Light and Darkness

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Chapter 6


I sat on the mattress with my hands behind my head, looking up at the grey rocky ceiling.
I've been here for almost 6 hours and I'm already debating whether I should burn this Kingdom to the ground.

But my thoughts keep on going back to Emily. The Queen of my dreams. Shes everything I've ever wanted, the power, the looks, the fierce warrior heart, everything. That Zack is one lucky boy, I'll give him that and since his already calling Emily his, then I should back off. The last thing I want is an angry boy crying over his stolen girlfriend.

I sigh.

I hear someone start banging on my cell door. The loud noise it produces echoes through the dungeon. Who in hell could this be? I get up from my mattress to see who it is, the person doesnt stop until I yell.

"Stop that banging before I rip your bloody head off!"


I stalk towards my cell door and see a smug looking girl standing there with her arms crossed. She has black short hair, cut to her shoulders, golden eyes that glare right at me, a perfect round nose and plump lips that are smudged with black lipstick. She wears the normal Dark heart attire, black leather jacket, black shirt, black battle pants, black rebel boots.

"What do you want from me?", I snarl.

Her golden eyes flare brighter from irritation and a growl slips from her mouth.

"I need to get information on you, the King is intrigued and wants to know you from foot claw to the tip of your horn, cut the slack and start singing", the girl says calmly.

I have a feeling she doesn't know who I am and if she does than I must say she has guts or is rather a fool to be talking to the devil like that. Those golden eyes though, I've seen them before. They look so familiar but I just cant put my finger on it.

"So are you gonna talk or should I torture it out if you?", she asks.

"Who are you?", I question.

She rolls her eyes as if the answer is the most obvious thing in the entire world. Superhumans and their non-ending egotism to thinking everybody in the entire universe knows them when actually their just puny beings with a little attitude who think their all that.

Ive lived for millenia, I already know that these tiny creatures are powerful enough to destroy worlds given the right training but unfortunately they hide behind their Kingdoms gates in fear that something might go wrong. They never try and fail but always succeed in failing to try.

"Violet Azarath, the most dangerous superhuman in history second to Emily Caraway, one of the most trusted warriors in the Kings army and master blade and archer", she says.

I scrutinize her from head to toe, "interesting"

"Now you talk", Violet says.

I only speak because she spoke when I asked her a question, if she hadn't then I would've happily went back to my mattress and waited until she found it within herself to act nicely because I, unfortunately, dont have time for creatures who think they are better than the devil. Childish of me, I know.

"Lucifer, King of Hell, master of curses and deadliest monster to have ever lived", I grin.

I expect her to show some emotion on her face but she doesn't, Violet just stands there, scrutinizing me from head to toe. I cant smell any fear on her or any other emotions. But from my perspective she looks bored as shit.
I wonder what got her so stuck up.

I scan her face again to find her smirking like my brother Satan. Interestingly she looks more evil. What's going on in that head of yours, Dark heart? I know shes a mind reader, and so am I but I have a feeling that I'm going to be in this cell for a long time before I even care about escaping.

"Emily captured a devil?", Violet asks more to herself than to me, "interesting"

My claws curled around the bars of my cell, I rested my head against the cold metal, "is that all the King wants?"

Violet lifted her chin and squared her shoulders, "yes, I'll see you soon... Lucifer" and walked to where she came from.

I sighed.

Well there goes my source of entertainment for today.


Emily kept to her word and left me at the border to continue my patrol, even though I begged her to let me tag along with her and Ariel to Avalon she wouldn't budge. So I stand here, wondering back to whether I should leave my hair messy or neatly combed back for Emily's ball.

It's not too long before Captain Hunter says my shift is over and I can go assess my other duties. I walk slowly, savoring these few moments I have where I can gather my thoughts and just relax.

Emily said she wanted to dance with me tonight. Me.

But infront of everybody? Surely she plans on letting a little loose tonight if that's the case. Whatever goes on in that clever mind of hers I hope that it doesnt get us both in trouble. The last thing I need is the King demanding a baby warrior to pop out of Emily.

She might be fearless but to an extent. Emily will never do something she doesnt want to unless her fathers tells her to and that's the problem, she obeys him without hesitation.

I sigh.

They should be in Avalon by now. I don't want Emily to leave Ariel there, even if I've only known the princess for a few hours I like her company. But unfortunately I have no say in this matter between sisters, Emily will leave Ariel at Avalon and theres nothing I can do about it. End of discussion. Maybe Ariel will object to staying there? Surely Emily is doing what's in her sisters best interest but can she force Ariel to be there?

No one can get under her skin like Ariel, so maybe she'll convince Emily she doesn't want to stay there.

"Wait up you jerk!", a familiar voice called from behind me.

I turned around to see Violet jogging towards me with a determined expression on her face. This ought to be good. Violet wears her usual Dark kingdom attire, black everything but a thin silver necklace with a red heart being enveloped by black vines hangs from her neck. Emily gave her that for her birthday five years ago. Violets father didnt give her anything but a disgusted look and a "I dont want to see your puny face for the rest of the day you bitch". Poor Violet was only nine at the time when her father started expressing his hate for her in a more profane speech.

Violets mother was no where to be found. She left when Violet was a day old, fled the Dark Kingdom to live in another element. Ever since then Violets father blamed her for her mothers disappearance and not his own selfish ass.

"I thought you went hunting", I said when Violet finally caught up to me.

