Light and Darkness

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Theres no such thing as a "villain", just a person who couldnt take shit anymore and broke. Lost their mind and went crazy because of the pressure society put on them and still people judge them, take them for no less than a mad person. So what if all stories were like that? What if everything was different if we just looked at it in a different perspective?

Adventure / Fantasy
Meryl Rain
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Chapter one

Let's make this introduction short yeah?

My names Emily Caraway, I live in the Kingdom of Darkness, my father (the king) rules it. His not a kind guy and I get that, bad guys are stone cold, but everyone has to have some fun at times right?

I'm what you call, unusual. But other kingdoms say otherwise, ( dont listen to them their asses) I'm my Fathers personal killing machine, he's used me for wars ever since I was eleven.

Oh yes the unusual part, I'm a mixed breed between the kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness, my hair is black and wavy like a normal Dark heart's would be but my eyes are blue like a Pure heart's would be. Kinda confusing I know, but you'll understand more once you get to fully meet me.

So basically I'm an in-between my heart isnt fully dark but it's also not fully light, which means its grey ( I think). Sometimes I can be a total stone cold killer other times I can be such a sweetheart. It annoys me.

I live in the Kingdom of Darkness, obviously the Light kingdom wouldn't accept me because I'm not 'fully them' or for the fact that I'm the Kings daughter (their such bastards)

Father keeps all the outcasts, villains, criminals and whatever the other kingdoms kick out in his kingdom. His not an in-between like me, Father is a full Dark heart just like mother, so how did I get like this? I'll tell you later, it's worth a lot of time and history lessons and I'm not in the mood to get bored. But it started with my Grandparents anyways.

Now it's time you meet my mother, the Queen. The one my father fell in love for because she was as cunning and evil as him. She doesnt talk much but when she does everyone listens, her words are valuable in my kingdom very valuable like people would kill to just hear her wise words. Creepy I know, but at least we have that mother-daughter bond (whatever that is) Her idea of bonding is throwing parties with her evil friends and have me show off my powers and killing skills.

Sometimes she'd even throw parties to see if any of her friends sons catch my eye. And to my credit they dont, not one of them, know why? Because their all power hungry bastards. All of them. Clawing for whatever power and whealth I possess in my bloodline. Idiots.

They even tried swaying Ariel to get to marry them. It almost worked if I hadn't killed them. Oh yeah, Ariels my sister, shes also a half breed but her hair is blonde like a Pure hearts and her eyes are grey like a Dark hearts. Somehow she ended up with a kind heart. Not once did I see that girl be mean to something. Not once. And its gonna kill her one day, I know it, and I have to protect her.

That's my secret job, one my father doesn't know about, operation: protect the damsel in distress. I call her that sometimes, because she acts like one, awaiting for her knight in shining armor to rescue her from this cruel cruel world. I laughed my head off when she said she is waiting for a prince to come.

Ariel, sweet sweet Ariel. Sure we're the same age but Ariel has this thing about not hurting other people and creatures. I call it the Weak Policy. I explained to her a million times that these monsters would be more than happy to kill her.

But as usual she insisted her Weak Policy was the right thing to do. All the other elements just love her for that. And this is why, I'm the sister who follows orders and slaughters people to survive, Ariels the sister to doesnt follow orders and would rather be eaten alive then kill someone to live.

Get it now? Of course Ariels scared of father, he's the king of Darkness for all times sake! Even the worst villains shiver and shake in fear at the faintest sight of him.

I've heard of what father did to people who didnt follow his orders and I dont want to be those people, but Ariel might.

At that moment I heard a loud scream outside the palace and as I looked out the window I saw it was my best friend Violet screaming in agony while 12 soldiers circled her.

Well this day isnt gonna be good.

"What is going on here?"

"Nothing your majesty"

Violet screamed again.

"Soldiers I order you to let her go, NOW", I demanded

When the soldiers departed my anger became like a roaring fire but that fire was also tied to a leash.

Violet was bleeding from wounds that looked like it came from.... whips

It was confirmation enough when I looked at the soldiers, the bastards were holding whips.

"Emily, Zack....he's....",she panted from the ground

Before I could press Violet to speak more I heard another scream from nearby but it was deeper this time. Zack!

I bolted from my spot to find him and while I was the thoughts came rushing in.

What are they doing to Zack? Does father know about this? Is this another one of my punishments? What did I do wrong? Am I next?

I halted to see Zack too was surrounded by soldiers and when they departed everything stopped.

I couldn't hear anything, my heart stopped beating, my limbs went numb, all I could see was Zack screaming and clawing at everything while soldiers held him by chains and the other whipped him.

That's it.

It's time to show these pricks what happens when they mess with my friends.

Shadows started forming by either side of me and the soldier's faces paled. The shadows took forms of wolves.


My Shadow wolves didnt hesitate, they attacked the soldiers and to my satisfaction took a long time to eat and kill them.

I smiled, they learned their lesson.

Zack was still panting on the floor when I reached a hand to him to pick him up.

"You should have fought harder", I said.

"They said the King requested my presence in the Throne Room", he said taking it.

"Your smarter than that"

"I know", Zack said rubbing the back of his neck, " I told Violet she shouldn't have killed that lady"

"What lady?"

Reckless, wild Violet, I knew this was of her doing.

"Yesterday Violet got into a brawl with a soldier's wife for calling her a 'bastard born child with a face of a hippopotamus and a poor excuse for the offspring of a cow' I told her to just leave it but Violet took it too far and nailed the lady to a wall then started shredding her like beef meat, you should have seen her Em, it was 100% brutal"

"Did you at least try stopping her?", I asked.

