Light and Darkness

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Chapter three


Looks like I'm riding a beast home today.

I would have laughed myself hoarse at Emily's thought if I hadn't known she wasn't joking.

Emily did this before, rode a beast back home to her palace at midnight, does it everytime she hangs around too much and wants to have fun.

Yes it's dangerous and she could get hurt but if I tell her to be careful, she'll take it as an insult, so I keep quiet and ride a beast with her.

The Dark heart warrior got up from the bed and opened up the curtain that leads to the balcony.

For a moment she just stood there and then she strode to the railing peering at the star flecked night sky.

I followed her and stood next to Em on the balcony.

"Tomorrow I'm going to the Kingdom of Avalon and I'm taking Ariel with me, I won't see you and Violet for training", she said still looking at the stars

"Of course, when will you be back?", I asked.

"When I find out why Avalon's delaying the food packages", she answered in a 'obviously' tone.

Theres more to what your saying I know it, tell me, I said to her telepathically.

Im debating whether to leave Ariel there, she answered back.


Because its safer there, I want her to be safe and shes everything but safe here in the Dark Kingdom. She cant stay here, she wont survive.

What about you? ,I asked, you save everyone but who saves you? You should stay there with her, you deserve it.

She snapped her head to me.

I deserve nothing, after all I did and all the people I killed, I deserve nothing, Ariel is innocent she did nothing wrong in her entire life, she deserves freedom not me.

Emily was giving me a glare that would make most Dark hearts run for their lives but I'm her best friend, no, we're something more now, I don't know what to call it but right now I will not cower.

"What about all the people you saved?", I asked, "the times you took mine and Violets punishment just so your father couldn't get his hands on us? or the children you sneak food to on the streets? Or the servants you sneak out of the kingdom so they could have a better life?", I said

Emily looked away.

"How did you find out?", she asked softly.

"That is none of your concern, but my point is Emily, that you deserve freedom, you got tortured for so many people and for so many unnecessary reasons, you should go with Ariel, dont come back, theres nothing for you here"

She finally looked at me.

"You and Violet are here?", Emily said

Shit I forgot about that. She would never go to places without Violet and I coming with, Emily will literally drag us to wherever she goes in life just so all of us could be together, she calls it 'surviving' but Emily just doesn't want to get separated from us.

"We'll be fine", I said softly

She started shaking her head.

"Even if I went, the King would torture you and Violet for answers on where I went, and I have duties here, someone has to reason with the King before he starts picking fights with other kingdoms", Emily countered

She looked at the dusty streets below.

"Avalon won't even want me in it's Kingdom"

I clenched my jaw at that fact.

No one loved Emily, the only people that truly liked her was Ariel, Violet and myself. The entire world feared and hated her, the King on the other hand has no bond with his daughter. To him she was just his greatest warrior. Bastard, the King was a bastard for using Emily for her powers.

The power to wield and command darkness, Emily once told me.

I'd never seen the King more excited than that day Emily found out her power. After that he trained her, used her, sent her to war, made her kill innocent's, and Em was still 10 years old back then. Two years later he made her,Violet and I enter a competition for the World's Greatest Warriors.

The champions of all the other Kingdoms came too, which made us the youngest competitor's. The fights were bloody, Emily killing the most violent of us all. In each round there were different rules, one where you just used brute strength, others where you used your powers and ones where you just used your brain.

The three of us were separated into different rounds. Emily always seemed to be paired against the strongest warriors, but as usual she violently slaughtered her competitor and walked out of the arena unscathed.

Violet always came back with cuts and bruises but also won every round she was put in, me on the other hand came back with broken bones and bleeding wounds but I still won the rounds.

At the end of the competition The Darkside's team was the only one left standing (and alive). They gave us our titles according to our injuries which is why I am the third most powerful warrior to ever live and Emily the first.

I sighed.

"I wonder if you have a Light power too",I said

"What?",Emily asked

"I mean, since your a half-breed of Light and Darkness I'm just thinking, you could maybe have both the element's powers",

"Possible",she said looking up,"but I don't wanna find out now, don't want to give the King another reason to keep me here",she looked at me,"maybe some other time"

I nodded.

