Light and Darkness

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Chapter four


I came back into Violets room but still no trace of Emily.

I opened the door and a mouth watering smell filled my nose, I followed it to the kitchen.

I went to the darkest place
Where I was lost without trace,
I didn't even want to try
To help myself
And that is why.

Emily was singing a beautiful melody. It instantly got me into a trance. I moved closer to hear her song.

Things got worse
As time went on,
Because my heart it seems
Was gone,
There was no light inside of me
Darkness was my company.

I stopped dead in my tracks, Emily was singing about that time when her father locked her in a Torture Chamber for weeks on end. No light was there, neither any food or water.

It took so long
It was so hard,
Deep down inside
I felt so scarred.

It was long indeed, I couldn't see her at all, she wasnt allowed any social company. Emily moved to sift something in the pot.

Still, I had to heal my wounds
But my heart, I felt, was doomed,
So much time had passed and still
I couldn't give myself the will.

Emily had tried. She tried to show mercy and kindness to everyone, tried to show a little feeling but nothing helped. Emily only regained normal thinking abilities and emotions 3 years later. Three years, that's how long it took to get Emily back and still she finds it hard to show affection.

At first there wasnt much success
I didn't expect much I guess,
Still, I tried and it felt good
For just one second I had stood.

I remembered those first days when she came back from the torture chamber after all those weeks. Emily would suddenly go still for a few minutes as if her mind slipped to some distant place and then she would come back and resume whatever she was doing.

I had asked her about it but she always brushed me off saying I should stop sticking my nose in her business before she breaks it and feeds it to the wolves. It was a very violent few weeks before she cooled down and stopped giving brutal comebacks.

Well I'm not going to let her sing alone. I moved closer to her and hugged her from behind and sang in her ear:

In that second I felt hope
Because I saw that I could cope
Maybe now, I can be stronger
Try again and hold on longer

Emily had gone rigid. I craned my neck to see her face and she looked over her shoulder to me.

"You were listening", she said

"You left me on the balcony", I teased.

Emily chuckled.

"Go set the table, Violet will be here in a few",


I went to the cardboards to get some plates and fork and knives.

While I was setting the table I decided a little small talk with Em shouldn't be so bad, I mean, before Violet comes.

"So I was wondering",I paused waiting for permission to continue.

Emily was my Ring Leader, Violet's too. She commands us, she speaks we listen, she orders we do, and almost everything we do we have to get permission from her. It may seem annoying and it is some times but those are the rules the King requested we follow. He is owner of the three most powerful warriors in history, he has to keep us in check.

"Hmm", Emily hummed.

"I was thinking maybe we can go flying tomorrow when you come back from Avalon", I asked.

She pondered over my words for a moment.

"When I come back from Avalon I have to train the new soldiers on how to ride a beast, after that I'll feed the wolves, then I have training, after I have training my father wants me in the Throne Room on the days report. Then I'm on border patrol for the rest of the day and when I come back I have to station a few soldiers across the Dark kingdom for the night, after that I have a sleepover with Ariel, sorry but I'm booked"

"I'm not surprised, you're the princess after all, it's just I didnt think you'd have this much work", I sighed.

"Tell me about it and dont worry, there'll be a time when we can go for a little flight across the kingdom, just not now", Emily assured me.

"I hope so", I said.

"Is that food I smell? Is the King burning another human? Are we going to eat it?", Violet said tumbling over her laces into the dining room.

"Maybe if you tie your shoe laces then we might have roast fingers for breakfast tomorrow", Emily joked.

Yes, you just heard that. Since the Darkside hardly has any food to feed it's people so we've resigned to eating the weaker ones. Yes its canilibistic in a way but humans were never meant to live in The Kingdom Of Darkness, they deserve to live better lives in better places like Avalon.

"I havent had a decent meal that didnt involve human limbs or organs in months", Violet complained, "So dont blame me for sprinting at the first smell of good food"

I chuckled.

"You and me both", I agreed.

"What did you make?"

"Kentucky fried chicken", Emily said, "dig in"

Me and Violet lunged for the pot and started piling the mouth watering food onto our plates. We wasted no time on manners as we sunk our teeth into it.

Violet and I moaned in satisfaction.

"This tastes soooo gooood", she said.

"Delicious", I agreed.

"Have all you like, I'm going home", Emily said.

My head snapped up.

"What?", I asked my eyebrows scrunched together.

"Father will be expecting me to be at the palace when he wakes up, I can't be late", she explained.

