Light and Darkness

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Chapter 5


We reached the Throne Room in a matter of minutes, minutes trying to calm Ariel out of her shock. The princess recovered but is still a little tense, mainly because that creature is still in her presence.
I've come to like Ariel, as a friend. Even though she's the exact opposite of Emily, I know that in the mere future we'd be good friends, dont blame me I had a vision this morning.

I watched Emily's feathery wings flap not too far from Ariel and I, and with her was that creature who flew alongside her.
Its wings weren't feathery like ours, its wings were like a bats. Every inch of it made of leather like my jacket.

Emily still had it like a dog by a leash of shadows. Still something told me that this monster was lethal, though it cowers because Emily is in its presence.
I smiled. She manages to make every monster that ever existed bow and scrape for her, whether it's because of the powers she possesses or her unrelenting will to get what she wants.

"Ariel you dont mind if I talk to Emily for a bit, right?", I asked the blonde princess.

"Sure sure, just don't be long, I dont like flying alone", she said.

I smiled and flew a little faster to be alongside the love of my life.

"So I guess we did actually get to fly together", I joked.

Emily smiled.

God I would kill to see that smile one more time.

"I'm gonna act like I never hear that", she said.

I laughed. A true genuine laugh.

Emily brings me such joy and happiness, everyday I'm with her I feel more..more...happy. Yes, happy. To hear her laugh and to see her smile just makes my day. I would never want to be the one to make her cry, to be the one to take that smile away, to make her never laugh again. No, I want to be the cause of her laughs, her smiles, her never ending contagious love.

Thank god that we're immortal, I can spend eternity with her. I'd want to go on dangerous adventures with her, or maybe ride a horse on the beach with her every afternoon, or dance to Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra every evening, or...or even kiss under the moonlight like lovers do in movies.

That would be amazing, if I could do all that with Emily than I'd be the happiest superhuman alive.

"Keep Ariel as far away from the Thrones as possible", Emily's voice broke my train of thoughts.


I stared at her for a moment.

I'll get her out of this Dark kingdom, we'll live a life in Avalon, we'll be happy together. She won't get tortured anymore and I won't have to keep healing her wounds. She'll be carefree, happy.

"What?", Emily asked when she noticed my staring.

Before I could answer the monster spoke:

"I never knew Dark Hearts could be such love birds towards their lovers, makes me want to rip apart your body and eat it,boy."

"I suggest you shut your mouth before I do something I'll regret" I threatened.

Emily chuckled.

I felt pride fill my chest knowing that Emily approved of my threat.

"I'd like to see you try, boy, you wont even get near me with that stupid pride of yours filling your thick head" the monster warned.

"But I can", Emily spoke, ",and you'd find that I can do a lot of things to make you scream like a child"

The creature inched a little further from her.

"We're here", Emily said, "Remember what I told you"

I nodded and fell back in line with Ariel, the blonde princess happy to see me yet her thoughts screamed terror and cowardice.

Will Emily kill this thing infront of father? Is she still going to take me to Avalon? Is this all a ruse to get me out of the palace and kill me in a more secure place with no witnesses? Is Zack a part of it?

I hope not. I dont trust him wholly but to an extent. His a nice guy, Emily deserves someone like him but I'm pretty sure shes friend zoning him like she always does. Emily, my insufferable, stubborn, kind, courageous, fierce,loving, funny, brave Emily.

I chuckled at the thought.

Yep, Emily is that and so much more.

- Emily

Father would be surprised to see me here, even more to hear that I brought him a gift.
Maybe mother would put it on display at my birthday ball? I hope not.

We reached the towering iron doors of the Throne Room and the soldiers opened it for us to enter. Man the feel of this place will never grow old. Such little light flows through the tinted windows on the wall, making my fathers stone cold face look merciless.

The decorations for my birthday ball are all set, posters with me on them. I remember taking those pictures, I had to sit on a chair while they took my picture with my crown on my head. In the poster I look evil, the Dark Kings princess, though I'm pretty sure all the princes that are invited to this ball will be clawing the posters off the walls to keep it for themselves.

My father's glowing grey eyes almost guttered when he saw the monster I brought with me, his face going a shade paler but he quickly hid it away and lounged further into his throne.

I bowed at a waist length.

"Father I brought you a gift"

"Did you now?", he drawled. The King assessed the monster like he was determining whether this was a real or fake diamond.

Been there done that, I wanted to say to the monster.

"Tell me does this monster have a name?", my father asked.

No question could be more absurd.

"Father, monsters dont have names" I answered.

