My better half

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Chapter two

Soccer after parties are always awesome cos you get to interact with the coolest and handsome guy in high school.

Mercy, Jane and I as going to the party as always. Well the difference there is that, unlike other times we aren't going with my brother and his suck up mean friend, cos they have to follow their team mates since they're now also part of the soccer team.

When we arrived at the party it was full of swings already and we felt a little awkward there cos we were the only juniors there, although we were a year into being a senior.

I was wearing a blue gown that has zippers at the front all down, which was actually tight fitted and properly displayed all my curves and shapes. While Mercy on the other hand was wearing a jean tight fitted trouser and a matching crow off-sholuders bikini. An Jean being Jean wore the exact same clothes like me, only difference was that hers was brown which fitted her skin tone just perfectly.

The moment we entered it was as if they saw something they've been expecting, by that I mean all the cool guys stared at us even my brother's suck up friend Michael couldn't take his eyes off me.

Later during the party Michael walked up to me, " hey princess wanna dance with me". I laughed hysterically " such up you bet" ha ha ha " in your dreams Michael" I said heading off to get some more drinks knowing deep down in me I wanted to dance with him. "Hey pretty, guessing u're Luck as twin sister, damn it you look damn beautiful tonight". "Sorry for the manners my name is Steven, Steve for shorts and urs?" "Ellamore" I replied looking nervous. "So did you perhaps care if we sit somewhere at the balcony for sometime while we chat?". "Sure no problem" I replied still looking a bit uneasy.

At the balcony we chatted and talked about random stuffs like school, places and hobbies. I felt so warm to him like we've known each other ages ago only for him to break the little faith I had in him by stealing a kiss from me.

"You bastard get your hands off her or I'm gonna rip your teeth out" I turned to see Michael standing close to me. "So you were the one who atually stole a kiss from me" I asked crying "can't believe you stole a kiss from me" I stated running of the party like a highly deranged fellow..


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