My better half

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Chapter 4

"Wait Michael?, what the heck happened between you two". He said looking surprised. He continued looking furious now "start talking Ellamore you owe me an explanation"...
I explained what happens at the party and every thing else, but I skipped the part of begging Michael for sex. And as expected he was furious.
At the school. "Hey man, I told you to stay away from my sister but you didnt listen" he stated as soon as we got to the parking logged after school when we were about going home. "Look man we can talk about this at home, OK pal". The rest of the journey home was unusually quiet and I hate that its cos of me. At long last we reached home. "OK we're home and I would explain things to you like I said" . Michael started. He went on to tell Lukas how he loved me and the reason why he calls me princess.
"OK man, but do you really love her?". "Yes man with all my heart " Michael replied to Lukas's question. "He agreed for us to date he said it was cool with him. But was it totally cool with everyone else?.
Find out in chapter five...

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