"But you didnt sleep or eat, have something", I urged.

Emily smiled.

"No, I have duties to attend to, the Kingdom is waking up, Avalon awaits", she countered.

Do you have to go?, I asked mind-to-mind with Em.

I wont be long, now stop whining, she answered back.

I groaned in defeat.


"You know what's stupid about you two?", Violet piped up, "is that yourll speak mind-to-mind when all three of us are mind readers, which then results to me hearing every single conversation you two have in yourlls minds"

Emily sucked on her tooth for a moment.

"True, I'll find out something about a block on mind reading but in the mean time, have fun hurling your guts up, because its gonna get real nasty", she announced.

I took that as my cue to make this joke even funnier.

"Emily oh Emily, where art thou?, oh the love of my life, how I miss you so" I said dramatically.

Emily burst out laughing and Violet stuck her tongue out.

"Goodbye",Emily said, emphasizing the word goodbye.

I watched as darkness started enveloping her until she disappeared into nothing.

"I swear if one more love talk comes from your lips, I'll rip your tongue out and eat it", Violet threatened.

"You need a boyfriend", I mumbled as I collected the plates.


I had a three hour sleep before I walked out of the hideout and onto the dusty streets of the Dark Kingdom.

Poor me, it was my turn to feed the wolves today. I love those monsters, we kinda share a bond but then with all that barking and howling it just makes me want to eat them.


What if the Kings toys got loose one day and we had no other choice than to kill them?, I thought.

No way, the King would send Emily to put them back, I'm sure of it. She can do anything, almost everything too.

Oh how the villains idolize her!

Hate to say it but I do too. I mean, how can you not bow down to a supervillain that radiates power and wickedness? Her very power is to control darkness, all the monsters submit to her, the whole world fears Emily. Some hate her ( jealous bastards) and want to slaughter her but we won't let that happen. Emily has the power of the entire Dark Kingdom at her back if anything goes wrong, and Zack and I will be the first to cross the border for her.

I shuddered.

Whatever is happening to those two, I dont like it. I thought Emily was better than that, I mean Zack has been crawling after her for years, he works his ass off to get her attention, he even tries to kill the most violent to get a pat on the head from her, so my question is, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THAT MADE THESE TWO FALL IN LOVE!?

I sighed calming my nerves down.

I shouldn't get involved in my Ring Leaders business, whatever she decides,I will totally agree with but this love thing, Zack will be tortured if the King finds out. I cant keep these two apart so I guess I'll have to be the buffer, the one who keeps an eye out just in case no one sees them.

I was too lost in my thoughts to notice I walked right into someone and bumped my head with the stranger.

"Shit! Blind much?!", I swore, rubbing my head.

"Sorry I didnt mean to", came a soft male voice.

I looked at the stranger.

Holy Jesus!

This dude was out of the ordinary, he had dark blue hair with black highlights in it that just reached over his eyebrow, he wore the normal Dark Kingdom attire, basically every thing he wore was black, his eyes were neon blue, literally they were glowing a bit, he owned a perfect square straight jaw line and plump lips that made me wonder how he survived this long in such dangerous territory.

I straightened myself and lifted my chin up.

"Name", I flatly said.

The stranger bowed his head looking at the floor.

"N-Neo", he stammered.

"Violet", I said extending a hand for him to shake.

He looked shocked for a moment before extending his and gave it a shake.

"When did you come to the Kingdom of Darkness?", I asked, my voice still flat.

Man I'm not very good at having convos with strangers.

"A long time ago, say about ten years back?",
Neo said nervously.


"H-hybrid", he stammered.

"Darkness and?", I asked.

"W-wwater wr-raith", Neo answered.

"Ok, ya", I wanted to get as far away from this guy as possible.

I walked briskly to the wolf kennels and as usual there they where, the monsters second to the Kings beasts. The wolves were large, towering four inches above my head.

"How are my sweet sweet monsters?" I called.

Their answering howl broke my wicked soul into a million pieces.

Mthaaaa, my babies are hungry!

"Dont worry, I'll give you your food, you just wait"

I strided over to the little enclosed barracoon where alive prisoners were waiting to get eaten.

I opened the door and the unrelenting stench hit me in a full blow.

I winced.

"Doesnt anyone ever bathe yourll? I mean at least be clean when you die"

I hit the water and soap button and to my satisfaction ice cold water and soap started spraying down on the prisoners.