Violet only looses her mind very rarely, it's the after effects of being put in war when your only eleven, we fought side by side that day but after that Violet was never the same.

"I tried but she only punched me into the opposite wall, still hurts", Zack said

"Be grateful she only punched you, she could've done worse"

"I dont get it, what happened to her?"

"We were in a war three years ago, the King put us in a legion where the fighting was thickest. The carnage there was.... things like that can do some crazy stuff to your brain" I explained.

Zack wasnt there, yeah, he wasnt.

"Where were you?"

When I looked at Zack his face was a mask of disbelief and horror, oh well here we go.

"Three years ago would've made yourll eleven years old, the King put yourll in a war at eleven years old. Is he insane!"

"Our kingdom needed it's best warriors on the battlefield and since you weren't there, Violet and I were dragged to the killing field. We didnt know where you were!"

"I was hiding, I didnt want to be in a war at that age, you can see what it did to Violet!"

"Since when do warriors hide?!", I asked.

Zack hung his head in shame. I won.

"We don't hide from things, we dont fear things, and most importantly we dont run from things unless we're running towards something else, your act that day was shameful and cowardly"

He looked up at me. His grey eyes holding so much guilt.

"I know, I'm sorry"

Jeesh now I feel sorry for him, bastard knows how to win an argument.

I cupped my palms on his cheeks.

"Just dont do it again ok?"

He nodded. I slid my hands away from his face but he caught both staring into my eyes.

Oh god I thought we were over this.

"How many times do I have to say it for you to know that it truly mean it?", he asked.

He didnt mean sorry, he meant the three words that I hated most in my life, I love you.

"I thought you were over me, seeing it was two years ago you first said it"

"Its kinda hard to get over you and seeing you everyday doesn't make it any easier"

I laughed.

"What's there to like?"

"Well theres your beautiful wavy hair, your endlessly gorgeous blue eyes, your luscious full lips-"

"Ok I'll stop you there Romeo",I said holding a hand up, " the king will kill you if he heard you have feelings for me and it'll take much more work than few flirty words to win my shadowy heart"

"I think there's more to just shadows in there,Em, I've seen how kind you can be, you dont tell anyone see because you think it's a weakness, I dont think it is, I think it's very beautiful"

"It is a weakness, now can we please see how poor Violet is faring with her wounds?"

I don't have time to try and make Zack change his mind, the guys in love with me I cant do anything about that though I can change the subject everytime it comes around.

"Yeah sure", he said.

"And put a shirt on your distracting me"

Zack smiled.

"I never knew you had such a love for my muscles"

"Yeah well I do, now can you put something on so we can go"

I started walking away.

"Hay Em"

I turned around, "yeah?"

He was flexing his chest muscles and six pack. Lord spare me, and he winked, bastard knows how to make a girl blush.

"I think Victoria's around the corner, she might be interested in counting how many muscles you have, and a few other girls too", I said.

"If all the girls in the entire Kingdom lined up at my door asking for my love I'd say no, my rotten heart is for you Em"

"So cheesy", I teased, "see you at the hideout"

"Sure", he said running to his house.

I watched Zacks short black hair vanish past a corner, cheesy but it worked. Idiot doesnt even know it.

"Princess Emily"

I turned around to see a Male in black leather armor.

Oh a soldier.

" The king has requested your presence immediately "

Here we go.πŸ™„

When I entered the Throne Room I noticed that there have been a few black opals added to my Fathers throne, but that didnt stop me from going on one knee and bowing down to him.

"You requested my presence Father",I said still in that position.

"Why is it, that everytime I dont let the beasts loose your friends find some way to increase the carnage in my kingdom?"

"My apologies Father, I wasnt aware of my friends actions at the time"

"You wasnt aware! Yet your job is to monitor their every move and make sure they dont wreak havoc on my Kingdom and what did you do?", he demanded

"The exact opposite, Father"

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I take full responsibility for my friends actions and any punishment will be taken out on me, as for my friends I will discipline them myself"

If my father punished my friends they'd never survive it neither would I but someone has to pay.

"Very well then, off to the torture chamber for you"

I stood up to see several guards approaching and made my way across the Throne Room but stopped short to turn and say:

"Theres been a 2 days delay on the food packages from Avalon, I will take a trip immediately to the Kingdom and find out what's going on, I might not be home at afternoon but I'll try to make it on time"

Thing about the Darkside is that we dont have any gardens or trees in this Kingdom,thats because we dont get that much sunlight, endless dark clouds block our view of the sky and everything around the kingdom, it's to hide us of course. No one must know the location of my Kingdom. My home. Otherwise they might destroy and kill everyone in it.

Avalon obviously doesnt know the location, Father sends a few soldiers on a ship to receive the packages waiting in Avalon. And they come back here.

Dont worry, Avalon isnt a kind Kingdom, Father just made a deal to not destroy them only if they send food packages to us feeding the entire Darkside Kingdom, every once in a month.

What would we do without a King like him to make such clever deals.

"You are wasting my time, get out" the King ordered

This guy, always in such a foul mood, never once cracked a smile.

Mtheh, not my problem.

"Now go, I don't have time to look at your face all day"

Another thing about this guy, you cant say things in your mind about him, know why? Cause he's a gods damned mind reader that's why.

I turned around and walked off to the Torture Chamber the soldiers flanking me.

This is gonna be long day.

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