"Yet we have names, and we are monsters ourselves, as the world puts it"

Damn the world and their overbearing personalities. Casting the Dark side out because we're different, because we dont hide who we are and we live up to our name, we dont hide behind thrones and use the power of our crowns to get money and gold, no, all we want is for our Kingdom to be able to take care of itself, have our own food, have the civilization of the Darkside able to live in peace without the constant threat of other Kingdoms baring down on us claiming war and death.

We train our soldiers to fight and kill from a young age for a reason, we rally our monsters and get them aggressive just in case something happens and we'll need an army, my father already has billions of soldiers at his disposal but the fact still remains: its us against the world and no matter how much we try to amend the tension between courts the other Kingdoms seem inclined to make the entire Dark hearted race extinct.

Moments passed and the monster hadn't even uttered a word.
And just when I thought the thing would stay silent, it bowed its head and answered:

"Lucifer, your majesty"


I was posted on guard duty at the Throne Room when Emily walked in with that wretched creature. When our gazes met, Zack and I had a silent conversation.

I lifted an eyebrow. What is this?

He shifted his pupils to the side and back to me. I dont know.

I pursed my lips. This is of Emily's doing isnt it?

Zack lifted his eyebrow this time. Am I the one holding the leash?

I rolled my eyes. Whatever.

"Lucifer, your majesty", the creature said.

I swore softly and Zack looked inclined to faint right on the spot.

I watched Emily closely, the warrior had gone very still.

It seems she managed to catch the devil Lucifer, fight him, and drag him into the palace by a leash like a frightened dog.
I've come to think that she didnt even know she was fighting a devil.

"You brought this devil as a gift to me, daughter?", the King asked.

Emily lifted her chin, recomposed her position.

"Yes father, as the newest addition to your collection of monstrosities"

The King assessed Lucifer once more:

"It seems you've outdone yourself, put him in the dungeon with the rest of them, and give this poor devil some clothes, I wouldn't want my precious treasures to be walking around exposed"

Emily bowed again: "yes father", and she walked across the room and out of towering iron doors, Zack and a blonde haired female trailing her.

Woah, woah,woah! Blonde! That's not a Dark hearts colour, that's the colour of a Pure heart!
What's a Pure heart doing in the Dark Kingdom?! And what's she doing with Emily!

I felt the need to suddenly rip that bastard blondes throat out, just to see the colour of her blood, if it ran black or red. But sadly I cannot leave my post until my shift changes.

I sighed.

I'll bombard Emily and Zack with questions later, it's all a matter of waiting.


We walked quietly down the winding hallways all the way to the dungeons where my father kept his collection of monsters.

Ariel went back to her room, my sister claiming that she needs to study something. Scary cat, she just didnt want to be anywhere near the devil.

The metallic stench of Lucifer shoved it's way up my nose like I already didnt know how powerful this creature was. This is the devil we're talking about people, the monster who can destroy worlds within an hour, the monster who doesnt show any mercy to anyone, the monster who gets what he wants.

"Is it your birthday tonight?", the devil asked.

I turned to glance at the creature, he was looking at me curiously, probably wanting to know what all the decorations were about.

"Yes, tonight the entire Dark Kingdom will celebrate and all the elements royal families will be here to join in on the fun", I answered.

"I would love to accompany you to your ball, maybe even share a few dances? And then maybe you can show me around the castle, a little tour wont hurt", it said.

Is the devil flirting with me? I would've laughed myself hoarse, thinking about a childhood burner the kids of other Kingdoms used to spit at me when I visited their palaces with my parents.

You're so mean, when you die and go to hell Lucifer will make you his queen.

The devil it seems was inclined to agree until Zack spoke from my left.

"Go to hell", he growled.

"Boy where do you think I came from?"

"Well you can go back", Zack snarled taking a threatening step towards the monster.

Lucifer marked that movement and gave out a chuckle.

"You dare challenge me? The devil?", it drawled.

It seems this hell creature has an ego to ride along with its power. Not that I'm judging, the last thing I'd want is for the power of my darkness to get to my head and for me to make any stupid mistakes that could hurt someone.

A chill ran down my spine. The very thought of hurting someone without me being forced to made the breakfast in my stomach turn leaden. Of course if they deserved it then I'd happily put an end to their life but innocents? Hell no.

Zack and Lucifer were still arguing with each other. Their ever annoying threats to kill each other grating on my nerves. I'm pretty sure these two will never get along.

"You will not accompany Emily to the ball and that's final, she will dance with me", Zack said firmly.

I whirled and glared at him. A silent conversation broke between us.

The side of my nose twitched upwards. You do not control me, I will go wherever I want, whenever I want, with who I want and theres nothing you can do about it. Understood?