"Clean yourself up and then maybe I'll let you go"

The prisoners started scrubbing themselves until all the dirt and whatever they had on themselves fell off.

I flipped the blow drying button.

The prisoners were clean and dry and now that I looked at them I could see more clearly who they were.

Trespassers from the Kingdom Of Light, the King wouldn't want these people in his Kingdom for more than a second, how shameful.

I unlocked the gate leading to the wolf kennel without them seeing but I didnt open it.

"Line up", I commanded.

The prisoners obeyed and formed a straight line.

"Heres a few basic things you should know when coming into the Land of Darkness, number one: the king despises Pure hearts, number two:... I lie"

I used my telekinesis and pushed the prisoners into the wolf kennel and after a few minutes I heard their blatant cries for help.

"They thought I was going to let them go", I snickered.

I locked the gate and walked back to the dusty streets of the Darkside.

- Emily

"FOOLISH MISTAKE!", my mother boomed from her throne.

The Throne Room was in a flurry this morning, getting ready for the Darkside's annual ball, in honor of my fifteenth birthday.

I turned to my Queen.

"Mother I have to go to Avalon and get those food packages I can't delay much longer, father would be furious if I wasted a second of time", I reasoned.

My mother had pulled me aside from morning duties to watch my birthday ball get set in place. I wasn't very interested in it really but somehow my mother always seemed to make it her priority to get all the Kingdoms here for this special occasion, her reason being to show me off.

So sadly my schedule for today is officially ruined.

"Now don't be silly, I'm sure you can watch a little longer", she cheered.

"Remind me again why we throw such parties", I moaned.

"Its your birthday darling plus your cousins will be here to see you in all your glory, oh how thrilling!", my mother clapped.

Oh brother, my cousins, how we despise each other, honestly Samantha and Dirk seem to have a problem with me, I dont know why, but they seem to be just fine hanging out with my sister Ariel.

"And what about my aunt and uncle?", I questioned.

The King and Queen of light have always been kind to me, which hasn't fooled anyone, they see me as a neccessary item that should be put in their army. Dont call me crazy, I hear it in their thoughts all the time.

"Oh they'll be coming too", my mother cheerily said.

"I'm just waiting for when you'll give me that order to kill them", I mumbled.

"Now now Emily, I know you dont like them but they are our guests and you shall treat them as such", the Queen said.

"Excuse me mother, but Avalon awaits", I bowed.

"Make sure to be in time for the party!", she called.

I walked briskly away from her, not wanting to spend another precious second on watching people put up decorations and other types of stupidity.


Captain Hunter posted me on border patrol for the day until Emily's birthday ball. I know she'd hate it if I didn't show.

I was busy contemplating whether I should leave my hair ruffled or comb it back neatly for Emily when I caught a flurry of movement out in the distance.

"Swords up, powers ready!", I called to the soldiers.

We inched further away from the border line.


"What's going on?", Emily whispered.

I jerked in shock.

"What are you doing here?!", I loudly whispered.

"This is the border that leads to Avalon", she simply explained.

I sighed.

"I'll be crossing now, if you dont mind, Ariel is with me", Emily said.

When I looked over my shoulder I saw sure enough the cowering blonde princess was there.

"I dont think that's a very good idea, we just saw something move out there", I said pointing my finger to the other side of the border line.

"I'll check it out, give Ariel some company would ya?", Emily asked.


I walked back to where the blonde princess was standing silently. She seemed to be scared or maybe just anxious that her sister is going into the unknown.

"Hay", I greeted.

She slowly turned her head to look at me, then then her eyes scurried my body frame and my face.

"You must be Zack", she said quietly.

"Yeah, I'm Zack, look you don't have to be shy", I said putting a hand to my chest, "I'm Emily's friend, I'll accompany you until she comes back"

Ariel nodded.

I looked at the border line where Emily crossed.

So far so good, I can't hear any plea's for help.

"You care about Emily, dont you?", Ariel said.

I shifted my gaze to the blonde princess only to find that she was staring at my face intently.

"Yes I do, a lot", I said nodding my head, "not that many people care about her"

"You love her", Ariel said.

I stopped breathing.

She can read my feelings, I realised.

I tried my luck.

"Who told you that?"

"I can see it in both of yourlls hearts that you have feelings for each other", Ariel explained.

"That's the thing", I said looking back at the border line, "we dont have hearts"


This stupid fog is obscuring my vision and what in hell am I looking for?

I crossed the border line just a few minutes ago looking for god knows what and I still cant find anything.

