My better half

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Chapter 5

Through the whole day in school, Micheal seemed tense about something so when the time came during the lunch break i decided to ask him what was going on.

Walking up to meet him at his table with few of his frienfs which included my brother of course I decided to ask, "hey bae, what's up", "nothing I just thinking of something". "Anything you'll wanna talk about?". "Yea my parent actually wanna met the cute little ass who got their son all sweet and cheesy.
"Is that the reason you've been so worked up?, don't worry your pretty little head about that I'll show up at the meeting. So when is it going to be?". "Tonight over dinner", this time I almost screamed in surprise "for the love of everything blue! Its tonight and you're just telling me about it? When am i even going to get a dress or get a pedicure? When am I even going to dress up, you jerk?" Instead of helping me figure out what to do he just started laughing, "whats funny you jerk?"
"Relax my dear its just a dinner not our wedding you dont have to dress up to impress them , just wear anything casual and amazing side they'll fall for you the way I did".

The dinner went well and I must admit his mom was exactly like my mom, no wonder they're friends, as for his dad, He's a little strict but caring and also a joker like Micheal.
The rest of the weeks rolled by quickly he got to meet my mom officially and everything in school went ok. Gradually were now approaching the end of the term which meant exams was approaching.
Everyone in the school seemed happy about th exams coming up and of course our relationship, but one person was not happy at all or seemed like. Steve was still stalking me even after I told him nothing could happen between us cos i loved someone else and were already dating.
Honestly I think he was a Psyco and a pathetic person. After school on thursday I was just about heading to the parking lot when he suddenly grabbed me forcefully and dragged me to an abandoned building at the cornner of the hall then he tried to rape me when mikey interfered. Then something happend which really shocked me .

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