"Some other time"

A few minutes passed by and we stood there in silence, watching the night sky.

Emily had a tendency to fly to really high places and watch the night sky, she would sit on edges of balconies and cliffs just to see them. Em was a dreamer, she once told me that she imagined a world out there were all the elements are together and no one has to worry about the dark horrors of this kingdom.

It'll take a lot of work to make that dream come true, but if you wanna do it, I'm on board, I had told her.

Your always on board, she mused.

You know very well that I'd follow you to the ends of the universe just so I could see you.

Cheesy, she teased.

I love Emily, till death and after. I'd walk through hell for her and I know she'd do it too. She always did more than she was expected to, good and bad, but I still love her nonetheless.

I was 10 years old when I started having feelings for her. We were sparring in the same ring, I already knew her but back then I just thought her as a friend until that day.

We sparred with each other for hours until we took a break to drink some water.

"How much longer is this gonna be for?", I had asked her.

"Not too long, the King wants me in the Throne Room in a few", she'd told me.

"Why does he push you so much?"

"Because I'm his daughter, when he's off the throne I'm gonna take it, the King just wants a strong and powerful queen to rule after him"

"I dont think that's why", I had said

"What do you mean?"

"I've seen a lot of princesses from other Kingdoms and their fathers dont even let them lift a finger, they don't even know how to fight", I explained

"True, maybe the Kings pushing me because of this", Emily waved her hand and dark flames danced on her fingers.

"What is that", I had said in awe.

"Its darkness, father says I'm a Darksinger",she looked at my still confused face,"people who have the ability to wield and control darkness, isn't it awesome?"

"People will hunt you for that power, my power too", I said

My powers were confusing. I possess a lot of them but it's just that I dont like to use them, if the King found out about my powers he'd make me breed with Emily and that's something I dont wanna do right now.

If I breed with Em then she'd fall pregnant which is exactly what the King intends for her, and when her baby is born it'll have powers like no other in history and with that the King will use it to do his dirty work.

Which is why other Kingdoms will hunt Em too, not to kill her but to breed with her for warriors. Bastards. Power hungry bastards.

"I know they'll hunt me, which is why I'm training, so they cant get their filthy hands on me", Emily had said.

"What about me?", I asked

"We'll train together but until then, keep it a secret", she took a swig from her water and looked at me.

"I don't intend on losing my friends, ever", she took my hand and I felt heat rush to my cheeks, "so all three of us have to fight together if we want to survive, if one of us goes then we're toast",

Emily looked to the empty fighting rings. Everyone was gone, which only meant one thing. It was close to sunset.

She stood up and looked around then she looked at the sky.

"Sometimes I really wish we could see the sun other than those gods damned clouds, it'd be really helpful to tell time",

I glanced at my watch and swore.


It wasnt just close to sunset, no, that was a long time ago, it was midnight. Right now.

I looked and Em and I saw her scanning our surroundings. She held up her hand to motion me to stop and listen.

And that's when I heard it. A low growl came from behind one of those rickety old stalls on wheels. There was a loud clattering sound on the side of the fighting rings, but Emily kept her eyes on the stall.

I looked to where I heard the sound moments ago and saw a pair of stark white eyes staring at us. I looked at Emily, she was still looking at the stall, I nudged her to tell her the beast was somewhere else but she kept her eyes on the stall.

I looked her in the eye and asked her, mind to mind.

Why are you still looking at the stall? The beast is around the corner.

I waited a few moments and then I heard her answer.

There's something much more dangerous behind that stall. You take the beast and ill take whatever is hiding there.

I looked to where the beast was, it was coming closer, it was sizing us up, debating how fast we can run.

How do you know theres something more dangerous there?, I had asked her.

Because I can feel its powerful reek, and damn theres gonna be a fight like no other tonight, Emily had said.

Ready yourself, that beast is gonna pounce, she said right before that beast pounced and charged for me.

I ran in the opposite direction and still Emily had her eyes on the stall.

