Light and Darkness

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Chapter 7


Avalon. Its the most beautiful place I've ever seen. People of all Kingdoms walk peacefully together, chattering and trading food in this sunny afternoon. AND THE SUN! The way it warms my skin when I stand directly infront of it. Everything is amazing here. I turn to look at Emily.

She looks a bit uncomfortable. Everytime someone walks by with something colorful she squints her eyes and walks faster. I guess when you live your entire life in the Dark Kingdom you kinda get used to the shadowy environment. No light, no colour, no happiness. The exact opposite of Avalon.

We come across a shop that's has this beautiful aroma coming out of it. I read the sign saying Pete's Precious Pizza and immediately my mouth starts watering. I look at Emily again, shes sniffing the air like how I was a few minutes ago.

"Let's go get something to eat", she says surveying the pizza restaurant.

I smile, "and maybe we can get some for Zack too"

Emily seems hesitant at first but then she nods her head, "yeah, we can get him a whole box for himself and Violet to share"

Violet? Who's that? Is she Zacks sister? Is she kind like him? WHO IS VIOLET?

I sigh. I want to ask Emily all these questions but she seems uncomfortable enough not to talk about anything. Though normal conversation isnt too bad, introductions can seem very annoying to her, so I just silently walk in the restaurant with Emily trailing me.

As soon as I walk in I'm greeted by a waiter who gestures to a few seats in the corner that has some windows showing the outside. I mumble a thank you to him and sit down. He smiles warmly and puts a menu down on the table. Emily enters the restaurant and sits at my table, the waiters face immediately falls.

He hands her a menu and mutters something incoherent, skuttling off to the back room. Emily seems the least bit unfazed by the waiters unusual actions. I wonder if shes used to people acting weird in her presence.

"What are you gonna order?", she asks.

I look up into her saphire blue eyes, the eyes that could've been mine if we weren't hybrids but then again... we wouldn't be here right now, so I'll be grateful for that little blip in life, if it means that I get Emily as a sister. I stare right into her blue orbs, trying to see a story, trying to see something other then torture and violence.

"Its very weird when you look at me like that, makes me think you're the crazy one instead of me", she says.

I jump back into reality, trying to cover up my way of trying to understand my sister. She doesnt know that I can see other people's pasts through their eyes and that fact alone eats me up with guilt. I have to keep some secrets from Emily, for the fear that she might slip up and tell The King. He has the power of mind control and he'll force her to spill the beans on any secret I say. Emily knows about it but she doesn't complain, everytime I asked her about it she says its 'his way of taking control over her'.

The King is scared that Emily might turn on him one day, hell the entire world is hoping she does. Everyone knows that she's more powerful than him but she immediately refuses to show any sign of superiority to the King. What's holding her back is what I want to know, what's got her so scared of the King that she immediately denies her strength?

What did the King do to make her refuse? What made her frightened of showing her true strength? Theres more to Emily than anyone in the entire world knows. She keeps to herself when it comes to her life, she has so many secrets that it gets my mind reeling. I could go all day just thinking about the things she hides. But that's not what we're here for.

"A margherita?", I ask.

The pizza looks delicious, it's nothing like I've ever seen before.

"We can order the same thing for Zack and Violent", I say.

"Violet", Emily corrects me, she motions for the waiter to come take our order. He quickly scribbles it down on a notepad and rushes off to the chef.

"I wonder what's got him on his toes", I ask. Poor man was a little awkward ever since Emily walked in. But she didnt do anything, did she?

Emily lounges back in her chair and picks at her perfectly sharp and black painted nails.
"He's scared of us", she simply says.

I'm confused. What did we do to scare him? I'm sure I was very nice to the waiter. Emily did nothing but just walk in and sit down. So how can he be scared of us?
Emily sees the confusion on my face and she sighs.

"We're Dark hearts, everyone is scared of us, he knows what we're capable of doing and I can almost imagine what he'll do if he finds out that we're the daughters of the ruler of the Darkside", she says, "the world fears us but that doesn't stop them from constantly trying to kill us, to bring us into extinction and I live for the very day the King will finally give the order to let me take them all, to make them pay for alienating us all these millenia"

I silently listen to my sister talk, I knew shes the best of the best in our warrior ranks but I didnt know that she had a goal that constantly drives her through everyday. I didnt know that she looked forward to spreading....carnage across Kingdoms. And if its anyone who went through the worst with the King it's her. He tortured and tormented her for her entire existence, taught her the worst of things like killing and fighting. He'll drive her mad one day, I know it and I hope I'm not around to see the day she loses her shit.

"What if we put carnage and destruction on the side and just relax and have a nice chat with the other Kingdoms. Make them realize what they're doing is killing innocents?", I suggest. It's always a good thing to put kindness on the table as an option to defeat problems.

Emily looks at me like I'm crazy, but then she composes herself and looks me in the eye, "obviously we're polar opposites sister, we have very different types of thinking", she scans my dissapointed face and then sighs, "but when the time comes to go to other Kingdoms then I'll bring you along for some 'chat' ".

I smile brightly at that, "Really?! You think father will allow?", I ask.

Emily crosses her arms over her chest and sucks on her tooth for a moment in thought. "He'll want you out of the Kingdom anyway, but where people can see you? I think not, but its worth a try"

I nod.

