Light and Darkness

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Chapter two


"Emily said shes gonna meet us at our hideout 2 hours ago, where is she?", I said pacing up and down the living room.

The hideout, was actually an abandoned house that Emily found years ago, Violet and I helped her renovate it, ever since then we used it as our home and hideout.

"She's probably paying for letting us out of her sight", Violet said

"Why did you have to kill that lady, Viol?, you could've just left her alone, now Emily,s getting hurt because of us"

"I'm sorry, K? I'll make it up to her, perhaps I'll get her a finger bone from one of those thieves prowling the backstreets",

I gave her a look of distaste and started pacing again.

"I told her I love her again, by the way", I said changing the subject.

"What she say?", Violet asked

"You know how Em is, she confuses me. Sometimes I dont know whether shes flirting with me or teasing me, could be both or just one, I dont know"

"I'll trick her into some girl talk and see if I can get some clarity for you"

"If she does come back to us, Em barely survived the last time she went to the Torture Chamber, we were so close to losing her"

"Too close", Violet added.

I sighed looking at the ceiling.

"Do you think she'll love me one day?"

Emily was full of surprises, you wont know what to expect from her.

"Do you want facts and answers or doubts and percentages?", Violet asked

This was a game the three of us played, when one couldn't decide on something the other two would say their honest opinions.

"Cant it be both?",I asked helplessly

"That would be cheating at life Zack, now choose" Violet answered

I growled in annoyance.

Why cant I have both? Wait... maybe I can get both.

"Doubts and percentages",I said

Violet sighed.

"Seventy percent says she'll love you one day and thirty percent says yourll will stay the way yourll are",

Now if I ask my questions carefully I might get the answers I want.

"Not gonna work you cheating prick"

"Stay out of my mind", I snarled

"I dont have a choice, mind readers cant stay out of people thoughts, especially when they're screaming it in their mind all the time, and trust me if we could stay out, we would, you know that, seeing your a mind reader too", she snapped.

"Well there is some way but it's kinda hard to get," Emily said leaning on the threshold for dear life.

"Em",Violet and I said in unison, we started rushing for her when Emily's knees buckled and she fell on the floor.

"Em what happend? Are you okay? What did they do to you?", I panicked

"Jeesh Zack, it's really nice that your concerned but I'm in no mood for being coddled like a baby so can you pry on a little later?", she panted.

"Yeah sure, let's get her on the table",

We put her on the table and Violet took off Em's shirt.

I tried not to drool on the floor when I beheld her perfect figure.

Emily had curves that she always hid beneath a black leather jacket, a flat stomach that she made sure was hidden at all times, and barely full breasts that I can only make out now because her shirt was off and she only had a bra on to cover it.
We're all only fourteen years old, it'd be a bit odd for Emily to have full breasts.

Violet clicked her fingers in front of my face.

"Hay Romeo, it'd be nice if you could help a little other than just ogle at her body all day", Violet snapped.

"Huh? Oh sorry, we need to inspect her wounds to see if any are infected", I said

Despite being the third most powerful warrior to ever live, I had a tendency to sneak into the royal library to read healers books so I'd know what to do when one of us got hurt.

"You check her up, I'll get supplies", Violet said rushing to one of the cabinets.


I started on her upper body because it looked most wounded.
Most of these cuts weren't only from whips.

"Shit Em, what'd they use on you?",

"Chains, electronic whips, they even used a ball and chain", she said delusionaly, "it had spikes, like a lot and they were verrrryyyyy sharp"

"Oh yeah?",I said moving to check on her stomach.

"Yeah," Emily answered,"Darn thing hit me and I went flying to the fucking wall"

Violet rushed back with supplies and started opening them up. I motioned for her to give me the cleansing one just in case I never check properly. It'd hurt so I needed to distract Em.

"Maybe one day, me and you could go teach Mr ball and chain a lesson, eh? What ya say? Teach it some manners"

I started pouring the chemical all over Emily's wounds and as I predicted, she started screaming like a bat from hell.
Violet held Emily's hand while she squeezed.
I started wiping and bandaging her wounds.

