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This is a true story of a man in business that fought back against criminals that wanted what he built for over 15 years just to get started as an independent business owner, his struggles and training to get there, once there those lazy criminals wanted what he put together, his product, custom made jewelry, designed created by his own hands. His training as a youth to early adulthood helped when that time came as a mature entrepreneur in business for well over 30 years, he practiced studied and prepared for that time in his life realizing that his trade brought problems. His strength and determination that he learned as a young adult gave him an advantage, to never give in, never give up on anything at any time, helped him overcome the criminals that wanted what he had ! My name is Miles who was trained by this very interesting man and became a large part of my life !

Adventure / Drama
Chuck Hohner
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The Ranch

It's a Friday I finished up another week , of brutal work. You see I'm a cowboy in Pocatello Idaho and my friends call me Miles. My day starts at the crack of dawn driving cattle in for a ranch that spreads over 20,000 acres, it's a tough job but my work would be even harder if I didn't have Watson my 140 pound Bellegem shepherded, all black with long fur looks more wolf then shepherd. He has a huge chest, what a powerful animal, his back comes to the top of my hip and when he takes off at night you can’t see him five feet out he will disappear. He loves to work, he was bread for that, he knows nothing else, not a steer gets past him plus he is large enough to handle the wild life that come around at night like the Coyotes and Wolves that are after the cattle that we put down for the evening. It’s his job to protect them which he is one of the best that I have ever seen. I’ve had other ranchers want to get a pup or have him bread with there females. He’s twice there size but I haven’t decided yet, maybe when he gets a bit older. Sometimes at night Watson will take off and I hear him run down an animal. Then he when he came back with blood on his huge mouth I was worried at first, I thought it was his blood but I could hear his howls and the screams of caught pray. I think he is adding to his dinner but he never is too far away always protecting me and his herd. I know he feels that the cattle are part of his family he thinks there his kids. One has to get use to the sounds of cattle talking to each other at night it's seems constant one will stop and another

will start. Then the heard will all of a sudden stop for a bit then all of them start in again talking to one another, but for me it's like when people go to the ocean to hear the waves coming in to relax and fall asleep for them during the night. This is the same for me it's a peaceful sound for me. Maybe it's because I like being alone with Watson at night looking up at the stars, the fire cracking away what a great moment for me. Now Watson knows when danger is coming he will protect the cattle for me, it's in his blood. Haven knows what he would do for me, I can imagine him fighting to his death, now that is a true friend. So we make dinner, throw out the bed roll and just before I pull the blanket over my head, I catch the last of the heat and twinkle of the campfire! First thing in the morning Watson and I play a bit, he likes to snail at me to say he is the alpha so I will grab his nose and pull him close to my face, were eyeball to eyeball, I tell him he isn't that tough. While I have coffee and briskets to get a head start for fresh fields so the cattle can graze, Watson takes off to check on the heard to make sure there ready for the drive. He gets the rebel cattle that like to stay back to the heard. It would take five men to do the work that Watson does, he is truly an amazing animal. When we're out driving the cattle from one section of the ranch to another for the fresh fields for grazing. It’s our job to fatten those critters up for the market. Things have changed out there today everyone wants all natural meat for the high end restaurants. They want the all natural meat today the field grass fed cattle, we can't supply enough good field grazed meat for today's market, that's why Watson and I are paid good, cash for

me and for him some of the best dog briskets found on this planet. My boss kids with me that he's going to cut me out and just have Watson working. That dog loves the boss so much, I can tell by how the two interact. Watson snarls at Mr. Veracruzan he will roll his lips back to show his teeth, now if his ears drop back then he's ready to fight. Every time the boss shows up, things happen between the two of them, those two mess with each other all the time. One time the boss stopped at the campsite to go over the work for the next day. Max would bring a nice juicy steak for Watson. As the beast was licking chewing and snarling on his treat Max would reach down and scratch Watson behind the ears at the campfire. I tell you it takes a brave man to get that close to a piece of red meat and a animal of Watson’s size. So as were talking Max gets up and says he needed to go behind a tree for a bit I knew what he was talking about. Watson all of the sudden stops eating and heads the other direction I'm thinking to myself what the heck's going on so I grab my gun to get ready must be a wild animal out there and Watson is going to put a stop to it. Wrong ! Watson was sneaking up on the boss, all of the sudden I hear this supper loud snarling and growling like he is ripping the boss apart over by the tree Max was behind. I heard some yelling when Max was coming out around the tree kicking at the air saying he was getting his gun ! I could almost see Watson laughing in a strange low hissing like a true laugh that he snuck up on the boss and scared what was left out of him or pinched the rest off ! Max was mumbling to himself, dam dog made me piss on my leg those two set back down together each looked the other in the eye, it’s fun to watch those two batter back and forth, how a powerful animal like Watson will take to a powerful man like our boss was truly remarkable! It’s two powerful beings attracted to each other! Such an Interesting man Dr. Veracruzan is,