His mouth opened and closed slightly.

"No buts, this conversation is over", I looked both of them in the eye "if I hear another threat from you two or yourll so much as look at each other wrongly then you'll find yourself in deaths embrace"

I turned around and started walking again.
They learned their lesson, I am not a lady who gets controlled by men, I follow my own rules and regulations, my own schedule, theyll have to sort through their own schedules to catch up to me.

"Fierce, I look forward to the day you die, princess", the devil said.

I clenched my fists. I'm regretting ever letting this monster live, I should've killed it like darkness commanded me to.

"Emily is immortal, she'll live as long as she likes. No one defines the date and time of her death", Zack murmured.

"It can be arranged", Lucifer said.

Zack bared his teeth, canines slipping out.

I didnt have to look to know that his iron claws were out too. Oh his blood was boiling.

Zack clenched his jaw, willing himself to not murder this creature of hell.


Anger. It was anger that I felt towards this monster...and jealousy.
Of course Emily wouldn't fall for Lucifer, she barely fell for the Prince of the Water Kingdom, and that guy was impossibly handsome, but compared to the devil, well now the Water Prince kinda looks like a street rat.

Lucifer had everything, the wealth, the looks, the powers, he even owns his own realm. So excuse me for feeling a little threatened that he might steal my girlfriend.

I looked at the monster, he was gazing at Emily dreamily like how I did when she wasnt looking. This hell creature has a crush on her, a deep one it seems. I don't blame him, what's there not to like?

Emily Caraway, most powerful and deadly warrior in history, princess of the Darkside and heir to the throne. Gorgeous as she always is, Emily seems to attract men of all kinds even if shes only fourteen. Makes me wonder how she'll look when shes older. And through all that I was lucky enough to get a chance at being her boyfriend.

I smirked.

I am her first love. Very first and I'm proud of that. She likes being single, Emily said that love weighs you down, makes you weak, and that it's a poison that can hurt you more than any other thing. But she always seems to try new things out, if love was something Emily hadn't explored then she'd try it.

"Well Lucifer, this is your cell for the rest of your life, have fun", she said sarcastically.

I didnt even know we already reached the dungeons, I guess I was too lost in my thoughts to even care about what was going on around me. Talk about being an introvert.

The hell creature looked inside of his cell and found it bare, nothing but cold rock and a tiny mattress. He turned around.

"You've got to be kidding me"

Emily rolled her eyes, "I'll see on some improvements but for now this is all you're getting, chains"

Emily took Lucifers chained hands and opened them with a key.

"At least my hands get to be free", he said

She turned to me, "stand on guard I'm gonna get him some clothes"

I nodded.

Emily shadowed herself somewhere to get the creature some clothes while I stood there surveying the bars of the cell this monster will be put in.

I wonder how long itll be till he gets out, I have no doubt that he's contacting his followers to get him right now. But he wouldn't leave Emily, would he? I hope so, I cant stand another second of him being around her.

"Shes a thing of beauty isnt she?", Lucifer asked.

I glared at him but slowly smoothed out my features.

"Emily defines the very word beauty and others", I said crossing my arms and leaning against the wall.

Lucifer sighed.

"When are you just going to give up? I'm gonna win her evil heart and itll only hurt you more when I do", he said.

"That's the thing devil, I already won her heart, way before you came", I countered.

It scowled.

"I can win it too", he smirked, "and she'll leave you in the dirt while I make her my Queen"

I growled clenching my fingers into fists.

"You're way older than her, why are you pining for a fourteen year old?!"

It laughed bitterly.

"I'm pining for a fourteen year old because I know what shes gonna be, what's shes capable of, what's shes already capable of"

"So you only love her because of her ties to the Darksides throne? Because of the power she possesses?", I asked furiously.

"No boy",it gritted, "I dont love her for the throne or her powers, ok maybe her powers, but I can see the future, I know what shes going to be, how powerful she'll be by then, everything, and I dont want to be in her death list"

I stared at the monster for a moment thinking whether I should believe him or not. He sounds like he's telling the truth but I'm not going to trust him so easily. He's the devil after all, we pretty much all learned what happened when we trusted him the first time.

"Tell me what happens in the future", I said.

"I'm not allowed to tell, bad things happen when you tell someone the future"

"You're the devil, you do bad things all the time, now spill", I wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Fine", Lucifer slumped against the wall and took a deep breath.

I didn't know monsters needed time to think, I thought they just do, maybe this one's different? Could be, he is a higher ranking hell creature, maybe they have more human qualities than the lower ranks.