"I bet your sister is smoking hot,Em, I've never seen her, only heard, I hear she's pretty sweet, people think shes a pure heart but i don't care, you think shes available?"

I was walking on dangerous ground tryna distract Emily from the pain. But I'd walk on glass shards and lava for her because like my mother said: 'if you truly love something, you'll suffer for it', and for Emily I would suffer.

"I thought your rotten heart belongs to me?",She said through clenched teeth.

"Do I hear jealousy?", I teased.

She kept quiet at that and when I looked at Violet, the warrior was trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

I finished patching her up, and when I looked at Emily, she was fast asleep.

Violet managed to say through her laughs, "I..guess she needed... a nappp",

"Well she cant sleep here, I'll carry her up to your room, Em should wake up at sunset, before if we're lucky", I said

"Oh you'd love that wont you?"

She broke out into a silent fit of laughter.

I ignored her and scooped Emily up into my arms, careful not to disrupt the bandages, and walked up to Violets room.

Emily nestled into my warmth.

Oh shes cold.

Indeed, there were goose bumps all over her.
I reached Violets room and pushed open the door.
More or less the room was made for a warrior. There was tables upon tables stacked with weapons of every kind. The walls had swords from every general Violet killed, and it was a lot.

Violet's bed was the only thing that didnt have weapons on it unless the gargoyles on either bed post was a hidden knobkerie of some kind. Other than that the bed had a black blanket, with grey pillows with silken sheets.

I set Emily down on it and she instantly grabbed my shirt and tugged me closer to her like a teddy bear.

Thing about Emily is that when she has a grip on you, she has a grip on you and shes never letting go.

So I pushed her a bit more back and settled myself on the bed next to her. She cuddled into the warmth of my chest and rested her head on my arm.

I listened to her breathing until it sounded like a lullaby to me and I fell asleep right then and there.

Several hours later...


I woke up to warm body next to me, somehow I'm entranced by the warmth, opening my eyes seems like a challenge but I do it anyway.

The first thing I see is a male chest clothed in a black t-shirt. Zack, my money's on it being Zack. I look up and it seems I was right.

I smile.

His even more adorable when his sleeping!

I watch him sleep for a moment tempted to spend my entire immortal life just watching him but the thought of sleeping hits me.

How long have I been asleep. Wait a minute...

I look down to my upper body.

How in the fucking world, did my shirt come off!

Then all my memories come flooding in.

Oooohhhh, that's how.

I make quick use of my powers to remake a new shirt for me and put it on.

There better.

I was about the sit up and check the time when Zack shifts and lazily opens his eyes.



He looks at me and smiles.

"Your ok",Zack whispers, more to himself than to me.

"Yeah, I feel great...thank you"

"You are great, you're actually better than great your exquisite", he says

My smile widens.

"Cheesy", I tease.

Zack chuckles.

"How many moments like these are we gonna have?", he asks softly

"This will be the last one", I say sadly, "if the king allowed me to love who I wanted there'd be so many more moments like this. But...",I sigh, "the things i love tend to get killed or destroyed and i wont live with myself if something ever happened to you"

He thinks for a moment.

"We can always keep it a secret",


I stop myself short.

What if I did keep our love a secret? If my grandparents did it then so can I, I'm Emily Caraway after all, most powerful and deadly warrior in history, a secret from my father shouldn't hurt.

I push my face closer to his, my gaze flicking from his grey eyes to his lips.
Zack gets the message and his cheeks instantly flush with colour.

He pushes his head closer to mine and we share breaths and for a moment Zack just stays there as if savoring every second but before I know it his lips are on mine and I close my eyes,wanting to just feel and not see.

Zacks hand reaches for my cheekbone and lightly brushes it.

We slowly pull away from each other and he places his forehead on mine.

"Zack?", I ask.


"What time is it?"

His eyes snap open and Zack quickly gets up checking the time.

"Shit", he swears, "its midnight",

Looks like I'm riding a beast home today.

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