when I went in for my interview with him ten years ago hoping to land a great job and work on his ranch, I had to ask him how did he become a Doctor. In LA he was one of they most sot after psychiatrist, with a specialty in sexual inadequacy for married couples or couples just getting together, having sexual problems in there new or old relationship. His practice was in Los Angles California, what a change for his lifestyle from a Doctor to Rancher. What made him make that change for this brilliant man. As I was talking to him he told me he went to school in Eastern Washington and went throw his first four years of college in a year and a half, he could have done it in one year but he wanted to stay throw the winter quarter so he could compete on the gymnastics team one more winter to win and receive his letterman’s jacket. He was recruited by the coach at Eastern a Doctor Jack Benson, a ring specialist when he competed as a kid himself. Max was a natural for the team he was a ring specialist as well so the coach really went after his recruitment for Eastern Washington State College, now it’s a University. How could someone go through college and do that so fast, well he did it because he has a photographic memory and could read twenty thousand words a minute as fast as he could turn the page, with 100% retention. Max would challenge most of his college courses, he would read the book the night before and then go in to take the test the next day. Dr. Max Veracruzan finished his Doctorate in another two years ! I had to scratch my head on that one and just responded, sure boss! I couldn’t believe he could do it so I tested his ability and memory retention. I would have him read something then close up the book or article I would pick out a line or sentence to give me verbatim what was there. I have to say I was very impressed! Now I was really scratching my head how did he go from being one of the most sot after Doctors in LA to owning a 20,000 acre ranch, I had to ask! He told me this was his families

ranch and he grow up on this huge cattle ranch as a kid. As most kids do with so much room to play he got into dirt bike riding then racing. Max has huge arms and chest on a small frame, made him ideal to be in that sport. I asked my boss why he didn't pursue his dirt bike racing, he explained that he was in a horrible accident while racing that left him impotent. Drove a hole throw his penis as he explained that was why he specialized in sexual behavior in couples, since he couldn't have sex he decided to help others overcome there fear in bed when the lights went out. I don't know how he did that being impotent but he is the Doctor and was very good at it being the best Doctor in LA! Now here it is Saturday afternoon work is finally done for the day. It takes time to make sure all is ok so the boss doesn't have to worry about his investment. Like the cattle and bunk house the Boss Calls it. This has been my home now for 10 years, it’s larger then most homes for a good size family, so it's tough to think about leaving the Boss ever. It’s a great job, good friend and nice home, couldn't ask for anything better! Well a women would cap things off! So that's why I'm headed out tonight ! It’s Saturday night I haven’t been out in three weeks and it’s time to have a good dinner, dance with a drink or two ! Spending the time on myself is the key to looking my very best I can, not to soft but more man, Its hard to get ready to go out for the evening, the dog is fed and I am taking the time to look my best. Us Cowboys have to look tough but alluring a little bit of

grooming for the ladies is a must if you want one to come home after dancing to finish off the night. Just wish it was easier. Most of the time I go home by myself so you would think that I was spending too much time on how I look but I have an ego as well besides it’s been such a long time ! I try to never go home empty handed but I have a tough time meeting ladies but I still try ! Most of the other Cowboys just don't work on themselves, they smell like goats most of the time. What women would want to snuggle up to that! Just before I go I'm taking Watson up to the big house, Max likes to watch over him, both are watching over each other it's good to know the dog is in good hands. I have to get out of there as fast as possible Max has a tough time sitting down and letting you go he tries to analyze everything that I do. It brings back the old days when he was down south in LA working as a doctor in his practice in California The Boss will get his two cents in there giving me a hard time, saying you going to loose out on a women and come home empty handed. Then he will come up with stuff like you know Watson will run them off if there a slut so you better warn them! Boss, Boss give me a break don’t try that stuff on me, your pressuring me, Son don’t confuse my enthusiasm for you to have a great night as pressure I just want the best one out there for you, besides Watson and I will pressure you when you get back ! I have to get out of there fast before he starts to drive me nuts he loves to analyze everything . He misses being a Doctor since he's been a ranch owner now I can see that he really truly misses being a doctor helping people so he's got me to work on witch keeps his hands in the game, but it ties up so much of my time, so that it gets me behind on my plans and desires to get out of there. As I’m traveling to the club I’m going over in my

mind my game plan. How I’m going sit, where I’m going to sit, where to park everything has to be perfect, shit I’m analyzing myself, damm Boss of mine now he has me doing it to myself ! I have to be one of the first there to the lounge tonight, too get a quick bite to eat and find the best spot in the club. I’m trying to be seen but not looking like I’m over doing it, now that’s tougher then it is or maybe I’m listening to the Boss to much again! As I’m rolling into the parking lot I can see just a few cars and a van ! What the hell I’ve picked a spot at the bar kind of on a corner with good vision to the dance floor. I have to hold my ground tonight other cowboys will try to take it, thinking to myself. With this spot I can take a look at the girls as they are walking in so I can plan on who I may end up with. I’m optimistic that it’s going to happen tonight to be honest with you it’s been over a year since I brought home a women the last one Watson snarled at her and off she went ! I’m here early enough to have a stake and fry’s and a glass of cold beer. I want to be done before the ladies come in. No one wants to see food going in the mouth especially in a club but I have to put food in my stomach so I don’t get so drunk. I’ll loose out on a women, no women wants to talk to a slobbering drunk that can’t talk so a good dinner will help ! I ordered my food and just in time, I was so hungry as I’m looking around I see a dude over at a table and another dude way

in the back thinking to myself the guy at the table has balls right out in the open. The dude way in the back is not going to make it tonight. To my surprise he gets up and a mountain of a man he is goes behind the counter does a few things says high to me and comes up with I want no trouble tonight, he’s the bouncer for the club. The dude at the table goes over to this huge man and sticks out his hand introduces himself and shakes his hand. To my surprise he says keep working out my friend and they start chatting! I’m thinking this guy has balls for a small guy but of course I see two extremes there! I start in on my stake not really paying much attention to there conversation but the seem like they are friends ! To my surprise he is from out of town from what I’m hearing. Both are in good shape and there talking about sports. My only sport is landing a gal tonight !

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