The waiter comes over with our pizza and two others in boxes. I mutter a thank you and quickly plunge my teeth into the meaty and cheesy texture. Emily watches me for a moment, smiling to herself, probably enjoying seeing me have fun (or taste something new but who knows).

It takes her a minute to blow the pizza to cool it down so she can eat it without burning herself, but when she finally does Emily's eyes roll in the back of her head.

"This is the best food I've ever tasted, Violet and Zack will fall head over heels for it", she says.

"I'm pretty sure Zack is already head over heels for you", the words tumble out of my mouth before I could even register them. My gaze slowly lifts to see Emily's slightly blushing face. A smile forms on my face realizing that shes into him. EMILY AND ZACK, ZACK AND EMILY. OMG. I could scream right now!

Emily clears her throat and recomposes her hard exterior, but god knows the feelings that might be going on inside of her.

"Maybe", she smiles but then her face suddenly becomes serious, "dont tell anyone"

I roll my eyes,"Of course I wont tell anyone, think I'm that stupid? I know exactly what the King would do to Zack if he ever found out"

Emily sucks on her tooth for a minute and looks out the window, "Weird it is to see people like this". Her blue eyes scan the entire surrounding area of the pizza restaurant, thinking of what, only god knows. Maybe a mind reader can tell me but I don't think theyll be up for exploring the horrors of Emily's mind.

I call out for the bill, which the waiter from before immediately responds, rushing to our table with the receipt. Emily puts a few golds coins on the table, still looking out the window. The waiter looks at me, scanning my features. I politely smile at him while Emily remains oblivious of his presence.

"No we're not here to wreak havoc", she suddenly says, turning her head to look at the man, "it would be challenging Avalon to an unwanted and unnecessary war". The waiters eyes widen in surprise, speechless. "Yes I'm a mind reader, aren't all Dark hearts?".

So I was wrong, Emily wasnt oblivious to the things going on around her, she was actually quite alert, in her own calm way. The waiter seems to have gained some confidence and speaks up "but yourll are hybrids, your kind seem to lack but also have some kind of power". Emily starts to pick at her nails carelessly, not giving a damn about what the man thinks of her, "yes we are hybrids but we're more one element than the other". The waiter seems confused as he didnt quite catch on to what she was saying.

"I'm more Darkness as you can see",she gestures to her hair, "But Ariel here is more Light", she waves her hand gesturing to me, "we both possess one of our elements powers and more". Emily doesn't mind telling the waiter this, it almost seems like shes trying to teach him a lesson but in a good way. The man seems intrigued but clears his throat and mutters something about getting back to work and walks away.

"We have to go, we can't stay in Avalon for too long", Emily says getting up.



We entered the forest a few minutes ago, cutting through enormous leaves and hanging vines but still we never find anything. Thing is, this place is dead. Literally. There's no animal life or anything here, the plants are all poisonous (we learned that the hard way), so why in hell is this forest still here?

"I've come to the conclusion that we're not gonna find a crow or anything here", Zack says from behind me, "its winter, theyll be in other Kingdoms"

I sigh.

Is there anything at the hideout?, I think.

"There should be something, we barely ate this month", he responds, reading my mind.

"Fine then, let's go back", I say.

We were about to turn back when a familiar voice sounded from up above, and no it wasnt a god, hell if one only existed.

"I think there might still be some fish in the lake"

I look up to see Neo, lazing on a tree with one leg hanging from the side while the other lays on the branch, his upper body leaning back on the tree while he runs his hands through his wet hair.

"That lake is dead, the water was poisoned by some Pure hearts a few years ago. Everything died in it, so yeah, I'll pass", I say.

Neo turns his head to look at me fully, grinning. Other girls might find him insanely attractive but all I see is a wet monkey hanging on a tree tryna look good.

"I'm a hybrid of a water wraith, I was in that water a few hours ago, theres still some fish in it. And by the way, the Pure hearts might have poisoned it but I cured it, theres sea creatures in there, living just fine", he counters.

I don't trust him, Zack telepathically says.

Of course you dont, neither do I but father would be really mad if I don't bring anything back home, I reply.

What if he's lieing and he's just stalling us?, Zack asks.

Stop being my inner anxiety, I say, but if hes lieing then we'll make him regret it.

Very well then, I'll have your back, he responds.

"Why are you telling us this?", I ask.

"Just a favour from one hybrid to another", Neo answers.

"I'm a Dark heart", I growl at him.

"Those eyes of yours say otherwise", Neo counters.

"Suddenly you're very confident other than a whimpering dog", I say.

"I just needed some time to start feeling myself, plus you caught me off-guard with your beauty", he cockily says.

Before I can threaten him, Zack speaks from behind me, "why don't you show us that pond?", he says.

No matter the age difference, Zack has always been like a big brother to me, always looking out for danger and protecting me when there is, even if I can defend myself. He cares for me a lot and I can only blame it on the years of bonding we've had with each other. He and Emily have always had my back throughout my entire time here at the Dark Kingdom and I cant say we've never been like family.

"I swear I'm gonna break his neck", Zack says passing me.

I chuckle, "patience my friend, this is my fight"

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