She waved her hand and the stall crashed into the wall revealing a creature that was crafted from my worst nightmares.

It had no hair, its eyes where stark white just like the beasts but much bigger, its nose was nothing more than a little bump and a pair of slit holes, and its mouth, god help me, its mouth was stitched together.

Its body was thin, so thin you could identify it as bones, its fingers weren't fingers at all, they were webbed talons, the creature wore nothing, so it was naked, and my my does it have a skinny ass.

The beast behind me started running faster so I had to turn a corner to get it to slow down but was I wrong, darn thing banged into the wall and started running after me again with the same pace.

I lost sight of Emily so I had to mind link her and see through her eyes.

"What are you?", I heard her say.

I sprinted down an alley and glanced around. The beast was making it's way toward me but it was still a couple streets away.

I calmed my breathing.

Breathe, think.

I looked up.


I'll climb it.

"You look quite delicious child", the creature Emily was facing said.

"I know, too bad your not gonna eat me",she said back.

I started scaling the wall to get to the balcony. The bricks in this building were jutting out so that made it easier to climb.

"What are you", Emily asked again.

She was losing her patience, a few moments more and Em would start backing away. I trusted her to stand down, Emily didn't fight people unless provoked or told to and this creature was just standing there.

"I am a creature of young and old, past and future, I hold the answers you seek, and you Emily Caraway have a lot of questions", the creature said.

I heard the beast roar, it was getting close I needed to climb faster.

"What do you mean I have a lot of questions?", Emily asked.

"I will tell you when the time is right but for now, I'll tell you one thing, jump"


"Save your friend and everything will come as it should from there", the creature said.

"Do you have a name?",

"Why would you like to know my name?"

"So you have one then", Emily smirked.

The creature took a long time to respond. Emily, it seems, caught it red handed.

"I'll give you a nickname then", she said after a moment.

Em narrowed her eyes, something she always did when she was thinking.

"Seer", she said, "because you can see right through people, you can see their pasts and futures"

Seer seemed to be thinking about what to say to Em. She got it good.

"You are different Emily Caraway, dont become the monster they say you are", Seer said.

"You came too late, they already made me one"

"Go help your friend, he seems to be stuck"

While Seer said that I heard a roar on the balcony and a roar at the bottom of the alley.

"When will I see you again?" Emily asked.

"You arent afraid of me?"

"I am, that's why I want to see you again", she said

"The darkest cave in your fathers mountain" seer said.

Before Emily could ask any more questions, Seer vanished into thin air.

"Fair enough", she said.

I slithered out of Emily's mind.

Shes coming.

I looked up and saw another beast was pacing up and down the balcony, while the beast that was chasing me roared at the bottom of the alley.

I weighed my options.

If I go down then I'd have to make a run for it because this one can jump right off the balcony but if I go onto the balcony I could maybe wrestle this beast and hopefully Em will come.

A little fun tonight wont hurt, right?

I jumped down and made a run for it.

The beast that was on the ground is hot on my tail and the one from the balcony is catching up.

"Zack?!", I heard Emily call.

"Two beasts!", I passed a street sign, "Death street!"

I slowed down, my face dropping.

A dead end.

I turn around and see the beasts stalking toward me growling.

Where are you Emily, I shout in her mind.

Where the hell is Death street!, she answers back.

How ironic, this street tells my fate, I say sarcastically.

Hold your horses I'm coming, she grumbles.

Dont think these beasts will hold their horses though, I argue.

The beasts started licking their teeth, their stark white eyes staring right at me.

I'll have to fight without you, I say right before those things pounce.

I dodge the first one but the second one was more clever. It cornered me. These bastards aren't gonna be the ones to kill me.

I blasted ice into both their faces, freezing it.
They started clawing at their faces tryna get the ice off.

I took that as my cue to run.

I ran past so many streets, then veered left then right.

Shit I'm getting tired.

I slowed down to a stop. It suddenly got really quiet. I turned around. There they where, the bastards were following me until I got tired.

I got new names for these beasts: bastard one and bastard two. Fits them perfectly.

They didnt wait to pounce, this time they just ran at me.