"She becomes lonely", Lucifer started, "then she starts getting hurt, after that she'll start to train and then she'll become merciless, caring for no one and nothing, no one will stop her, they'll chant her name when she beheads the general and she'll carry on"

It took me a moment to process this. Emily gets lonely? But I'll never leave her, never. The hurt part must mean she goes to the torture chamber again for disciplining. Emily trains when she wants to get things off her mind, she must've trained too much if she becomes merciless, and behead the general? Will she go out to war in the near future? Without Violet and I?

I was about to bombard Lucifer with questions before Emily shadowed herself into the drafty hallway of Lucifers Cell.

"I hope these fit you, it gets cold down here, and I'm not sure if your thick head even registers hard things but I brought you a pillow anyways, its from my room" Emily handed the monster a lot of clothes, blankets and pillows.

She put her hands on her hips: "anything else you want Your Pickyness?"

"No, thank you", it gratefully said.

Em turned to me.

"I have to leave you back to your border patrol duties but I'm going to get Ariel first from her room, then we're going to Avalon to see about those food packages, I'll come back around noon, be ready for my ball, I want to dance with you tonight"

I grinned. So feisty she is when she got a lot of things to do. I don't know if she knows it makes her look ten times more cuter but it does.

"I'll be there" I told her.

She nodded and started walking down the hallway.

I turned to Lucifer.

"We'll have this conversation later"


I paced my room thinking of that awful creature.

The devil! Emily caught thee devil!

And the way it spoke, the way its sharp talons gleamed, capable of ripping through anything. Where is Emily? Did she go to Avalon without me?

I shuddered.

I hope they keep that thing in its cell for the rest of eternity. I hope Emily kills it, I hope I never have to see it again. I hope, I hope, I hope...

A dark shadow started forming in the middle of my room, its edges promising vengeance and death, its soft lavender scent filling the room, its glowing green eyes piercing through my soul.

And yet, I did not cower away from it,no, i stood there, waiting for Emily to fully take form and fill me in on what happened. Waiting for her to chase all my fears away and have a sleepover to make me feel alright, waiting for her to treat me with that special kindness only sisters share.

The shadows vanished to reveal a grinning Emily who seemed quite alright for a person who just captured the devil.

"You ready to go to Avalon?", she asked.

For excitement I squealed, for the taste of adventure I squealed and for Emily's grin to turn into a dashing smile I squealed.
She already knew my answer, I was more than ready to visit the Kingdom of Peace.

"I'll take that as a yes, open the door otherwise poor Zack might get caught sneaking around a princesses bed room", Emily said gesturing to the door I locked and glamoured so no one but Emily could come in my room.

I rushed to it, opening the metal door to see a handsome Zack leaning on the door frame.

"I cant think of anyone who'd even try to hurt you Ariel, even with your ties to Emily", he said as a way of greeting.

I giggled.
Zack was funny, kind, handsome, charming and that's all I know from the last hour of meeting him. He had stunning grey eyes, and onyx black hair, cut short to complement his cheek bones. They were perfect indeed, no too sharp, not too high, just right.

Zack wasnt that tall, if I stood in front of him I'd probably reach till his nose. Dont get me started on that straight nose of his! And to think this boy was crawling for Emily and she never dared look too long in his way until well... I'll find out what happened later.

I snapped out of my thoughts to hear Zack ask me a question.


"Do you always stay in this room? Like 24/7?", He patiently asked.

"Uh yes, but I sometimes come out when Emily wants to know how I'm doing", I said.

Zacks gaze slid to Emily behind me, still standing in the middle of the room. Something like love and admiration filled his silvery orbs and I could almost imagine the romantic conversation they were having mind-to-mind.


You love your sister that much?, I asked Emily mind-to-mind.

Yes, I do, she answered back.

I wonder when you'll start giving me the same treatment, I teased.

Emily folded her arms and made that devil smirk that I loved so dearly.

You'll have to earn it, she challenged.

How?, I asked.

She shrugged, "Come sister, Avalon awaits", Emily strode out the door.

I smiled, heat rushing to my cheeks at her stubbornness.

"You two are such love birds", Ariel chirped.

I looked up to see a very happy blonde princess with a special light in her grey eyes that only told me that she wished she saw that everyday.

"Let's go to Avalon, Puppy", I said ruffling her hair and stepping aside so she could walk out the door first. A gentleman-like gesture that the King would have my head for if I ever did that in his presence.

"Hold up Emily, I cant fly as fast as you!",Ariel called running after her like a child.

I chuckled at the innocence of the girl I called Puppy.

How shameful that I'll never get to see it after today.

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