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What's your purpose ... That's the only THOUGHT

Look I'm starting to write down my thoughts and experiences ... Lesson one ... The More you think of yourself the better the chances are that you'll see yourself some things you never imagined .... I'm so fucking far from perfect ... God Dame that's the realist words I've ever spoke ... But you know what gives me the advantage in life ... At the age of five years old .... I become I became conscious I became aware of what life was meant for at the age of 5 years old I've been consciously aware of who I was and where I need to be in life raw I came in contact with the exact opposite at the age of five years old I came in contact with God and I realized he down in my soul that the only thing that matter was my connection to God nothing else matter in life but that no wrong no right that I could never be either or I can only be connected to God at the age of five years old I captured that and it changed my life I've lived a very hard life my name is Kevin with a very hard life and I mean but I've seen so much she's how much good and people are feeling so much better than people but within yourself is the most important thought I'm sitting here I smoked a little weed and you know what I mean I'm trying to become an author and I'm trying to write down my thoughts and my experiences and I'm kind of at a ghetto Man poor I'm not ghetto Man poor Man but I guess you know Hood dudes Rider supply you know if that's what the but does but I'm still going to write down my thoughts but that's all I have at the end of the day it's my personal thoughts that you know what I mean the world can take everything from you but your MIND

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