I tried to find that little adrenaline in me to keep running but I was so tired.

So I just readied my powers.

Ice will do the trick, fire will leave a permanent damage and I dont wanna break the Kings toys.

I blasted the one nearest to me and kept blasting it so it stays down. Little did I know bastard two was waiting for me.

These bitches got brains eh?

I whirled around to blast it but the beast pinned me down before I could do anything.

It started gnashing its teeth at me. I punched the beasts snout away from me but that made it only angrier.

Flip why did I have to get so tired.

Before bastard two could land the killing blow something rammed into it slamming the beast a few meters away from me.

I looked to see who saved me and it was Emily.

She got up quickly and so did the beast. Shadows started forming at her hands. Emily outstretched her hand towards the beast then she dropped it.

"What are you doing?", I asked annoyed.

"I want a piece of it first",

Oh my god shes gonna wrestle it.

Surely enough Emily ran into it. She ruffed and tumbled with the beast not giving it a chance to get on its feet, which makes it even angrier.

Bastard two starts wriggling even harder and starts doing the death roll, Emily to my relief tumbled away from it.

She jerks her chin at the beast.

"Thing has crocodile roots",

"I see that", I say

"Can you fight?", Emily asked

"No, I got hurt when the beast pinned me to the ground",

Indeed, I don't know whether my ribs were broken or just bruised.

"Then this fights mine", was all she said before Em ran for the beast.

Bastard two saw her coming and hurled its tail into her flinging Emily into the wall, dust clouding in its wake.

This asshole just flung her into the wall! That's it.

Anger took over me as I saw my friend lying in the rubble.

That's when I hurled my powers at it in full force.

Ice, wind, fire, earth, water and darkness. I froze it, flung it into the wall, burned it, threw stones at it, choked it then enveloped it in darkness until the beast died from terror.

I still wanted to hurt it, murder the thing some more but... Emily.

I rushed to her.

I sat on the ground next to her and hauled her body onto my lap.

I felt her pulse.


I started shaking her.

"Em?", I became frantic.

"Emily?", I shook her some more.


"Stop playing games Em! Please"

I shook her harder, thinking maybe if I shook her hard enough she might just wake up and smack the hell out of me for disturbing her slumber.

"Please Em", I begged.

A tear ran down my cheek.

I surveyed her face. Her beautiful face.

I never got to stop and admire it.

She looked so peaceful.

Emily was a warrior princess. Maybe if I kissed her like how the princes did in the stories, she might wake up.

At this point, I would do anything to have her back.

So I leaned in and pressed my lips on hers.

I didnt break my position.

Jesus how long did the prince have to kiss the princess for her to wake up?

I closed my eyes. Time should pass if I close them.

When I opened them Emily was staring at me, eyes wide with shock.

"What the hell are you doing?", she demanded.

"I was trying to save you", I explained.

"By giving me a fucking kiss!", she argued

"Isnt that what princes do to bring back dead princesses?"

"I wasnt dead!"

"You were, I checked your pulse"

"That's what happens when Dark hearts black out, their heart stops beating but then after a few moments it restarts again", Emily explained harshly.

She got up abruptly and started dusting off debris from her clothing.

I looked to the ground.

"I'm sorry, I only tried to help", I said in shame.

How did I not know that? I'm a Dark heart myself.

Emily seemed to sense my sadness and walked back to me.

I looked up at her, her eyes were soft then she sighed.

"You seriously believe in those stupid fairy tails?", she asked

I got up.

"Well yeah, they seem so real"

Emily let out a breathy chuckle.

"You are truly something else Zack Thompson", she turned to look at the obliterated beast, "I never knew you could be so violent"

She looked to me again.

"Only in the right moments", I joked.

Emily turned around and started walking back to her palace, where her father was waiting in the Throne Room.

After that day I felt different feelings for Emily. Instead of brushing my stupid mistake for kissing her I actually mulled over those moments and then day by day the feeling I felt for her grew stronger and bigger.

I snapped back into reality.

I was still standing in the balcony, gazing at the stars, I looked around for Emily but there was no trace of the warrior princess.

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