reminded myself over and over again. I kneel before the shadow throne of King Hades where the current ruler King Stalker sits silently watching his daughter interrogate me.
"Answer me, pheasant", Emily demands. Pheasant, the lowest word I've ever heard her say, yes there are others but this one right here is the lowest. "I was out on patrol, your majesty, I didn't realise I had gone so far", I answered. Moments like this made me feel sick, made me remember that this made Emily feel helpless, made me want to roar at the King for making her do this.

"You dare lie to me?", She questions, circling me like a vulture, her steps slow and easy. "Never, your majesty, I swear on my life and rank", I say. Life in the Darkside doesn't mean much but Rank does. The higher it is the better chance you have at surviving. Emily's saphire blue eyes glow green and you can tell shes asking the Darkness for guidance. The way she slightly moves her lips, the little tilt of her head. "You speak true", she says, "but what shall you go home with?". I hear a sword unsheath then Throat-slitter comes into view. "You go home with a few strikes, heal them if you want but they will scar". I nod my head. That's at least the best punishment I can get, the worst? I dont want to know. Emily looks to the King for permission to continue but he just stays still. Contemplating. With the way he's looking at me, I see he wants to truly punish me. Not only because of what I did but it seems an ancient grudge is being kept that I somehow dont know of.

"Rip his wings", the King orders. His words echo throughout the Throne Room. Everybodys silent until Emily speaks in a mere whisper. "F–father, a–are you s-sure?". That was the only time I've ever heard her stammer, at a loss for words. I dont blame Emily. If the King had ordered me to rip her wings than I'd probably be on the run by now for not being able to follow through with it. But Emily tho... I'll save her the time and pain. I take off my jacket and use my powers to summon my wings. With my kneeling position they descend on the floor, a beat of silence before I hear Throat-slitter sheath and Emily's claws come out.

I feel her palms on the upper half of my wings before I hear her whisper "I am so sorry". I was going to tell her it's ok but my words were cut off when her claws sink deep into my wings. I roar, the pain is almost too much. Having such a sensitive part get ripped in such a way. Darkness help me. I grit my teeth, my gums screaming under the pressure. I roar again, much louder this time before I felt something wet drop on my wings. I turn my head to see that tears were filling Emilys eyes and pooling down her cheeks.

No no no NO, she's gonna get punished for that. Fuck no, Darkness please if you can hear me, I beg you to please show mercy on her. She doesn't deserve to be tortured. I roar again, feeling her claws rip down my wings once more, I'm screaming at the skies above me to make this stop I'm begging the earth below me to not accept me just yet. Blinding pain filters throughout my upper body until everything goes black and the sounds around me become muffled.

Present day...
I look at my wings, watch them catch the wind currents to make a perfect glide across the sky. The white scars that run down them. I was able to heal with the help of Violet of course. The amount of joints and bones we had to replace was almost horrifying. We couldn't let it heal, that would take a good full year and I needed to fly by the next week. Where was Emily you ask? After the shredding of my wings the king ordered for her to be front of me. My mouth gagged and my hands tied up with bracelets that nullified my power.

They made me look, watch as they tortured her in ways I didn't even know existed and she couldn't do anything because this was her punishment. From that day forward I protected her as much as she'd let me, made her feel safe and happy. A few moments pass and a longing feeling fills my chest. She'd still be in Avalon, probably showing Ariel around. Ariel is coming back too. I thought back on Emilys words. What made her change her mind? Did she consult to the Darkness? Did it tell her something that was enough to bring her own sister back to this hellhole? Maybe this is fate playing out in small amounts of time. Maybe this would contribute to our future.

Thank you, I send the thought to Emily.
For what?, she immediately replies.
For existing, I whisper, I think you're the best creation the gods above ever made.
I hear her chuckle, cheesy, she says before my mind goes silent, without hearing another word from Emily I fly off to attend to my duties.

" sharpen the blades! Put more wood in the furnaces, get those axes ready for chopping I wanna see them cut clean!", I order the soldiers around me. Another duty I was given, weaponry. I love the job, trust me. With my obsession with weapons and dangerous objects I think Emily knew what she was doing when she sent the job my way. I gladly took it and ever since then I've been keeping the soldiers weapons sharp and clean. They've never been more happy with the dangerous objects they carried. Small job yes, but if it makes me and some people happy? Then why not.

I hear swords clashing and I immediately think the soldiers might be testing them out but immediately as I turn around my body freezes. Neo. He's fighting another man, with my blade. He's applying too much pressure to the hilt, and he's swinging it too aimlessly. His swings might look quick and precise to a normal person but to a professional killer?They look sloppy. But the mere fact he has the audacity to touch my blade rage fills my gut, no one. Absolutely no. Fucking. One. Uses my blade but me. Shit if Emily were here she would've cut his head off just to get my blade back. I move. Quick and effectively, I move in between them, kick the mans sword out of his hand, twist in time to dodge my own sword before I smash Neo to the ground reclaiming my darling blade Life-taker.

He looks up at me with shock in his eyes while I have the tip pointing right at him. My eyes burning bright with anger. I'll kill him now if I wanted to, no one would care. Just another life gone. Nothing special. What he thinks? I don't care about that too. His fault for even touching Life-taker. Now he must pay the price.

I stare up at her. Violet Azarath. Her eyes glowing brighter than the stars. I know she's mad at me for touching her blade but hell I just wanted to tease her. I know not to touch the thing but damn do I love it when she gets angry. I love the way her face looks neutral and her eyes are the only tell-tale of her anger. Of the thing within. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. She lifts Life-taker. Holy hell she's gonna kill me! I roll over in time for her blade to clash with the stone cold cement, creating sparks to dance on the floor. This girl is crazy. I get up in time to dodge her second strike...barely. It cut a good percentage of the skin from my arm. I look at the wound, shit that's gonna scar. I lift my head to glance at Violet. She's just standing there staring back at me.

"If you didn't know boy, that's your left arm I just majorly grazed" she says. My left arm, precisely the side that connects to my heart meaning if I don't get this patched up... I'll bleed to death. One last glance at Violet and I start running to my home. She looks at the sky and calls out to me "not such a good idea boy, fast breathing makes the heart pump blood faster, you can't run". I look back at her. Dammit she's right. I look around for something to ease the bleeding long enough for me to go home and patch it up. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I glance at Violet, my eyes pleading, begging for her mercy. She stalks towards me and looks me in the eye, "don't touch my blade ever again", she jerks her head towards a small building, "you can get bandages there". I nod in thanks and bolt for it. Shit that's the last time I'm ever teasing Violet Azarath.

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