My better half

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Chapter 3

I couldn't believe that jerk actually stole my first kiss, to be sincere a part of me was needing more of that. "Hey, Wait up, am sorry, please let's talk" Michael said running after me. "Go away mikey don't wanna talk to you now" I replied leaning against his car subconsciously. Instead of just going away, he moved closer to me and planted another kiss on my lips this time I didnt Hesitate cos I wanted him so badly, I allowed him massage my mouth fully.
After what seemed like forever he carried me into his car and we drove to his apartment. He carried me from the car in a bridal style kissing me again, we continued like this till he opened his Bedroom door and dropped me gently on the bed. After an hour of making out. I literally begged him for sex but he disagreed saying my brother would cut of his ass.
I woke up the next day with him beside me on his bed, then I started remembering what had happens the previous night. I was so ashamed of myself when I realized what I did. He noticed thus and turned to me, "princess, what's wrong? Why are you so noddy this morning". "Did I do anything wrong or is this about yesterday?" He turned facing me. "No... I mean yes" I stuttered. "What exactly do you want from me", I stated factly. "You" he replied. "What!. What do you mean you" I said looking confused.
He told me he loved me since the first day we moved in the neighborhood, but everytime he came close to me my brother always beat the hell out for him. And he called me princess because for a handsome guy like him, he deserves a princess and I was his princess. Right there and then he asked me to be his girlfriend, I hesitated and he said "look princess I know how much you hate we guys, because of what happened between your mom and dad. But I promise" he said holding my hands "I would never hurt you or do that to you" I looked at him with pure admiration. "And that is why I refuse to have sex with you, so you wouldn't think am interested in only sex."
After much persuasion i agreed to be his girlfriend and to tell you the truth have never been so happy in my entire life. It feels as if thousands of butterfly were flying about in my tommy waiting to burst out. "I really need to go home and prepare for school, its almost six in the morning" I said kissing him and skipping out of his apartment with my purse. "See you later" he cried after me.
"Hi Ella were've you been. What's that smile on Your face? looks like someone had a good time"."who were you with yesterday? Do I know the guy? His he your boyfriend now? Wait his he as handsome as me?" He said immediately I entered the house. "Hey cool it bro, I had a good time. Yes you know him cos he's your best friend and yes he's my boyfriend now". I stated blushing.


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