"The King wanted to know a few things about Lucifer so I had to run an errand", she said.

"Ok well, you're gonna be late, and no one likes a hungry father", I countered.

Violet narrowed her eyes at me and said "that bastard can wait, I've got a life to live"

I grinned.

"Anyways", she continued, "I have a few questions for you"

"Shoot", I said.

"Who's the blondey?"

"Ariel, Emily's sister"

Violets eyes went distant, already in thought. Thing about her is that Violet is impossibly smart. Any small piece of information she gets she'll memorize, it's called photographic memory. Violet uses it to her advantage and with that you'll see her writing down anything linked to what shes thinking about.

Her golden fiery eyes burned brighter with realization. She probably knows every single thing about Ariel now. I wonder if she'll take a liking to the princess.

"Their going North to Avalon?", Violet asked. She knew the answer, she just wanted her thoughts to be confirmed.

"Food packages have been delayed, yes, they're going to Avalon", I answered.

I glanced sidelong at her, "you know you should really go hunting, I think I can feel your dads energy fuming"

Violet rolled her eyes, "chillax he can take it, plus what do you know about hungry parents? Seeing yours dumped you here for god knows what reason", she snapped.

Ouch, that stung.

I averted my gaze from her and clenched my jaw, the muscles feathering under the pressure.

My parents left me in the Dark Kingdom to fend for myself at the age of eight. Did they love me enough to leave me food and clothing? No, they didnt. They just woke me up one morning and sent me to the Darkside by carriage without an explanation whatsoever. I didnt get to pack anything, so all I had was the clothes on my back and a necklace that I refused to let go in the middle of the night.

They dumped me on the borders of the Dark Kingdom and my fathers parting words were "train, we want to see a man when we come back, not the puny child you are". My mother for some reason, didnt come to say her last goodbyes. I had so many questions that day, I still have questions but I buried them deep inside of me where I couldnt feel them anymore.

A day later I was hungry and dirty. I walked around hoping to find someone I could explain my situation to but no one listened, everyone gave me the same snide remark, "you gotta work for yourself kid, no one gives anything for free in the Dark side", they would say.

My stomach grumbled as I walked through the Kingdom and after hours of searching I finally came across a kid my age. Emily. She was clutching two bags of bread in either hand and was trying to balance the weight both of them bore.

My stomach grumbled again.

Emily looked my way and she didnt care to move. She just kept staring at me. And without another word she ran back into the store. I thought that was the last time I was going to see her, but boy was i wrong. A few minutes later she came back with a scrubbing brush and a bucket of water.

She hesitantly approached me, and carefully put the bucket and brush a few feet away from me, and then she ran back into the store and placed one of her bags of bread next to the bucket of water. She looked at me again, fidgeted with her fingers, stepped back and ran into the store again to get the other bag of bread.

She came out, clutching the bag like it was her life, gave me one last glance and ran to wherever she was going. That was the first day I met Emily and her kindness was never forgotten even if it's been five years. Though the day didnt end there. Hours later after I washed up, finger combed my hair and eaten I had heard a whip cracking and a child's cry not too long after that.

I slowly approached what looked like a stage with a large burly man standing on it with a thick whip in his hands and Emily screaming and crying her eyes out with what looked like blood running down her back.

People were standing and watching and I tried to get them to help her, to get the man to stop his cruel attempt at disciplining her for god knows what. But no one listened, even when I started screaming at the man to stop it. He didnt even look at me. My vision went hazy and breathing became a chore. At a last attempt to get the man to stop I got on the stage and tried to pry the whip out of his hands.

Everyone was still watching but silently murmuring amongst themselves now. I didn't care, all I wanted in that moment was to save Emily. To think anyone would hurt such a kind child is utterly insane. The man threw me off the whip and started beating me. Searing pain cut through every part on my body and I heard someone scream. The man turned around to see Emily standing up, anger oozing out of her very core and she was looking the man dead in the eye.

"What?", the man asked amused.

Emily's eyes turned green and she gritted her small tiny teeth.

"I. Said.....STTTOOOPPP!"

Right then, everything exploded and shadows were aiming for the man. Everyone ran screaming as chaos erupted from every corner. Before I knew it blood was splattering everywhere and I looked to see the man in smithereens, his limbs hanging limp were his body used to be.

I stared in mute horror as the shadows started going whack and Emily fought to keep them under control. I ran to try and help her but a shadow smacked me face-first onto the floor. I groaned, thinking life wont be the same after this. I got up to see Emily's face scrunched up in concentration. The shadows were slowly going and before I knew it they were gone. Emily lowered her hands and looked at them in shock.

As if I felt his stare I looked up to the palace and saw the King grinning beside the Queen from a far window. Emily looked scared as if he might come down and snatch her up and do whatever horrors the royal family do in the palace. Lord knows what the King wants from her now.

I snapped back into reality to see Violet clicking her fingers in front of my face.

"Hello? Universe to Zack?!", she called.

I waved her hand away like it was an insect "yeah yeah I'm not in the clouds anymore", I said.

"Good, because I'm going hunting, you coming with?", she asked.

"I got nothing to do, I'll help you catch something nice so your dad won't yell at you for the late dinner"

Violet looked surprised, her fiery golden eyes wide.


"Yeah, now come on or we'll be late", I grabbed her wrist and we started running like children to the forest where the wild dangerous animals live.

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