I sighed.

Zack must have just seen a gecko or something.

I was about to turn around and walk back to where Ariel was when a slight change in the atmosphere caught my attention.

A strong bitter metal smell shoved it's way up my nose, I jerked back, alert mode.

I heard a chuckle and I saw some movement on my right.

Deep breaths Emily, deep breaths.

Then I saw it.

Walking towards me was a monster that was very famous yet rare in the Kingdom Of Darkness, I only saw it once in my life and I still dont know what it is.

It had a tail that was as thick as a whip, a body like a greek gods, black claws that was capable of tearing anything, two spiky horns at the top of its head, teeth that were sharper than any blade and to my amusement it was albino.

There are many monsters that look just like this one, so many that people lost count, we rarely find them in the Dark Kingdom but we know their there, watching. These monsters are quite powerful but not powerful enough.

"What do I have here", the thing snickered.

"What is a monster doing on the other side of the Darksides border?", I firmly questioned, "you're supposed to be back there with the rest of us"

"I prefer freedom, little girl", it said.

This thing is rare, maybe father would love to have a monster like this, he should be dying to have this thing in his little collection of monstrosities.

"Well you have no freedom, I own you now"

The monster recoiled back into a fighting stance.

"Try me", it challenged.

I smirked, "very well then".

The thing sprinted to me, claws and teeth reaching to shred me into ribbons. In a place full of fog, darkness will be my ally since I can barely see this monster. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I could hear the shadows around me whispering the exact location of the monster, how far it is from me, what its next move is going to be and I listened to them. I trust the darkness more than myself, it would never let me down.

Left, the shadows whispered.

I slid a step to my left and I felt air rush on my right hand side. The monster missed me by a few inches.

This is my first time fighting with my eyes closed, I always feared I might get my head chopped off by my opponents in training so I refrained from getting into any situations where eyesight was a futile sense, and right now I kinda regret not training for this.

Down, the shadows whispered again.

I ducked, abruptly curling into a ball on the floor.

I smelt the monsters metallic stench pass over me.

"How are you doing this!", it roared.

I didnt answer. The last thing I want is for this thing to find out my strength.

Unsheath your sword, the shadows said.

I can't, I said in my mind, I want it in one piece when I give it to the King.

Make it bow and scrape before you then, the shadows suggested.

How do I do that?

Fight it.

Easy enough.

I opened my eyes.

Clear the fog away, I ordered the darkness.

Yes master, they said in submission.

To my satisfaction, the fog got cleared away and I could see exactly where that bastard of a creature stood.

"You command the darkness?", it asked.

"A gift and a curse", I answered.

I was losing my patience, this monster was wasting my time and I needed to get to Avalon, people are dieing of starvation with every second I waste. No more games.

Shadows danced at my fingertips and stretched out to the monsters legs, I abruptly yanked at them and pulled the monster to my feet. I then used my power to pin it down to the floor.

"Enough play time, you're coming with me"

The words came out in an angry growl. Oh hell my blood was boiling and the monster seemed to notice that.

"Never", it said.

I slammed it against the far rock wall.

"You are coming with me to the Kingdom of Darkness whether you like it or not! Even if I have to drag you like a dog there!", I roared.

My vision had a slight shade of red to it now.

Shit, shit!

My eyes change colour when I let my feelings get the best of me. So far all I know is that they turn red when I get angry and my darker side is resurfacing, and they turn a glowing green everytime I use my powers.

In this case, I don't want my anger getting the best of me, and I really wanna give this creature to my father.

The monster saw the colour of my eyes and a flicker of what I could only pin point as realization crossed its face.

I tied a leash of shadows around its neck and made it walk like a dog next to me the whole way back to the border line.

You did well master, the shadows commented.

Couldn't have done it without you.

I saw the border line and the soldiers still standing alertly there. They noticed my presence and relaxed a bit but immediately tensed when they saw the monster. I ignored their reactions.

Zack was nothing but curious and Ariel was paler than snow.

"What is this?", he asked.

"I don't know but I'm giving it to the King, wanna come?", I said.

"What about Snow White over here", Zack said gesturing to Ariel.

"She can come too" I said looking at my sister. She was frozen solid. Zack waved a hand infront of her face. Still no movement.

He sighed.

"Shes in shock"

"She'll come around", I said.

Zack shrugged. He held Ariel's wrist and lightly pulled her with us to the Throne Room.

I hope she doesn't cower when she sees father.

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